Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...
Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men...

Black Knit Elevator Sneakers for Men - Breathable Height Increasing Sports Shoes 6CM / 2.36 Inches

103 Reviews
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  • 6cm / 2.36 Inches Height Increased;
  • Black Lace-up Elevator Sneakers for Men;
  • Breathable and Ultra Lightweight Knit Sneakers;
  • Flexible rubber traction outsole.
Men‘s Size
  • US 6.5/EU 37/UK 5.5
  • US 7/EU 38/UK 6
  • US 7.5/EU 39/UK 6.5
  • US 8/EU 40/UK 7
  • US 9/EU 41/UK 8
  • US 10/EU 42/UK 9
  • US 11/EU 43/UK 10
  • US 11.5/EU 44/UK 10.5
  • US 12/EU 45/UK 11
  • Beige
  • Black


  • Step into comfort and elevate your everyday look with our Lace-up Style Casual Elevator Sneakers, boasting a 6cm / 2.36 inches height increase that will subtly enhance your stature. These sneakers are the epitome of modern footwear design, combining an understated lift with the casual ease of a classic sneaker.

  • The breathable and ultra-lightweight knit material ensures your feet are enveloped in comfort, providing a breezy feel that's perfect for all-day wear. Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or enjoying a relaxed weekend, your feet will appreciate the airy and fresh sensation these sneakers offer.

  • Our sneakers are more than just a stylish statement; they're built for performance. The flexible rubber traction outsole is engineered to provide superior grip and durability, allowing you to move with confidence on any surface. The outsole's design ensures that every step is secure, giving you the freedom to stride with purpose.

  • These Lace-up Style Casual Elevator Sneakers are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. They're not just sneakers; they're a boost to your presence, a fusion of comfort and style that stands out in a crowd. Get ready to experience a lift in every sense – height, comfort, and fashion.

2.36 Inches / 6cm
Upper Material
Knit Fabric
Lining Material
100 Items

Gold Moral Elevator Shoes is a distinguished brand that fuses fashion and function to empower individuals to stand taller, both literally and figuratively. In a society where self-assurance and style are paramount, our brand is your trusted companion in achieving that extra boost of confidence through height-enhancing footwear.

103 Reviews

I like the style of these shoes and they are very comfortable.
By Krush on 05/06/2024

I uses these for volleyball and they are holding up well. I loves the black colors and the grip. If they last him one year I am happy with the price point.
By Jeffrey Downey on 05/06/2024

These are very pretty shoes, and they actually do make you look taller. We were taking our toddler to Dollywood and there were some perfectly safe rides that he was just too short for because he is small for his age. These did the trick.
By Miriam Mellett on 04/26/2024

just as I expected..I used it for the party 😊
By Imayogi on 04/26/2024

These shoes are well constructed and supportive without adding weight. I find them to be very comfortable and at the same time to encourage good balance and body posture. I like them and wear them whenever I exercise now.
By jorge anticona on 04/26/2024

It's the second pair I've had from goldmoral, I think these are a fantastic value, have helped me with foot pain (and I have recurring plantar fasciitis).
By Karla Gordon on 04/26/2024

I know that's a weird thing to say about shoes but its true. These are very versatile they can be for work or walking. The anti slip works well trust me if i don't slip in a greasy restaurant you won't either. Very great shoes and great value for the money. Almost forgot i love the sleek look of these shoes also its nice to stand out and still look great.
By blackbutte on 04/26/2024

Using this walking shies is like having what i need already built into the shoe. like walking on clouds! I can go a few miles without having to stop! i have not experience the pain i have when using these special sneakers and am hoping it doesnt come back.
By David Michael Von Neupert on 04/26/2024

love this shoe
By Reynaldo Cosme on 04/26/2024

Shoe is comfortable all around.
By cosimo casarano on 04/26/2024

Shoe fits and feels like a charm.
By James Van Allen on 04/26/2024

The shoes are very comfortable and easy on your foot. I use these shoes primarily for work and I stand walk all day in the shop.
By Britta Hammann on 04/26/2024

The cushion in the shoe makes it very wearable. Appears to be well made. Arrived on time and was securely packaged.
By Vincent Z. on 04/26/2024

Good shoes with a good purchase experience.
By Arthur Evans III on 04/26/2024

These have quickly become my new favorite shoes! So much so I bought one more pairs in different colors. I will continue to buy and use these for as long as they are selling them. With these I can walk around all day long and not be in pain when I get home.
By Amanda Allen on 04/26/2024

So far the shoes fit me. I am a janitor for a school district and I walk 12k steps a day so we will see how these hold up and how comfortable they are.
By Carol Stephens on 04/26/2024

So far so good..they are true to size..we 'll see how they hold up..
By Tim Clark on 04/26/2024

Very good shoes, my feet have never been happier highly recommend
By stevep on 04/26/2024

They fit as expected, toes have room to breathe. Wil update review after a week.
By John T Cole on 04/26/2024

It's a well built shoe. Thanks
By michael anderson on 04/26/2024

I like the shoes .
By Jeff Rondeau on 04/26/2024

I loves them. They look very nice and sleek. Also ery comfortable!
By Tracena T Alls on 04/24/2024

By Cory Seamans on 04/24/2024

These shoes were the perfect choice! The fit was spot on, and the material is so awesome to the touch. Buy these shoes!
By Liny on 04/24/2024

The feel very light weight and so comfortable. And I like the style of it.
By Alex balodis on 04/24/2024

Shoes arrived well packaged. Quality was very good overall and my toes felt very snug. You can wear it with a wide variety of clothes.
By sergio medina on 04/24/2024

Style is decIt’s comfortable and actually decent style which looks perfect with everything u wearent
By corey on 04/24/2024

After weeks of using them in gym they are still able to do their job. Feels good for the money and they are really light
By Derrick McCallum on 04/24/2024

I am 56 and I recently bought these shoes. I am really happy with them and even beat my expectation. its added a around 2 inches. They are very stylish and I would highly recommend them if you are looking to boost your height in discreet way
By kimberly kiper on 04/24/2024

Love these. Exactly as described
By Jose P. on 04/24/2024

I love these. They fit perfectly! They arrived quickly and look better in person than online. They are very supportive of my super flat feet and I feel like my body is being properly aligned after wearing them all day. I can walk miles in these without even thinking about taking them off for a break. My plantar fasciitis hasn’t bothered me at all wearing these.
By edwin Koehler on 04/23/2024

Leather uppers and very well made. Really strikingly good looking, dressy. Great packaging. They fit very well. Although I've never worn shoes with lifts before, I found these easy to adapt to. Being 2.36 inches taller will be helpful on some occasions.
By Don Royston on 04/23/2024

This is the first time I've tried this kind of shoes, and it certainly brings your height a couple inches taller. It made me feel like I am wearing high heels though. I have not tried this for a longer period of time yet, but it needs some getting used to for sure.
By Fred Cronin on 04/23/2024

Wow - so this is what it feels like to be tall! I own one other pair of “height increasing” shoes and they don’t increase my height anywhere as much as these do. The difference between with and without is astounding.
By Roger Graham on 04/23/2024

I got these shoes for dating. I'm already very good looking, but let's face it women love tall men. These shoes definitely give me the desired effect me want. These shoes if you get the accurate size are very comfortable. These shoes are very attractive shoes and the design is close to perfect.
By Daniel Vargas on 04/23/2024

Fits as expected. Comfortable and well made.
By JijieF on 04/23/2024

They make you feel a bit taller and seem rugged enough for the outdoors. The insides feel really cushiony and comfortable. I am so ready to go hiking now.
By Jeffrey S. Parrott on 04/23/2024

I took a chance on these but honestly didn't expect much. Wow, was I surprised. I'm ordering a second pair in another color.
By Murff on 04/22/2024

Very easy to slip on, I have been using them as my work shoe for about 3 weeks now. I have gotten a ton of compliments on them, they’re very comfortable, and I never have to tie them because of the way the backs of them stretch! So far work great!
By Jeff K on 04/22/2024

Going on a trip with lots of walking involved. I needed a shoe that was comfortable and also somewhat dressy. This shoe fit the bill.
By Klein,Eckhard on 04/22/2024

This my second pair. After wearing my first pair they were so comfortable, I had to buy these as another color option.
By Emil Schlichter on 04/22/2024

This is such a nice looking shoe and more importantly, very comfortable. Just wore these shoes got so many compliments on them. Buy them, you will not regret it.
By D. Cox on 04/22/2024

No dislikes. I love these shoes. Great quality, stylish, comfortable and great pricing
By Colin Gardiner on 04/22/2024

Extremely comfortable and easy to clean. Look good and worth the price.
By arthur davis on 04/22/2024

Had them for like a month now- holding up great. Getting compliments on them from other people.
By Zachary on 04/22/2024

I really liked the style of the shoe and breathability.
By luis f rodriguez on 04/22/2024

Was able to wear and walk in these shoes very comfortably, happy
By Elias on 04/22/2024

This product is true to size and very comfortable
By Felix on 04/22/2024

Nice trainers, pretty comfortable and look good. Although, they're extremely light weight.
By Matt Buchanan on 04/18/2024

I didn`t expect to fit this well, and looks amazing, comfortable and good price too.
By steff on 04/18/2024

Very light and comfortable, doesn’t feel like you have trainers on but at the same time excellent qaulity
By Toby on 04/18/2024

I just love these trainers. They're a bugger to keep clean but still great trainers. My 2nd pair
By Blubox on 04/18/2024

Great fit comfortable and eye catching what's not to like about these. Brilliant
By Jeremy.W on 04/18/2024

My favorite elevator shoes
By J. St Clair on 04/18/2024

Usually to go out.
By James kinder on 04/18/2024

Awesome quality, and perfect size as described. Could not be more pleased. Delivered right away before expected!
By Patrick Bernard Gillen on 04/18/2024

I am highly satisfied with my shoes.
By Chris Mattsson on 04/18/2024

Good shoes,great fit,nice looking I am vary happy!!
By Valen Difano on 04/18/2024

Shoes are awesome..fits correctly as described.
By Elaine Jeffery on 04/18/2024

I bought this product to wear with jeans
By George P. on 04/18/2024

Very nice product
By Barrie Tootill on 04/18/2024

These are high quality shoes. Even the box and the packing was high quality. Great product and great service.
By pramod kumar lamba on 04/18/2024

Comfortable, fees natural. I wear almost every day.
By carlblevins on 04/18/2024

From previous i weared , that was comfort. Same as , that i expected . Good shoes
By Gurpreet singh on 04/17/2024

Good deal. People those have to walk or stand for longer time during work. It is best.
By Naveen on 04/17/2024

Great for walking and overall. Satisfied with the product.
By Vrushabh on 04/17/2024

Very much comfortable shoe ,lightweight.
By arvind on 04/17/2024

Perfect fitting and light weight
By A.Ransuri on 04/17/2024

outstanding for price
By Eric Johannsen on 04/17/2024

All I know is that I'm taller than I've ever been wearing these shoes and they are stylish enough to wear frequently.
By Stephen Klosterman on 04/17/2024

Looks and feels good on the feet
By Darrell Weaver on 04/17/2024

This is now my 3rd pair of Chamaripa. I love the fit and style. My closest friends couldn’t tell and my 16 year old has worn this exact shoe and played basketball in them. He didn’t even realize they had a lift in them.
By Keith Ruvolo on 04/17/2024

Wear well look decent I'd buy again
By Roy Chavarría Hernández on 04/17/2024

I love the color, and design. A guy tried buy them off me, I was very flattered by the misunderstanding.
By Jonathan Doehrty on 04/17/2024

Their very durable. I'm on my feet all day at work in a warehouse environment and they've help up great!
By Sam Coicou on 04/17/2024

The shoes itself looks really nice. This really does add noticeable inches.
By Aish T. on 04/17/2024

While they look like ordinary trainers I love the extra height they give me. The best part is that they don’t look like you are wearing platforms or anything else silly. Very stealthy way to add a couple inches to your height!
By Roman Garza on 04/17/2024

Comfortable. Great price. Met my expectation
Highly recommended
By Gerry on 04/17/2024

Became my everyday shoe.
By eric davidson on 04/17/2024

The shoes are exceptionally comfortable. They add height without looking as if that's the purpose. They are quite nice looking as well.
By KiranM on 04/17/2024

Very good quality for price!
By Michal Lodziana on 04/17/2024

They are a lot nicer than I expected them to be. They do give me a bit of extra height and they are comfortable.
By Ralph on 04/17/2024

Nice fit to my size.
By Marco on 04/17/2024

These shoes are pretty amazing. Purchased them on a whim and after receiving them put them on and wow. Added height and they are super light weight and comfortable. Will be purchasing more pairs in the future.
By Arshjit Singh on 04/17/2024

WOW, these walking shoes are so light, it's like you not wearing them so comfortable
By Mr. S. Adams on 04/16/2024

like this trainer shoe as it nice for summer wear
By Rose Moore on 04/16/2024

It’s a really light and comfortable shoes to wear ,good price I got a black one first it was so good I got a grey one too 👍👍
By M.H.Mood on 04/16/2024

Light and grip the court surface well
By Brian.W on 04/16/2024

These are brilliant and comply. They're fantastic value for money and I will get another pair. Good for walking in and playing sports. Brilliant and cool looking
By Douglas Henderson on 04/16/2024

Just what I want great fit nice and comfy
By chris trevor on 04/16/2024

I'm happy with the fit and the style is nice. They do a good job of boosting height.
By Christopher Van Vuren on 04/16/2024

I am naturally a short person and came across these in my search for the perfect shoe to help me out in that department. I have to say these fit very well, are comfortable, and gave me the boost in confidence that I was looking for. Plus they have a nice sporty style that allows me to wear them with plenty of different types of clothing.
By jon dipippo on 04/16/2024

They’re comfortable, height booster. They hold up. No, I’m not going to say they’re the best shoe out there, or the most comfortable. But for height booster shoes they’re my favorite! This company offer’s more style. Personally, I’m going to get more. Stylish, comfortable, and a confidence booster!
By karl thomas on 04/16/2024

These shoes are stylish, comfortable and the secret that I love.
By Denny Nix on 04/16/2024

Very comfortable with an insert. Very hard on your heal without.
By Nicholas Dodge on 04/16/2024

Comfortable enough to wear all day, performant enough to run in. These have been an awesome find. Scott-y like.
By J Milliken on 04/16/2024

These shoes are simply amazing. I was a little concerned when I got them they’d feel awkward, but they feel natural. Comfortably and fashionably added 2.36” to my height. Highly recommend!
By GreenAung on 04/16/2024

Fun to wear around tall people
By John W. Graham on 04/16/2024

Makes you feel extra tall! Great buy!
By tyler yan on 04/16/2024

Work and is comfortable
By Laz on 04/16/2024

Standing up after putting these on and and being 6 foot tall now was an INSTANT confidence boost. Throughout my day I had dozens of people compliment the style of my new shoes and also telling me something seemed different about me. Although they couldn’t put their finger on it they said it was definitely a good thing tho!
By Gary on 04/16/2024

I’m 6’1 with the shoes on. And wow do people treat you differently. Confidence boost goes crazy. The shoes are very comfortable I could wear them all day.
By lucas mayfield on 04/16/2024

Not only did they look nice but they felt even better. They quickly became my everyday shoe. The material is really nice and for the cheap price I would wear and buy more regardless of the height increase, for me that’s just the cherry on top.
By Brayden Rash on 04/16/2024

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