329B02H-high top sneakers that add height
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...

Height Increasing Sneakers Black Leather Sneakers that Add Height 9.5cm / 3.74 Inches

21 Reviews
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  • The world's only professional elevator shoes manufacturer.

  • 28 years of R&D and production.

  • 9.5CM / 3.74 Inches Taller Instantly.

  • Selected high-end materials.

Men‘s Size
  • US 6.5/EU 37/UK 5.5
  • US 7/EU 38/UK 6
  • US 7.5/EU 39/UK 6.5
  • US 8/EU 40/UK 7
  • US 9/EU 41/UK 8
  • US 10/EU 42/UK 9
  • US 11/EU 43/UK 10
  • US 11.5/EU 44/UK 10.5
  • US 12/EU 45/UK 11


Height Increased: The defining feature of these shoes is the built-in elevator insole, which discreetly increases the wearer's height by 9.5cm / 3.74 Inches. This extra height is achieved without altering the shoe's outward appearance.

Quality Leather: The upper portion of the shoes is made from high-quality black leather. This not only provides durability but also adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

Breathable Mesh Panels: Mesh panels are strategically placed in the shoe's design to enhance breathability. This helps to keep the feet cool and comfortable, making these shoes suitable for extended wear.

Cushioned Insole: These shoes often feature a cushioned insole for added comfort. The cushioning provides support for the feet and reduces fatigue, making them suitable for all-day wear.

Durable Outsole: The outsole is typically made from rubber or another durable material. It provides good traction and ensures the shoes can withstand various terrains and weather conditions.

Versatile Use: These shoes are suitable for a variety of occasions, from casual outings and everyday wear to semi-formal events. They offer a way to boost confidence and height without the need for noticeable lifts or inserts.

3.74 Inches / 9.5cm
High Top Sneakers
Upper Material
Microfiber & Mesh upper with a combination of leather
Lining Material
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Gold Moral Elevator Shoes is a distinguished brand that fuses fashion and function to empower individuals to stand taller, both literally and figuratively. In a society where self-assurance and style are paramount, our brand is your trusted companion in achieving that extra boost of confidence through height-enhancing footwear.

21 Reviews

I was skeptic on these shoes. But they proved me wrong. I am 5'-5" and these made me stand up taller. I could tell a difference and they are comfortable also.
By Herlin on 04/30/2024

These are worth the value as they’re comfortable for all day wear and have a lovely non slip outsold.
By Abdillahi alawy on 04/30/2024

These are really nice sneakers.
By BillA on 04/27/2024

It is one of the most comfortable sneakers I've worn
By Scott Bloomquist on 04/27/2024

Fit great, comfortable and looked great.
By James W McBride on 04/09/2024

These shoes fit amazing.
By Sergio Varela on 04/09/2024

So far, that's been working out great.
By Leonardo Romero on 04/03/2024

They're versatile and modern.
By richard on 04/03/2024

The product made me taller as advertised without it looking like the old fashioned "elevator shoe".
By Frankiev on 03/30/2024

After wearing these off and on for a few months I have decided that I really like them. Good fit and comfortable.
By Reynaldo Hernandez on 03/30/2024

This product is perfect, invisible heel is not at all visible
By Ben S Yong on 03/27/2024

I love these shoes they look great they feel great feel more confident
By Thomas S. on 03/27/2024

I gave them to one of our grandsons and he really liked them.
By Christopher Poultney on 03/26/2024

I loves them.like the leather.
By matthew bolda on 03/26/2024

Felt good wearing them, especially on my daily walks.
By Jack on 03/22/2024

very comfortable & light, and true
to size
By blas jmuro on 03/22/2024

Good sneakers, they fit me perfectly and are good for running/jumping rope.
By Michael A. on 03/12/2024

No dislikes. Use for every day wear. Fits great,durability is good so far. Slip resistant good.
By joseph meyers on 03/12/2024

Good Shoes
By Jack on 03/09/2024

Great everyday shoes for school, work and even better at the airport, as they are slip-ons. Lightweight and very comfortable, these are definitely all day shoes.
By AxiomXIII on 10/12/2023

I was looking for comfortable light high-top sneakers with a solid upper to keep sand, dirt, and debris out and these are working out great. I have been a fan of Chamaripa for many years and this shoe is no different. It has a good style, and comfort and was at an excellent price.
By N R Thomas on 10/12/2023

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