Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...
Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...
Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...
Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...
Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...
Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...
Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...
Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For...

Goldmoral Height Increasing Shoes For Men Casual Elevator Sneakers 7CM / 2.76 Inches Taller

43 Reviews
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  • The world's only professional elevator shoes manufacturer.

  • 28 years of R&D and production.

  • 7CM / 2.76 Inches Taller Instantly.

  • Selected high-end materials.

Men‘s Size
  • US 6.5/EU 37/UK 5.5
  • US 7/EU 38/UK 6
  • US 7.5/EU 39/UK 6.5
  • US 8/EU 40/UK 7
  • US 9/EU 41/UK 8
  • US 10/EU 42/UK 9
  • US 11/EU 43/UK 10
  • US 11.5/EU 44/UK 10.5
  • Black
  • Brown

2.76 Inches / 7cm
Upper Material
Cowhide Leather
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Gold Moral Elevator Shoes is a distinguished brand that fuses fashion and function to empower individuals to stand taller, both literally and figuratively. In a society where self-assurance and style are paramount, our brand is your trusted companion in achieving that extra boost of confidence through height-enhancing footwear.

43 Reviews

This was a gift for a family member. Great quality! No one would ever suspect you’re wearing elevator shoes. They look great.
By Christ Morley on 07/12/2024

The color and the feel of the material is great. They also fit very good.
By Gary Carmen on 07/12/2024

I've had mine for about three weeks and they've stayed intact. i wear them very often. If you're a guy like me who's insecure about your height these help a bunch.
By Antony Carl on 07/11/2024

A great looking height increasing sneakers. It’s as expected.
By Giles Terry on 07/11/2024

Great product. Color matches most jeans colors.
By Ellen L Stewart on 07/10/2024

I love these height increasing shoes, they’re very comfortable, look nice, and no one could tell they’re height increasing shoes. I feel much taller with them all more confident. Probably can’t play sports in em but side from that 10/10.
By Paula Sutton on 07/10/2024

Love them and they give me a little bit of height but nothing too high.
By Terry Brumbaugh on 07/05/2024

Very nice and comfortable shoes. I really like them.
By Barry L. Novak on 07/05/2024

Muy comodos, excelente calidad en materiales... los recomiendo ampliamente!!!
By Ryan Kohli on 07/02/2024

Great looking comfortable shoes, looks great with jeans or slacks, you can put them on right out of the box and wear them all day, they don’t need breaking in, I have purchased several pair of Chamaripa shoes and I will probably purchase several mor.
By David Morrill on 07/02/2024

They look good, are very comfortable, and cost about a third of what I have been paying for the premium brands. I am happy I found these: a quality product at an attractive price.
By Richard Fluty on 07/02/2024

I got theses height increasing casual shoes before going to a trade show. Wore them for for 8 hours of standing and they were very comfortable. Look great too!!
By Nicholas D. on 06/29/2024

I bought these to be a little more dressy than regular sneakers. They look great with jeans or shorts and I’ve gotten several compliments on them.
By Crosby on 06/29/2024

Comfortable, casual and fit perfect.
By William Ellis on 06/29/2024

Good quality and value for the price very comfortable.
By Ernie Lucero on 06/28/2024

I purchased it for my teen because he liked the colors. He thinks they fit great and has worn them nonstop! Im content with them for the price.
By Jessy on 06/28/2024

I like the style and the price. Good quality.
By George Brooks on 06/28/2024

Great looking, quality shoe. Expected to buy more.
By Jon Gilstrap on 06/28/2024

Im 6 ft tall, extra 2.76 inches is nice. Very comfortable too.
By Benae Ingram on 06/27/2024

These are a nice looking shoe and added a couple inches to my height.
By Lee Christopherson on 06/27/2024

I have used these shoes a few times and I am very happy. Very confortable and does provide the added height as promised.
By Alberto C. on 06/27/2024

These give me an added 2.76 inch height. A few people have asked me if I lost more weight! Lol! The sneakers look great and other people would never know they were boosting your height.
By Christopher G. Woodbury on 06/27/2024

Really good height, not too steep on curve. Style is amazing! this is a winner. One of the best models I've felt and I have tried many.
By Stephen velez on 06/26/2024

This is my third pair of these shoes in about five years. I wear them every day with lots of walking on rough surfaces. I'll buy these as long as they are available.
By Shawn Tozier on 06/26/2024

The loafers were exactly as advertised and looks just as great. Very comfortable, fashionable and good flexibility.
By michael warne on 06/26/2024

Great shoes, well made, comfortable and extra height is nice too!
By Ken Stillson on 06/26/2024

Very happy with these, 2nd pair ive bought and still have the first pair, wore them to work everyday and they've held up, easy to clean.
By David Montoya on 06/25/2024

These are comfortable and good quality for the price.
By Cristhian on 06/25/2024

First time I will rate a product with 5 stars. I have used all the popular brands you can think of and none of them received 3 stars let alone 5. This shoes is perfectly fit and cute. You won’t regret the money you spent.
By David Fernando on 06/25/2024

These shoes are awesome. Ever since I started my journey with Chamaripa shoes, I started with other shoes from the company. Each and every one of them I love! They look and feel great!
By alexander guzman on 06/20/2024

I have owned several pairs of Chamaripa elevator shoes over the years and have never been disappointed. Still a great product especially for the price.
By Richard Dion Smith on 06/20/2024

I bought these as a replacement for a previous pair of casual shoes that has worn out after many years. It’s great to mail-order a shoe that you know you know is gonna fit and that you know you’re gonna love.
By Ed Peters on 06/20/2024

They're pretty dang comfortable shoes, I also really like the fact that they're really affordable!! Other than that, no complaints so far.
By Leonard Christy on 06/20/2024

Now that I am taller all my problems are gone. Every girl I see wants my phone number. And i can reach the pedals in my car.
By Ken Stillson on 06/19/2024

Their very durable. I'm on my feet all day at work in a warehouse environment and they've help up great! Had them for over 1 months and they still look brand new. Get compliments on them regularly! Chamaripa has a new Loyal customer.
By Tomek on 06/19/2024

I always buy Chamaripa when I can. It was a good price and shipped fast.
By justin daniel hiatt on 06/19/2024

Even without the height increase they are just amazing. Very comfortable. I can wear them all day.
By Kaw H Doe on 06/19/2024

Fit to size. Good bang for your buck.
By Manny DaCosta on 06/18/2024

Arrived on time, High Quality in every aspect.
They look designer and feel orthopedic!
By Apurva Bendre on 06/18/2024

Very comfortable and true to size fitting. can walk on them all day!
By alexander cardenas f on 06/17/2024

This is a light shoe that has good cushioning so one can walk long distance, I also provides better ankle support than most other shoes.
By Saeed Egbaria on 06/17/2024

One of the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn.
By Joan Goldstein on 06/17/2024

It is very light and fits very well. Great for running or walking. Does great in all weathers!
By Philip M Grice on 06/17/2024
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