Apricot Knit Sneakers to Increase...

Apricot Knit Sneakers to Increase Height - Lightweight Height Increasing Sports Shoes 6CM / 2.36 Inches

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  • 6cm / 2.36 Inches Height Increased;
  • Apricot Lace-up Elevator Sneakers for Men;
  • Breathable and Ultra Lightweight Knit Sneakers;
  • Flexible rubber traction outsole.
Men‘s Size
  • US 6.5/EU 37/UK 5.5
  • US 7/EU 38/UK 6
  • US 7.5/EU 39/UK 6.5
  • US 8/EU 40/UK 7
  • US 9/EU 41/UK 8
  • US 10/EU 42/UK 9
  • US 11/EU 43/UK 10
  • US 11.5/EU 44/UK 10.5
  • US 12/EU 45/UK 11
  • Beige
  • Black


  • Elevate your everyday style with our knit elevator sneakers, designed to increase your height by 6cm / 2.36 inches discreetly. These sneakers are the epitome of modern footwear, combining the benefits of a height boost with the laid-back look of casual shoes.
  • Crafted with a breathable knit fabric, these height increase sneakers promise to keep your feet cool and comfortable, no matter where your day takes you. The soft, stretchable material conforms to your feet, providing a snug yet flexible fit that moves with you.
  • The flexible rubber traction outsole is engineered for durability and grip, ensuring that every step you take is stable and secure. Whether navigating busy city streets or enjoying a stroll in the park, these sneakers offer the perfect balance of comfort and performance.
  • Step into confidence and enjoy the perfect blend of style, comfort, and height with our knit elevator sneakers. They're not just shoes; they're a boost to your presence.
Black, Apricot
2.36 Inches / 6cm
Upper Material
Knit Fabric
Lining Material
100 Items

Gold Moral Elevator Shoes is a distinguished brand that fuses fashion and function to empower individuals to stand taller, both literally and figuratively. In a society where self-assurance and style are paramount, our brand is your trusted companion in achieving that extra boost of confidence through height-enhancing footwear.

103 Reviews

I like these shoes. Cool looking and fit well. Has held up so far.
By kyle nicolos on 05/06/2024

Great especially for the price!! I play basketball in them 2 nights a week and they are very comfortable. I’m shocked they are lasting as long as they are…granted I only use them 3 times a week…2 nights of basketball and 1 time at the gym on the treadmill, very durable
By Oliver on 05/06/2024

One of the best pair of elevator shoes I have ever ordered. Excellent fit and comfort. Especially like the extra space in the toe area. So comfortable. I purchased a second pair.
By loki on 04/26/2024

They work well. These shoes do make you look taller and the heel is hidden well so it’s not obvious you’re wearing height increasing shoes. They take a bit of getting used to but they’re pretty comfortable to walk around in.
By Allen Silvosa on 04/26/2024

Most accommodating shoes that I have, supportive and fitting well, secure on the foot without any localized area of pressure, very comfortable. I really wish these would last forever, they are extremely comfortable while keeping the appearance of casual shoes.
By P L Ramsey on 04/26/2024

These are incredibly comfortable and durable. The build quality and materials are really above and beyond what I'd expect - they feel like a premium, top-tier shoe - because these are, frankly.
By wes on 04/26/2024

I like these shoes a lot, they fit well with plenty of room in the toe box. The soles are just the right amount of cushion and the sides are very supportive. All for a fair price.
By Sandra Winnett on 04/26/2024

I absolutely love my Men's Elevator Sneakers!!! They are very comfortable, lightweight and supportive. I especially love the fact that the cushioning is in the outer soul and not the inner soul.
By MichiganVinny on 04/26/2024

Fit and comfortable.
By Victor George on 04/26/2024

I love it, these shoes are perfect for me.
By KerryJ on 04/26/2024

Nothing fancy, but very comfortable and value priced
By Matthew Fouts on 04/26/2024

Cant believe how comfortable these are and they fit like a glove. Highly recommended
By Leland Edmondson on 04/26/2024

These are now my go-to brand. Super lightweight
By Cosimo on 04/26/2024

The fit was great, and wore them all day. Very comfortable. Would buy again.
By Jeffrey Sussman on 04/26/2024

Well made and good toe room
By Mark Benning on 04/26/2024

I wanted a lightweight pair of packable shoes for travel. These are comfortable and presentable.
By J serrano on 04/26/2024

Great support, plenty of room. I am a chef by trade but now work as a food broker standing on my feet at food shows and meeting presentations. The comfortable shoe allows me to not limp when I walk because my feet don't hurt.
By Herman Beard on 04/26/2024

Cover my feet
By Thomas J. on 04/26/2024

After wearing these height increasing shoes for a short while I can't believe the difference. Would highly recommend as these are designed for great comfort.
By Carl Jacquier on 04/26/2024

Very lite weight
By Daryl on 04/26/2024

The easy slip on and slip off and they are most comfortable shoe I wore, they're good enough
By Charlie Shunnarah on 04/26/2024

These shoes are GREAT!! I wear leg braces and it can be hard to find shoes that work well with them, but these are fantastic!!
By B. Conrad on 04/24/2024

Love them just had to put insoles in them to make more comfy fit
By Jose Alejandro on 04/24/2024

Great fit and style for the price. My new fav pair of shoes now. Don’t know about the longevity yet, we shall see.
By nicolas gyorke on 04/24/2024

I love the shoe easy fit very comfort
By StephenPierre C on 04/24/2024

My first pair ever I love the sneakers and they're comfortable
By Stephen on 04/24/2024

Joli produit mais la hauteur de 8 cm annoncée n'est pas conforme : en fait elles font 6 cm
By Peyrabout on 04/24/2024

So light on the feet and they look good on and for the price it’s a steal.
By Micheal Cundiff on 04/24/2024

Super chaussures, confortables
By Unkletio on 04/24/2024

Nice product, lovely and comfortable shoes.
By stephen n. on 04/24/2024

This pair of shoes are comfortable, light weight, and look great.
By Maral Markarian on 04/23/2024

Fits well, makes me taller, and they look like normal shoes! These are perfect
By Michael Santos on 04/23/2024

These shoes arrived in a very nice box. It's pretty ornate and solid. But I guess I shouldn't be writing about the box. The shoes are nice too. But the box makes them perfect for gift-giving.
By Jason Daniel Baker on 04/23/2024

I have been getting so many looks every time I wear them. If you want to look taller these are the shoes for you. They look good and are actually pretty comfortable.
By M. Saltamachia on 04/23/2024

Looks nice, fits well, comfortable
By Neal Keith on 04/23/2024

My son needed a new pair of shoes, so I got him these. He has to reach things from up top shelves at work, so I thought giving him shoes that add a couple inches would be a plus. They fit very comfortably, giving him no discomfort whatsoever. They are very well made and sturdy as well. I highly recommend these, especially for such a great price.
By Jonni Jones on 04/23/2024

I like the design of these height elevating shoes. The size is spot on and they fit well. The level of comfort is 8 out of 10.They do make you a little bit taller and it’s a good feature. I would recommend these shoes for the quality design and the price point
By Tom Sturgill on 04/23/2024

This shoe is very light weight and comfortable. It can be worn casual.
By Thelonius Chipmonk on 04/22/2024

So i got these because my other shoes were completly sealed and water proof but had the issue of sweaty feet so these shoes solve that problem.
By Brian on 04/22/2024

I just received these shoes and can tell I’m going to like them. They are very lightweight and nice looking. They fit true to size and are of good quality. Looking forward to wearing these shoes!
By Matthew Gillispie on 04/22/2024

Very happy with the product- hopefully they hold up for awhile!
By Abbas on 04/22/2024

Most comfortable shoes ever. I struggle finding shoes due to gout in my big toe, and these are so flexible they don't bother me at all. Not sure yet how long they'll last, but at this price I'll just buy another pair.
By Keith L. Nuccio on 04/22/2024

Bought these for a recent long haul flight and pleasantly surprised by the comfort and quality. Great purchase !Bought these for a recent long haul flight and pleasantly surprised by the comfort and quality. Great purchase !
By James W. on 04/22/2024

Great shoe for casual dress out and about. Light weight and comfortable.
I purchased these to wear on vacation. Great fit great color and what I love most they’re very lightweight and fashionable
By Marcus.G on 04/22/2024

Great shoe for casual dress out and about. Light weight and comfortable.
These add about 2.36 inches to my son's height. That's about the same as any modern tennis shoe.
By enrique soto on 04/22/2024

Great shoe for casual dress out and about. Light weight and comfortable.
I have received compliments on them a few times the first few times wearing them.
By Morgan B. on 04/22/2024

These shoes were more comfortable than I expected. At first, it makes you feel like you are leaning forward but I adjusted easily to it and did not notice it after a few minutes.
By claudio giaquinto on 04/22/2024

Great trainer for the price nice and lightweight and very comfortable don't know how long they will last if wearing every day but nice for evening going out pub etc
By david b. on 04/18/2024

I like these trainers because they're lightweight, breathable. I use them everyday for work and will definitely order a pair again. Thanks again.
By Mal on 04/18/2024

Purchased these for my husband to use on a cross trainer. They were a good price and we are very happy with the quality and comfort of these soft trainers.
By M.Buckley on 04/18/2024

Top quality item. Unsure how they would be in the wet though. I cycle a lot and they are not wind proof so feet do get cold.
By Mrs Fiona Garner on 04/18/2024

Great looking so lightweight excellent value for money
By Gary Chapman on 04/18/2024

Light, comfortable, a little awkward to put them on. So I bought a second pair.
By Florin-Constantin B. on 04/18/2024

really impressed with these ive had two pairs now very comfortable right size the laces are really for show they fit really snug and don't slip off
By A Gifts on 04/18/2024

really impressed with these ive had two pairs now very comfortable right size the laces are really for show they fit really snug and don't slip off
By A Gifts on 04/18/2024

Very discreet height adjustment and better than most. Comfortable and sporty.
By Otis h Tuck Sr. on 04/18/2024

Solid shoe, would order again, good company
By charles wilson on 04/18/2024

I have wide feet and these feel GREAT!!
By Alan C. on 04/18/2024

Good shoes
By Art Yilmaz on 04/18/2024

Nice style sneaker. Purchased these sneakers to increase my height range for Film/TV Stand-In work.
By Marian Callahan on 04/18/2024

Great fit and great color.
By douglas on 04/18/2024

Great seller! Excellent customer service! Great shoes! Very comfortable!
By Ron on 04/18/2024

It surprised me. I’m way taller than my uncle who’s 5’11. It a dream come true.
By ShayCo on 04/18/2024

Shoes more comfortable than I expected. Now I feel as Tall as other men.
By David Berenblit on 04/18/2024

I am loving these shoes. Like many guys, I need a little "boost" every now and then and these shoes fit the bill. There's something about the confidence you have when you feel a littler taller in your step. I even wear these shoes when I work out and they don't feel "wobbly" or anything like that. They're very comfortable. I'm actually going to purchase another pair .
By Mark E. Sewell on 04/18/2024

The delivery was quick. The shoes are exactly like the picture. The fit is comfortable. I purchased a size 10. They feel great, they look great and I'm looking to buy more colors.
By Alberto Perez on 04/17/2024

I hoped it would be more substantial. There isn't a lot to this shoe but then it doesn't cost a lot eather.
By TimHiebert on 04/17/2024

This are so comfortable and lightweight
By Rosa Orellana on 04/17/2024

Now that I am taller all my problems are gone. I have more money in my bank account. Every girl I see wants my phone number.
By virgilio gervacio on 04/17/2024

I bought this for my son he don't want them but now he use them most of the time
By C. W. Garbutt on 04/17/2024

The shoes look nice and are priced right.
By Raymond Jacinto on 04/17/2024

The quality is great, and very light weight. Holding my back straight. Will buy again.
By fernando esposito on 04/17/2024

I can only say, I love this shoes. Very comfortable
By J. Fleming on 04/17/2024

These shoes are high quality and not only give lift as advertised but also support against any movement left or right in support of the ankle. Very easy to walk in and there are no issues to concern yourself with in adjusting to a new normal for walking.
By Scott Munguia on 04/17/2024

Well worth the price, it's about what i expected.
By Labros on 04/17/2024

Well made. Works well. Definitely does increase height and these are very discreet.
By Beau Smith on 04/17/2024

He’s really made a difference I love it
By Ryan Calic on 04/17/2024

Really like this shoe in particular, the color look great and I like the overall style.
By steven scales on 04/17/2024

When I put these sneakers on I felt power surge through my body! I just recently found this technology. It was the missing link to my life. Love them, they look great and inconspicuous!
By John Bainbridge on 04/17/2024

Looks very stylish, it’s cheap and made well, definitely worth the price
By Shadille Smith on 04/17/2024

Shoe is tge way it was defined. No issues at all
By Byron on 04/17/2024

Really well made, so comfortable
By Don Royston on 04/17/2024

They get the job done as described and are good to jog in as well.
By Ken Baker on 04/17/2024

Taller people statistically get better service, are considered smarter, and make more money, so why not. These are comfortable. Wish they had more colors.
By matthewRafael Diaz on 04/17/2024

Very happy given what I paid for the product. Feel like regular shoes
By matthew on 04/17/2024

Fits nicely and very comfortable to wear, and it's light weight. I just hope it lasts for quite a while, and definitely will buy again assuming it doesn't fall apart very quickly!
By Richard R. on 04/16/2024

Great pair of Trainers. Love the look, good value for money. Very durable.
By Trendy.M on 04/16/2024

Have had this style before and found them quite comfortable, A comfortable and supportive shoe well made look good.
By Sue.Rey on 04/16/2024

Perfect fit. True to size. Suuuper comfortable! It hugs the foot. Great support. Overall great product. I literally don't have anything negative to say about it. I highly recommend this product. I say, go for it!
By Mama.F on 04/16/2024

So lightweight, feel safe on my feet, so airy, absolutely amazing so so comfy
By Miles on 04/16/2024

The Chamaripa Runner shoes are great. My son loves them, and they give about 2.36 inch of height to his appearance, which most men will like. They are comfortable, long wearing and nice to look at.
By J.Briones on 04/16/2024

I bought these to go out to clubs and bars to get me over 6ft but I wear these everywhere now. Definitely recommend if want to be that bit taller
By Cody Scott on 04/16/2024

This is my first time buying from this company. The sneaker is comfortable and gives you plenty of height without noticing. Def reccomend these sneaks
By Shelby Solomon on 04/16/2024

Perfect fit, does make you a lot taller and feel more confident for sure
By Nadime on 04/16/2024

Good product
By Abraham on 04/16/2024

fits well - definitely makes you taller
By Jaquel Walters on 04/16/2024

Great Quality
By Edwin Galestian on 04/16/2024

Feel the height boost instantly and the shoes are even good looking! What I love about the shoes is how natural they look and I can wear it to my work place and parties comfortably.
By Jordan on 04/16/2024

Overall it's good qauility and good looking sneaker for the price..i will buy again..thanks
By Gabriel Aguayo on 04/16/2024

Comfortable and the height boost is excellent!
By Arnold on 04/16/2024

Great transaction
By michael on 04/16/2024

Honestly, I wear these for hours at a time and never had a problem.
By Quincy Olocha on 04/16/2024

Definitely added a couple noticeable inches to my height. The best part is you can't even tell the shoes are making you taller. If you want to get some height for a night out or just to walk with a little more authority I would 100% recommend these shoes for you.
By george d zafiropoulos on 04/16/2024

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