Goldmoral Women Canvas Elevator Shoes...
Goldmoral Women Canvas Elevator Shoes...
Goldmoral Women Canvas Elevator Shoes...
Goldmoral Women Canvas Elevator Shoes...

Goldmoral Women Canvas Elevator Shoes Height Increasing Black Shoes 7 CM / 2.76 Inches

8 Reviews
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  • The world's only professional elevator shoes manufacturer.

  • 28 years of R&D and production.

  • 7CM / 2.76 Inches Taller Instantly.

  • Selected high-end materials.

Women‘s Size

2.76 Inches / 7cm
Upper Material
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Gold Moral Elevator Shoes is a distinguished brand that fuses fashion and function to empower individuals to stand taller, both literally and figuratively. In a society where self-assurance and style are paramount, our brand is your trusted companion in achieving that extra boost of confidence through height-enhancing footwear.

8 Reviews

Looked even better than the picture, would buy again.
By Shelley on 05/07/2024

These shoes are super cute, true to size and well made. So comfy and they go with so many things. Buy these with confidence!
By Catherine on 05/07/2024

They have a good arch support, which helps my feet from hurting after being on them for long periods of time.
By Cathy W. on 04/12/2024

I'm learning I can't go wrong with anything they make! High quality, comfortable, stylish and true to size.
By Angela on 04/12/2024

Really comfortable shoes, for me was the true size, did not bought a bigger size
By Esmeralda on 03/28/2024

And the best part these give you a SOLID height increase
By Gabriela RECINOS on 03/28/2024

They have great stability and cushioning.
By Lynne Mau on 03/15/2024

I wore them all day at Disneyland and experienced no issues at all.
By Joana Lal on 03/15/2024

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