Elevator shoes are just like any other shoes you have in your closet. If you happen to own a nice pair of biker boots that was passed on by men in your family, just know that elevator shoes also have designs sold by other leading shoe brands. Are you looking for sneakers? They have it but with extra three inches in height! Do you want to look dapper in your suit? You better give height elevator shoes in oxford design a try! If you are on the shorter side of the height chart, we suggest you try on elevator shoes and see how your perspective changes once you realize they’re comfortable like a summer breeze!

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Elevator shoes have evolved tremendously since its inception. We still remember those unpleasant looking box type shoes that are so thick, even boat shoes have gone sailing south and out of the market! What we are trying to point out here is most elevator shoe brands capitalized the value of their clientele. This includes aesthetic, function, and marketability. Here are the top 10 hacks you must know about elevator shoes for men.

  1. The only difference is the lifts that make them height enhancing shoes. The said lifts are sandwiched in between the insole and the outsole of the elevator shoe, which make them invisible in the public eye. The sizes vary depending on your shoe preference and it can be a long as five inches if you are up for it!
  2. These short men shoes have become stylish and can compete with the popular shoe trends of today. Just like your expensive kicks, you must take good care of it which translates to frequently cleaning them, unless you are into grunge fashion.
  3. Do you know how to clean your shoes? If not, some of the best height increasing shoes for men are made of leather and cleaning them won’t be much of a hassle. If you are willing to spend, you can purchase shoe cleaning tools. They usually cost around $20 but equipped with cleaning solution, horsehair brush, nylon brush, and microfiber fiber cloth. It is a pretty good deal since you can also use them for your other shoes. You may also give DIY (do it yourself) a try. All you need are baking soda, detergent, and water to create your own solution. Just remember to air dry your shoes rather than exposing it to sunlight.
  4. Always store your shoes accordingly. Shoes are indirectly, but visibly an extension of your personality. They are somewhat a reflection of your persona since shoes, just like life, are easy to maintain but still needs love and attention. Keep them safe in a cool and dry space, away from the heat of the sun. I like to store my shoes in color and style. I separate my white shoes with my formal shoes. I also put the shoes I seldom use back in their shoeboxes with stuffing inside to keep its shape and form.
  5. If you want your elevator shoes to look brand new, try changing your shoelaces. If you have an old pair of white leather elevator shoes with an additional three inches, try changing it with different colored shoelaces to add panache.  My friend and I bought new shoes yesterday and the salesman gave us free shoelaces that complement the design. Since most sneakers come in basic white shoelaces, try buying new shoelaces that goes well with other color trims of your kicks or shirt. Color coordination has become a fixture in fashion and most style stars are seen pairing a yellow shirt with yellow trims in their shoes – or yellow shoelaces in its simplest form.
  6. Did you know you can choose the additional height of your elevator shoes? Yes! Online brands like Goldmoral Shoes has a wide selection of up to date elevator shoes with lifts ranging from one inch and can hoist up to five inches or more. Since elevator shoes are designed with the utmost comfort in mind, these additional lifts won’t hurt your precious feet even after walking the whole day.
  7. Brand new leather shoes can be painful when you use it for the first time. I bought a new pair of black leather shoes for my graduation day. They were classic loafers with two inches lifts. They were beautiful but I forget to break them in and ended up with blisters at the back of my legs just an hour of usage. One life hack I learned after blisters and cuts are overusing them until they break-in. Use a hairdryer on your new shoes until they’re warm and walk around the house until they cool down. This technique is to soften the leather of your brand news shoes so you can wear them easily when you go out.
  8. Style your elevator shoes with printed or colored socks. One instant life hack about your shoe style game is funky socks that peep when you are wearing chinos or denim jeans. They add instant coolness on your look and they look playful but not childish. We suggest sporting rainbows colors if you want solids and stripes if you like prints. Vivid colors are best paired with neutral shirts of black, beige, and white.
  9. Do not soak your leather shoes in water. One life hack when waterproofing leather is to put candlewax. Yes, there’s science behind it since wax does not absorb water. Most elevator shoes are made of leather and you have to protect them to ensure longevity and durability. Remember that no matter how expensive your shoes are, they are not invincible to damage.
  10. Wear elevator shoes if you want to look tall. These tall men shoes are designed to add extra height to the wearer. Aside from that, elevator shoe fixes bad posture and can boost confidence. Visit Goldmoral Shoes website and shop your first pair of elevator shoes now and rock them at work with additional height!

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