There will always be days when we take our work shoes to rest and enjoy our free time. While this usually only happens on weekdays – unless you need to work extra hours to finish work errands – then you have the luxury of a casual day. This is the perfect time for you to do some grocery or hang out with your outside of work buddies talking about how your past life was way easier back in college than now. You may also opt to go on a date or watch a movie alone. This also means you don’t need to wear tight fitting corporate clothes to look smart and businesslike. You can be out wearing only a shirt and your favorite jacket paired with casual shoes.

But what about casual elevator shoes? They’re as comfortable as any other shoes in the market right now and they’re casual shoes for height if you want an additional 2 inches or more. Here are the five different types of mens casual elevator shoes you can wear on weekends.

1.Black monk strap

This High Platform Shoes Men Double Monk-Strap Shoes Casual Men Elevator Shoes has an additional 6 centimeters or 2.36 inches to boost your natural height. They are also stylish and can go from day to night. If you are really looking into wearing casual elevator shoes, I suggest you give this a go. The style itself won’t require you to wear any other stylish items of clothing. The architecture of this monk strap shoes is common among stylish men as it reflects a fun attitude and a little bit of swag.

Monk strap design has been part of the fashion hemisphere for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem to want to end. And for good reason. The level of design really separates real men from boys who want to look mature. Monk strap shoes is a paragon of true style since not everyone can pull off such cut and make it part of their everyday lives. Moreover, I guess it’s also a winning situation since you can also wear them even on formal events.

Styling tip: We suggest you buy the black one and pair it with a statement tee-shirt and denim skinny jeans. Finish the whole look with a leather jacket and a beanie for a more casual persona.

2.White sneakers

If there’s one shoe design that keeps on winning among men and women who enjoys their casual days, it’s white sneakers. Time and time again, this specific style of casual elevator mens shoes will always be the top pick. And why not? They’re absolutely casual and yet it exudes sex appeal and clarity. This Mens Shoes With Hidden Heels White Casual Tall Men Shoes Male Platform Shoes from Goldmoral Shoes is made from soft leather and give you an additional 6 centimeters boost or 2.36 inches. If you are the average height in your country, you can enjoy an additional two inches just by wearing these casual elevator shoes. Furthermore, the design is so sleek that it can work even with just a plain white shirt.

Styling tip: If you opt for this design, we suggest you wear black skinny jeans and a white crew neck t-shirt. Complete the look with a gray cashmere cardigan and go out with a semi-finished pompadour. Lastly, wear your favorite aviator sunglasses and a simple necklace. Who said casual can’t be cool?

3.Desert shoes

If there’s a definite idea of what a masculine guy is, we always picture someone wearing desert boots. They’re a constraint and they sort of symbolize men at work. This casual shoes that make you taller are also comfortable enough to include it in your everyday life. Imagine going to a hardware store wearing Goldmoral Shoes’ Casual Men Taller Shoes Yellow Hidden Heel Shoes That Make You Taller and you’ll be an instant head turner.

Styling tip: We suggest you wear a checker print shirt, a baseball hat, and worn-out denim jeans, either straight or loose cut. Nothing more, nothing less.

4.Canvas shoes

Nothing is as casual and a pair of black canvas shoes. It was big when Avril Lavigne was everyone’s dream girl and it’s making a comeback when models and Hollywood stars opted to go for comfort rather than wear killer heels. Men are no different. There was a time when leather shoes were the only option to attract the opposite sex but the tides have changed. We embrace casual days like we enjoy quality time with our parents. They’re too precious to let go off. Moreover, they can also be paired with almost everything in your closet, even when you are wearing a blazer and I mean it – just look at this Classic Height Increasing Shoes Mens Tall Shoes Board Canvas Athletic Sports Solid Shoes from Goldmoral Shoes. They’re just like any other canvas shoes but with an additional two inches in height due to the lifts hidden inside the shoes.

Styling tip: Go for all black or any other monochromatic look. You may add a dash of color may in your accessories as long as you keep it casual. Do not overdo your hair and keep it relaxed.

5.Athletic shoes

If there’s one thing these fashionistas like, it’s athleisure. Since early 2010, men have been mixing an matching their tracker suit with more sophisticated shirts and everyone digs it. This 3.35 Inch Trendy Microfiber Sport Height Shoes Black from Goldmoral Shoes shows us how a casual day is meant to be worn: comfortable and luxurious. The design is sleek and can go with almost all the items in your closet

Styling tip: Go for gold and try experimenting on different cuts and styles. Try it with a printed shirt and pair it with your favorite gray sweatpants.

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