Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...
Height Increasing Sneakers Black...

Height Increasing Sneakers Black Leather High Top Sneakers that Add Height

121 Reviews
149,00 $
  • S
  • US 7/EU 38/UK 6
  • US 7.5/EU 39/UK 6.5
  • US 8/EU 40/UK 7
  • US 9/EU 41/UK 8
  • US 10/EU 42/UK 9
  • US 11.5/EU 44/UK 10.5
  • US 12/EU 45/UK 11
  • US 11/EU 43/UK 10

White & Grey & Blue
3.94 Inches / 10 cm
High Top Sneakers
Upper Material
Cowhide Leather
Lining Material
Genuine Leather
10 Items

Studio Design offers a range of items from ready-to-wear collections to contemporary objects. The brand has been presenting new ideas and trends since its creation in 2012.

121 Reviews

I debated a lot about making this purchase, but I did it anyways and the shoes are really comfortable and very pretty. I’m glad I made the purchase.
By john west on 2024-07-02

I actually feel like I had a boost of confidence every time I went out in these height increasing sneakers!
By Thomas E. Meyer on 2024-06-29

All around nice and stylish height increasing sneakers, built very well and wears really firm and comfortable, will be another pair or two for sure…Wish you had a lot of different colors.
By Jervasia on 2024-06-28

These are awesome elevator sneakers high tops good quality good price quick delivery would recommend.
By Douglas C. on 2024-06-28

Prompt delivery and wonderful product as it's very light and comfortable combined with the added benefit of the extra height.
By Derek on 2024-06-27

These shoes are a game changer for wearing when getting photos together, events, or any other reason to be slightly taller. Worth the money. Good quality.
By Cedric Clark on 2024-06-27

Absolutely 💯 Amazing !! I will always support this brand.
By Allan Hargrave on 2024-06-26

Loafers look good and are very comfortable. Size is correct for fitment. Will likely buy again.
By Tammy on 2024-06-26

I love my new Sneakers, they are exactly what I paid for and really enjoy wearing and walking in them. I wear them for walking and normal day to day wear. They definitely are very sexy sneakers!!! I recommend them 100%.
By Matthew Luckey on 2024-06-25

These are awesome tennis shoes high tops good quality good price quick delivery would recommend.
By Patricia A Lilly on 2024-06-25

I've had these shoes for the last 2 months or so and I love them. They are comfortable, light weight, and look nice. These seem like a nice place to start.
By Todd R. Shepperd on 2024-06-20

Got these shoes for work, I am a residential worker and am walking constantly. I normally wear boots but always have tired legs when I come home. These shoes are light and easy to walk around in. No more heavy boots!
By Kerry Klingensmith on 2024-06-20

I have used these shoes a few times and I am very happy. Very confortable and does provide the added height as promised.
By Senna on 2024-06-19

Yes I know it's kind of weird sometimes to be shorter than your significant other especially when they wear heels. These shoes are a game changer for wearing when getting photos together, events, or any other reason to be slightly taller. Worth the money. Good quality.
By Ronnie on 2024-06-19

Great product I will definitely purchase from Chamaripa again. They give a boost without being uncomfortable.
By Oliver on 2024-06-18

These give me an added 3.94 inch height. A few people have asked me if I lost more weight! Lol! The sneakers look great and other people would never know they were boosting your height.
By Turkay Eker on 2024-06-18

I love how comfortable they are. I am for sure going to buy another pair. I use them every day and they make me look a little bit taller.
By Luis Fretz on 2024-06-17

I love this product. Great purchase and awesome buy for the price. I feel like I am walking on air. These shoes are so light and comfy. Definitely recommend this product.
By Rony Rea on 2024-06-17

Looks and feel good. Very stylish.
By shawn penman on 2024-05-06

What a beautiful and comfortable shoe, great elevation, superior comfort and really cool looks, love it!
By Chase Brantley on 2024-05-06

One of the reasons I originally decided to get these because of how I drive. I like having the seat far away from the steering wheel but then my feet cant reach all three of the pedals especially the clutch pedal. After using these with driving my car, it was a little difficult changing gears because these shoes seem to be very wide even though they do not look wide. Because of that my feet were touching multiple pedals.
By ADParker on 2024-04-23

awesome way to get a different level of elevation without being so obvious.
By Stephen on 2024-04-23

These shoes are a very cool design that is also comfortable. The sole provides good support and give an extra inche in height, the view is different from up here and the shoe fits well and standard for U.S. sizes. The shoe is well made of durable materials and we have no issues with this shoe.
By Randall Baker on 2024-04-23

I am only 5'7" tall and my wife is 5'5". She actually bought these for me. I was a bit surprised but I put them on anyways. They look good and they do make me a couple inches taller. I would not recommend them for basketball or a ten mile hike but for daily use, they are fine.
By John Crites jr on 2024-04-23

Nice shoes fit well
By Valkie on 2024-04-23

Taller people are taken more seriously and these shoes help me do my job better.
By frankiev on 2024-04-23

ItI measured myself barefooted and then wearing these. They made me 3.94 inches taller. They do what there supposed to do, but I wouldn't play sports or anything like that in them.
By Jeffrey M. on 2024-04-23

These do what they're supposed to. It does take practice to walk in them.
By James E. Cook on 2024-04-23

Very well made gives you the height without noticing anything.
By John Madison on 2024-04-23

Definitely a quality shoe. Goal is for short legs to reach the ground on a tall motorcycle. I think they’re going to help.
By Steven Edmund Dobski on 2024-04-23

These shoes fit very well and are very comfortable.
By Tony P on 2024-04-23

These fit good. Impressed with the quality
By Ajit Warrier on 2024-04-23

I don’t plan to wear these shoes as a daily wear, mainly for concerts where I’m standing in the pit to hopefully get a better view of the show. It terms of looks I love the look.
By Haidar Alrubaiee on 2024-04-23

These shoes are well made & look great. They are much more comfortable than I thought they would be. I can wear them all day long without any issues.
By Heath Anderson on 2024-04-23

Interesting shoe... I have never worn something like this before. It definitely will make you taller and more noticeable to other people.
By Wes on 2024-04-23

Great product, larger fit then expected and the customer service team really couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you
By sfbrents on 2024-04-23

I very pleased with the shoes I bought of size and height.
By Jeff m. on 2024-04-23

I LOVE these shoes . The style, the fit, the quality out of this world. Some shoes you might need to try and some are exact fit. But it's most definitely well worth your money and investment
By James E. Cook on 2024-04-23

Like these shoes. Light, comfortable and gives height
By Blair Mauney on 2024-04-23

Fit was very nice and the shoes look good! They come in a cool looking box too which I was not expecting. The height added is noticeable as well, would recommend!
By vinnysidhu on 2024-04-23

Got these yesterday and tried them on in front of a full length mirror. Wow, I gained 3.94 inches in height just like that.
By samer on 2024-04-23

I like the way they fit they fit wonderful I'm already six foot three but I love the extra 3.94 in now I'm taller than most everybody anywhere I go I like that thank you
By Hyytekk on 2024-04-23

Extremely comfortable, beautiful box and content. If you want to be discreet with the "heel" this is what your need.
By Mauricio J. Solorzano on 2024-04-23

Love these shoes, for the price they are pretty good quality.
By Asif on 2024-04-23

These shoes are well made of durable materials.
The design of the shoes is as shown and the fit is good per U.S. size scales. I like and recommend the shoes
By PunDawg on 2024-04-23

These are quality made shoes. Fits nicely. It gives you a good bit of elevation. I do love the color and built quality. I would recommend for any shorter person.
By Fajer on 2024-04-23

Whether you need lift shoes like these for a medical reason or purely for your own vanity, these are good quality lift shoes that look great. They conceal what they are very well and they certainly to work well. They seem to be made very well too.
By Dan Greer on 2024-04-23

I love the quality of these, and they are pretty comfortable for what they are. this is definitely something I appreciate.
By joen on 2024-04-23

Wow. I am pleased. Excellent design. Light comfortable and soft.
By Anthony Miller on 2024-04-18

This product was really a big hit, the four pairs I bought were fabulously wonderful would recommend them fully.
By Bombom on 2024-04-18

Comfy ankle support back fastening easier to get on and off
By Nancy Louise Firth on 2024-04-18

These hi-tops are lightweight stylish very comfortable , affordable and worth buying
By Anthony Andrew Terence Fullerton on 2024-04-18

This product was really nice to wear goings will all my outfit and also recommend they to everyone to try them as I really like them and no problems with them come in the right size
By Kyle on 2024-04-18

Comfortable for easy to get off and on and looks good and feels good
By stephen crawford on 2024-04-18

Light, breathable perfact to people who work long hours standing or walk on their foot. Works perfectly both at work or home for walking with my dog.
By Jeffrey S. on 2024-04-18

These are easy to slip on and comfortable. A NICE modern feeling shoe for multi purpose. Fits well feels well.
By Rodrick on 2024-04-18

I'm very impressed. They were able to hide the heel inside and still make the shoes look normal. The color and design looks great .
By Randall Baker on 2024-04-18

These shoes are so comfortable, and look nice.
By ryan e. on 2024-04-18

It works as directed and the shoe looks decent. The price and what you are asking it to do is worth the asking price.
By Rudy on 2024-04-18

Looks like a “normal” shoe, inside alterations not discernible from outter observation.
By Charlie on 2024-04-18

Very, very, very comfotable. I love how my feet feel walking in them.
By Vernon Lindsay on 2024-04-18

Awesome!!!!!! Fits like a glove. Lift is comfy not severe.
By Dievin on 2024-04-18

Nice shoes
By T.Shakur on 2024-04-18

Great shoes! Comfortable and fit great! They give me the little height boost I wanted!
By BRODEY C on 2024-04-18

Quality product, well stitched and constructed and provided that little bit of extra height I needed to safely touch ground on my motorcycle. The fit and feel is great.
By Pam L on 2024-04-18

Very important that you know it’s spot on increase your height.
By Raymond Jacinto on 2024-04-18

I bought these for my nephew. He loves them. Comfortable, the price is incredible, and the color suits his personality. I will definitely look to buy again in the future.
By Erika O. on 2024-04-17

These shoes fit great and are very comfortable. Highly recommended.
By B Coop on 2024-04-17

Definitely happy with my purchase. Plan to buy again in another color.
By Holly Shock on 2024-04-17

Arrived quickly with Prime! Thank you!
By Ed Kaufman on 2024-04-17

I bought these for my nephew. He loves them. Comfortable, the price is incredible, and the color suits his personality. I will definitely look to buy again in the future.
By Erika O. on 2024-04-17

These are nice-looking shoes and feel comfortable. It does indeed add 3.94 inches. Probably will order another pair.
By Gordon on 2024-04-17

They definitely raise my height a noticeable amount, and i like their chunky look.
By Trevor on 2024-04-17

Nice and light, they don't feel heavy and they give me a lift. Nice. This is day one. Happy feet.
By robert monti on 2024-04-17

I like them, there cool looking and def add height!
By I. Phoenix on 2024-04-17

The product was everything I was hoping it would be. Thank you so much for delivering it on time.
By Christopher Comlin on 2024-04-17

These shoes are very comfortable. You can notice that the heel is higher than normal, but not enough to cause problems or difficulty in walking. The size was perfect for me. I am out with friends. I will probably try another shoe from Chamaripa that increases height more.
By David McCallister on 2024-04-17

I must admit that these are the most comfortable elevator shoes I have ever worn. Their aesthetics are stunning without any awkwardness.
By Taterlayne on 2024-04-17

I'm very short so I love these!
By Drew Orban on 2024-04-17

Great fit and great looking shoes
By David SanInocencio on 2024-04-17

I will defently, buy these again I cannot believe how comfortable and increased in height , im taller now and I feel like a normal man again. 😆
By Steve on 2024-04-17

They look like basketball high tops, so it doesn’t look like they have lifts. They fit very comfortably, and since I have flat feet, the arch support helped out a lot. Overall, this was the best purchase. I HIGHLY recommend this brand.
By Hushyar Abdullah on 2024-04-17

My son liked this shoes a lot.Makes him feel and look great.They’re comfortable and easy to walk on with.
By Kameron Betancourt on 2024-04-17

They really added 3.94 inches in height to my son, and they did it invisibly. You can't even tell that they are adding height from the shoe's look!
By Garocob on 2024-04-17

I loved everything about the shoe. That the design was smooth and dug the way it looked on my feet. A lot of compliments were given. Would have loved to see more colors.
By Alexis on 2024-04-16

Arrived on time and was perfectly boxed. Very happy with my order…
By Bennek Duquette on 2024-04-16

Really was looking for a decent affordable shoe that would achieve just a little lift and these shoes are great. Sturdy, good quality, and pretty comfortable considering the lift.
By Dylan Stocksdale on 2024-04-16

Thanks and looks amazing the white color is very stylish
By Charles on 2024-04-16

A perfect gift for yourself . Boost your confidence , this shoes will not disappoint you.
By Jairness on 2024-04-16

I love them so far.
By Michael B. on 2024-04-16

Fit is perfect, very comfortable for this kind of shoe! They look great, feel great, and seem like they’ll hold up with a lot of use.
By G.M.R on 2024-04-16

Lovely goldmoral footware, well made, comfy, accurate sizing, fast delivery very happy
By R.Tracy on 2024-04-16

I purchased this shoe to give as a gift for my nephew,he commented on how comfortable it fitted.also the color and style.
By Khan Yeh on 2024-04-16

These goldmoral are made well, good quality laces and stitching and are very comfortable.
By Seamus on 2024-04-16

So I ordered this because I'm on stage with some fellas doing some Aerosmith and I'm the shortest Steven Tyler out there and these things were perfect actually they raised me up a lot in my height and they were comfortable enough I could strut around like Steven and do some moves.
By Ann Harder on 2024-04-16

Perfect as shown
By Rich Caputo on 2024-04-16

Feel very nice on the feet .classic goldmoral.soft suede. Luckily a perfect fit.
By GM Customer on 2024-04-16

I like the fit the feel and the quality!!! Great shoes!!!
By Jish M. on 2024-04-16

Fit beautifully and are comfortable from the word go. Feel light on your feet and look the business.
By K.Alanusmc on 2024-04-16

These are insane. Like instantly noticed the difference. I’m gonna get another pair soon for sure of probably a different style but these are for real.
By Haley Fox Blog on 2024-04-16

got these as they look good and they're really comfortable walking miles in, highly recommended.
By Alan.G on 2024-04-16

These shoes fit and feel great! The height boost feels and looks super natural too. They look good with most sportswear. I'll be buying these again in the future.
By Betsy Santiago on 2024-04-16

This is by far the most comfortable. It's also the best looking casual I have, judging by the positive remarks I get from friends and family.
By Fred S. on 2024-04-15

These are great. worked out well for me who is short. by far the best out of the bunch. not too heavy and look like a normal shoe.
By Dethan Cadacio on 2024-04-15

Super nice high quality
By daniel a critchfield on 2024-04-15

I can honestly recommend these shoes for style, form, function, and durability.
By Riley Kozak on 2024-04-15

Use for personal ussage. They are great!
By Giovanni Del Vecchio on 2024-04-15

Great looking shoe and even better comfort too.
By Matthew on 2024-04-09

Outstanding quality and good looking shoes that can be worn for both casual and business settings.
By Chester Humphrey on 2024-04-09

Arrived on time and was perfectly boxed. Very happy with my order…
By Marjorie on 2024-04-03

These pair look great, very stylish with seemingly good quality.
By Neel Sinha on 2024-04-03

Now I wear them all the time. They are super comfortable.
By Edward Steadman on 2024-03-30

These shoes give me the ankle support I need to be a regular moving person.
By Mallorie Smith on 2024-03-26

I do feel comfy and well supported up to my ankle knob bones.
By Travis w on 2024-03-26

Super nice high quality
By WILLIAM C. on 2024-03-25

Met my expectation
By Chris Lipscomb on 2024-03-25

Great value for the buck. Nice comfortable fit and style. Just what I wanted
By Anthony Hamilton on 2024-03-22

Not bad! Fits well, looks great. Seems durable.
By JUSTIN M. on 2024-03-22

Awesome shoe to go out and socialize with friends.
By G. Spoon on 2024-03-15

Great transaction
By Arnold on 2024-03-15

I purchased this shoe to give as a gift for my nephew,he commented on how comfortable it fitted.also the color and style.
By Betsy Santiago on 2024-03-14

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