elevator basketball shoes - height...

elevator basketball shoes - height boosting shoes for men - White leather high top sneakers 10 CM / 3.94 Inches

121 Reviews
149,00 $
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White & Grey
3.94 Inches / 10 cm
High Top Sneakers
Upper Material
Cowhide Leather
Lining Material
Genuine Leather
13 Items

Studio Design offers a range of items from ready-to-wear collections to contemporary objects. The brand has been presenting new ideas and trends since its creation in 2012.

121 Reviews

The shoe wear like i expected and really feels nice on my feet.
By Freddy Ortiz on 2024-07-02

Very comfortable shoe. Also very comfortable for walking.
By Deborah Lambert on 2024-06-29

I love my new Sneakers, they are exactly what I paid for and really enjoy wearing and walking in them. I wear them for walking and normal day to day wear. They definitely are very sexy sneakers!!! I recommend them 100%.
By Eric Brown on 2024-06-28

Very comfortable sneakers, great to walk in and do some light exercise outdoors. Thank you recommend to all.
By sharon a robinson on 2024-06-28

These height increasing sneakers are awesome. I've been wearing these shoes for 2 weeks and already put aside my regular shoes. Once you get used to these shoes the normal shoes feel "inadequate".
By Chris Hart on 2024-06-27

Their very durable. I'm on my feet all day at work in a warehouse environment and they've help up great! Had them for over one months and they still look brand new. Get compliments on them regularly! They do take a little getting used to at first because of the lifts in the heals but it didn't take long to get used to them. They've actually helped my back and the extra hight is a plus too! I will be buying a new pair whenever I wear these out! Chamaripa has a new Loyal customer.
By Roman Garza on 2024-06-27

I bought these a month ago and wow, I am happy with them! Comfortable - good support.
By Gary McCrary on 2024-06-26

Great buy, it does what it promised.. you can get quite a significant boost in height. It fits true to size and comfortable enough for whole day use. Works well for me and I use it for work.
By Todd Milford on 2024-06-26

Very comfortable sneakers, great to walk in and play basketball. Thank you recommend to all.
By Philip J Vipond on 2024-06-25

Great especially for the price!! I play basketball in them 2 nights a week and they are very comfortable. They look great and the high top has decent ankle support! I’m shocked they are lasting as long as they are…granted I only use them 3 times a week…2 nights of basketball, very durable.
By Joseph Dermott on 2024-06-25

I've been wearing these daily for a couple weeks. I walk a lot, they are incredibly comfortable. Not only are they walkable, but the rubber sole has decent grip for many conditions.
By Greg Gardner on 2024-06-20

I bought these given I loved the style and the white color, and the price of course. They really fit well.
By laurance hurwitch on 2024-06-20

Very cool and add height. I do like the shoes and they look very good.
By Tristan on 2024-06-19

All I know is that I'm taller than I've ever been wearing other shoes and they are stylish enough to wear frequently.
By David Campo on 2024-06-19

Great pair of shoes would recommend them to anyone wanting a couple of inches in height.
By Daria on 2024-06-18

These are so comfortable! When you wear these you can definitely tell there is a lot of cushion in these shoes. My job requires me to be on my feet most of the time and these shoes help my back so much. I would definitely buy again.
By Adrian erico guavino on 2024-06-18

I use these for indoor exercises and for walking and I love them.
By Rick Beck on 2024-06-17

Was going on vacation and was expecting to walk a lot so I ordered these elevator sneakers because they looked comfortable, they did not disappoint glad I bought them.
By Cesar Saucedo on 2024-06-17

Fun to wear around tall people
By kenneth f. on 2024-05-06

Makes you feel extra tall! Great buy! As expected, I grew 3.94” taller and I did not feel so small around others!
By William Greathouse on 2024-05-06

Quality from all the shoes
By Ruben A Gonzaga Barzola on 2024-04-23

Beautiful shoes.
By michal on 2024-04-23

Quick delivery and exactly what I needed.
By D. Little Sr. on 2024-04-23

Read the reviews... and decided to try it out. Honestly, they fit really well. I wore boot cut pants and they looked fine. Walked around the mall and no one looked at me weird or anything.
By Gary Lundberg on 2024-04-23

The point of these shoes is to boost height. And since I bought these so that I could "flat foot" my motorcycle, I am happy.
By Neil Scott on 2024-04-23

Great fit and pretty comfy!
By Ivan Mosqueira on 2024-04-23

Nice design and fashionable. The shoes fits well.
By Ejike Eze on 2024-04-23

Very light weight and best shoes
By Fady Bishay on 2024-04-23

Good fit and comfortable. product I was looking for
By Frances Alfieri on 2024-04-23

My order was received the next day and the product is excellent. The size was a perfect fit. The Quality is better than expected and I will order more of these in the future.
By Samuel on 2024-04-23

I can now wear my jeans with these new shoes! they complement each other so well!
By Francisco Pesina on 2024-04-23

Quality product. Fits well.
By Francisco T. Pizarro on 2024-04-23

Bought due to have a motorcycle that is too tall for me. Works perfect. No one notices they are any different at all.
By R. Smith on 2024-04-23

These are great shoes.
By Tony Brown on 2024-04-23

These shoes are nice and give you quite a bit of extra height. The shoe itself does not make it look like you’re adding height however it’s quite obvious you’re much taller, but that’s expected.
By Ryan K. on 2024-04-23

It takes some time to get used to walking in these shoes but they do make you 3.94 inches taller.
By rocky schulsinger on 2024-04-23

I love my new sneakers. They looks great and sporty and raise my height by 3.94 inches. They feel orderly good.
By Peshal Nayak on 2024-04-23

Give them a try if you feel like you need to be taller. I did and I like them a lot there isn’t anything negative about these shoes that I can complain about.
By adrian on 2024-04-23

Came across this pair and decided to give them a try, in the pictures they look great and I like the style but the most important is how they feel while wearing them. I ordered my size and I confirm it is accurate, they fit as expected.
By RunR on 2024-04-19

My son was very pleased. He says they fit well and look good, also are comfortable to wear.
By Shiny.. on 2024-04-19

I really enjoyed receiving and now wearing these shoes. I enjoy the nostalgia of them and they can even be conversation pieces. These are all leather uppers which are standing the test of time well.
By DMA on 2024-04-19

These shoes look great and they fit perfectly in they're so comfortable. And I definitely plan on buying more pairs than just this one
By Michael McMahon on 2024-04-19

It’s was fit and very comfortable
By D.Chijioke on 2024-04-19

Love the shoes always did when I was a teenager never knew they existed anymore definitely a head turners for people at our age that remember them
By MacDaddy on 2024-04-19

Very sturdy sneakers and I'm very hard on mine, these will last much longer than any sneakers I ever had
By Gene P Oscielowski on 2024-04-19

I love these shoes. I used to buy them in the shoe stores. I was so happy when I found them here. I bought 2 pairs.
By chele505 on 2024-04-19

Very confortable, im size 8 fits perfect I’ll buy another color
By Franko on 2024-04-19

These shoes have successfully filled that desire from oh so many years ago! They fit great and look even better! Now I just need to find some radical acid washed jeans.
By Rylan B. on 2024-04-19

Despite what some reviews have said, I have had these shoes for a few months now, and they’re great! And besides how good they look, they’re extremely comfortable shoes as well.
By Don on 2024-04-19

Nice to have real leather shoes again just like in the 80’s.
By Mg on 2024-04-19

Perfect and comfortable fit, beautiful looking footwear, well worth it!
By MicM on 2024-04-19

I like the discreet way it hides the increase in my height.
By Cesar imeri on 2024-04-18

I like the discreet way it hides the increase in my height.
By Cesar imeri on 2024-04-18

I always felt a little too short at 5' 7" I was always hesitant to wear to wear height elevating footwear as I had heard it was uncomfortable. I wear them all day, even for long walks in the park. I look naturally taller. I love them and comfortable as can be. I seldom review but had to in this case
By HDTVJeff on 2024-04-18

A perfect gift for yourself . Boost your confidence , this shoes will not disappoint you . Already bought a few pairs . I am very happy with it.
By jocya arafat on 2024-04-18

I love them so far.
By RC on 2024-04-18

They take a little getting used to. Sometimes I take an awkward step but they aren't bad and add a couple inches to my height. As soon as you put them on you will feel taller.
By Patrick H. on 2024-04-18

I purchased this shoe as a gift for my nephew, he commented on how comfortable it fitted.also the color and style.
By Betsy Santiago on 2024-04-18

They are comfortable and I doesn’t make me walk awkward. My wife loves them too. I’m not too old to looks a few inches talller. Lol!
By Francisco.P on 2024-04-18

I like it. looks very gorgeous.
By Thad on 2024-04-18

Great shoes. They definitely make you a few inches taller and the heel is hidden really well. They’re really comfortable to wear and are well made.
By Rookie Malhotra on 2024-04-18

These elevator men's shoes are a game-changer, as they increase your height by about 3.94 inches discreetly. I really love these shoes . These shoes are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a little extra height.
By Nuk on 2024-04-18

These Chamaripa men’s invisible height shoes are awesome! Here is my review to show them off!
By Phil M Bruner on 2024-04-18

Which is great. You cant tell even w shorts on that they arent regular shoes. Came well packaged, well made. They look, work, and feel better than expected. Get em.
By E. Lockyear on 2024-04-18

Never thought I will be comfortable walking in height increasing shoes. This will change your perspective.
By Kevin R Hail on 2024-04-18

These shoes appear perfectly normal and fit great!
By D. Perry on 2024-04-18

They are comfortable they have great height.
By James McKenna on 2024-04-18

They arrived ahead of schedule of very good quality my son liked them a lot
By Bob Left on 2024-04-18

Shoes arrived quick, and a lot nicer then i exspected.i ride a harley roadglide and now i can touch flat foot. good shoes for the money
By John B. Hartleb on 2024-04-18

Love these because they give me more height and fit great they look dressy also.
By virgilio gervacio on 2024-04-18

I've had similar products, and they all make me feel like I'm wearing high heels. Not these. I haven't even broken them in yet, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good they feel. I'm getting another pair, same brand.
By ZMetz on 2024-04-18

Nice sneakers and very comfortable
By Mike S. Podraza on 2024-04-17

I feel more commanding and credible in it. I have bought elevator shoes before but this pair doesn’t feel like I am wearing my wife’s high-heeled shoes. Others are painful on the toes. This one has the feel of a memory foam shoes. I recommend trying out a pair for yourself!
By TD Macomber on 2024-04-17

Not only as described, but comfortable unlike most shoes in this category. I will buy from them again.
By brian matthew tack on 2024-04-17

You’ll know exactly what it’s like for women to wear high heeled shoes because they will work muscles you don’t know you have yet, but you’ll be taller. And, like I said, you can’t tell they’re those kind of height increasing shoes.
By Noah Stewart on 2024-04-17

You can definatley feel the height increase, but at the same time one would never look at the shoes and think they're height increasing. If you told someone they were, then you can kind of see it, otherwise you'd never think anything was off by looking at them. Great shoes, definitely going to buy more.
By BillyD on 2024-04-17

Great value
By Chad D. Hummel on 2024-04-17

It's a lot more comfortable than I expected, really. I thought it would take time to get used to but it was pretty instant. Gives me the height I want without making me feel awkward.
By Richard M on 2024-04-17

They are so comfortable. They give the added height with discretion. They're wonderful. The designer of these shoes should be congratulated. Would buy these shoes again. I use them as walking shoes and for casual wear like for shopping. Again, they look great and so comfy.
By Francine R. on 2024-04-17

You will feel better and your confidence will be much higher
By robert monti on 2024-04-17

I’ve always hated being 5‘8“ tall, but with the sneakers the high tops are extremely comfortable and it’s all hidden within the shoe and the outside is constructed to create a visualization that it’s just a plain sneaker but it’s actually not. It’s built-in height.
By Patrick Arbucci on 2024-04-17

They look and feel like normal shoes but then once worn they definitely add 3.94 inches to your height.
By joe bonjovey on 2024-04-17

When I came across this said product, I thought I would give it a try and I am glad I did. These shoes are practical, sturdy but not heavy, looks good without looking bulky/big, and finally it adds height without making it obvious! Even though they are marketed as basketball sneakers, I have used to wear them at work (I stay standing a lot at work), while jogging, and in some day-to-day activities.
By damson on 2024-04-17

The shoe mostly feels good with the soles they provided. It feels high quality with the materials they used to make it.
By Raul Ochoa on 2024-04-16

I expected these to be uncomfortable. After all, many of the women I know complain about pain from high heels. I was very surprised that, instead of additional pain, the lift in these shoes relieved pain from my plantar fasciitis. So far, that's been working out great.
By Felix on 2024-04-16

I put them on and surprise my wife she looked up at me and said wow how you got so tall I told her I was stretching then I came clean and told her it was the shoes. She noticed the difference.
By Brandon on 2024-04-16

It’s comfortable and looks great.. true to size ..
By Alex Giachetto on 2024-04-16

The takeaway from these? I wear them all day, even for long walks in the park. I look naturally taller . I love them and comfortable as can be. I seldom review but had to in this case
By Jay Rodriguez on 2024-04-16

As soon as you put them on you will feel taller.
By J.D. Kohl on 2024-04-16

These sneakers are not only stylish and look very expensive at a reasonable price but also makes me look taller. They are comfortable and I doesn’t make me walk awkward. I’m not too old to looks a few inches talller. Lol!
By Erich on 2024-04-16

These shoes are awesome!! I'm 5'8 normally so this boosts up my confidence when I go out with my tall girlfriend. Size is perfect and they look exactly like the images, i'm very happy with my purchase. Nicely done, i'll buy more when new models come out!
By David Sh on 2024-04-16

Does make a massive difference in your height
By levit n. on 2024-04-16

I was skeptical being that I’ve always been a 5’4 guy…these are insane. Like instantly noticed the difference. I’m gonna get another pair soon for sure of probably a different style but these are for real.
By Brian Reaves on 2024-04-16

The only thing that sucks is I have to buy more now to keep up my height scheme haha they are great and actually look great dressing up as well. Perfect style
By Francisco T. Pizarro on 2024-04-16

Very comfortable shoe. Padding in the soul is lovely and plush. They exceeded my expectations, real comfortable and helped me a lot, since I do a lot of standing these days
By T.B.Dube on 2024-04-16

Very comfy don’t know yet about wearability that I will find out
By neil barstow on 2024-04-16

They were a bit on the big side but that’s okay as the laces allow you to tighten them very well. The shoe looks good too, they started off feeling amazing on my feet
By Eleaner.J on 2024-04-16

They are very durable and comfy. Honestly before these I was wearing normal trainers and now that I’ve started wearing these they are definitely more comfortable than my normal trainers. They look really nice and they are comfy like I said.
By KP.Scott on 2024-04-16

A well made trainer, comfortable to walk in. Much width in the shoe so suitable gor wide feet
By Kevin on 2024-04-16

I love them so much that I purchased another pair with a slight colour variation.
By Alex.C on 2024-04-16

Thrilled with goldmoral high-top elevator trainers. The style and comfort are exceptional, plus they effortless complement various outfits. Highly reccomended
By Ronald.D on 2024-04-16

Simply the most comfortable shoes I have worn in the past ten years. I also like the color and the style.
By Rolo on 2024-04-15

A great looking shoe. It’s as expected.
By John Monjezi on 2024-04-15

Thess shoes are quite comfortable and stylish.
By Elaine Jeffery on 2024-04-15

Very reasonable price, the item is as shown in the picture, and its design is beautiful
By wesam salah on 2024-04-15

I was worried they would look like women's shoes in person. I was wrong, they are masculine, discrete and stylish. Will definitely order more.
By Leonardo Romero on 2024-04-15

Wry comfy and stylish, I love them!
By ferhoff on 2024-04-09

The shoe is very comfortable. Just as comfortable as my other athletic shoes.
By jorge on 2024-04-09

Very happy! As advertised.
By Abdelrahman on 2024-04-03

Initial impression is true quality is nice
By Anthony M Pine on 2024-04-03

They make you taller, yes.
By J. Watter on 2024-03-30

They look "identical" to a pair of "elevator shoes" I bought from a large name-brand for almost 5x the price.
By Michael on 2024-03-30

Even without the height increase they are just amazing. Very comfortable. I can wear them all day
By Andrew G. on 2024-03-25

I wear these shoes everywhere! Extremely comfortable.
By Fred Cronin on 2024-03-25

And to my surprise, they are super lightweight and comfortable.
By Raphael on 2024-03-22

They are true to size. I am always an 11. For the price and the quality. I am very happy.
By Andrew Hill on 2024-03-22

Comfortable and tons of compliments!
By Michael Hall on 2024-03-19

Simply sleek and comfortable. Feels like a solid brand.
By Ethan Hunt on 2024-03-19

I was surprised by the quality and look of these shoes. They don't look feel or look like I am wearing height shoes.
By Thenu on 2024-03-15

Comfortable and the height boost is excellent!
By Laz on 2024-03-15

These sneakers are not only stylish and makes me look taller. They are comfortable and I doesn’t make me walk awkward.
By Jay Rodriguez on 2024-03-14

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