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How to Rock High Heels When You're Not Tall Enough for Them

by servicegoldmoral 21 Nov 2022

Working in an office means you have to put your best foot forward, but if you're not tall enough to wear heels comfortably, it can be tough to find shoes that are both stylish and comfortable enough for you to wear all day. If you want to look great at work but hate wearing uncomfortable shoes, we've got the solution for you—it's called elevator shoes! We've designed our men's heeled dress shoes with the ability to make your feet look longer, so you can wear those high heels at work without hurting yourself or looking like a dork!

Office short man

Finding the Right Pair of Shoes

There are plenty of options out there if you want high heels that don't actually make you taller. If you want a basic pump with a low heel and pointy toe, try looking into what some men's dress shoes offer or look at mens heeled dress shoes. Tom Cruise platform shoes can help with extra height while also giving the option of being flat like traditional pumps.


Wearing the Right Outfit

Every guy can pull off a well-fitting suit. But, if you need a little help in the height department, finding high heel formal shoes for men can be difficult. Luckily, today there are elevator shoes dubai available for men who want to work a formal look without straining their backs or ankles. Elevator shoes dubai look just like any other dress shoe on the outside - with an inside hidden raised sole that helps take up space and allows you to maintain your balance when walking on heels.


Carrying Yourself with Confidence

You want to take control of your appearance by wearing high heels, but you're not tall enough or don't have the body type that makes them look good. You need shoes that make you taller so you can wear those high heel formal shoes for men. These shoes will lengthen your legs and feet, giving you the height and confidence you need.



Most of the time, high heels are reserved for women. But not all the time. For short men who are looking to make a statement, there are many formal shoes that can be worn with high heel formal shoes for men. These include mens heeled dress shoes and tom cruise platform shoes. There's no need to feel left out when you have options such as these!
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