GOLDMoral brand profile

GOLDMoral, originating from Italy, is a world-renowned brand of high-end elevator shoes. Inspired by fashion culture, its design is featured by simplicity, streamline and luxury. The principle of design follows " human foot structure and walking mechanics”, combining with traditional hand-made shoe skills,GOLDMoral height increasing shoes are closer to modern life, more comfortable to wear and also make the wearer more confident and gentleman.

Gold stands for something precious and noble, it means manufacturer regards quality as valuable as gold; The word “Moral” highlights the brand's moral orientation, meaning that those who have empathy can serve the customers sincerely and truly . Gold and Moral become the two core concepts and foundation of the brand, which is revealed in each fined shoe.

  • Handmade shoe skills

GOLDMoral is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, as well as a constant blend of high quality materials and exquisite handcraft .

Developing from the original craftsman's workshop to the current professional factory, GOLDMoral has been adhering to the world’s top tradition and professional shoe-making skills.More than 100 procedures are involved in making elevator shoes,including lasting- cutting - sewing - closing - sole stitching-quarter fixing-burnishing/dressing,all done by experienced and skilled shoemakers.

We have a strict quality control system to avoid any quality problem during the production. Each shoe has a unique internal code which can trace the corresponding  craftsman and inspector of each procedure. Therefore, no matter which part has quality problem, we can find out the source and prevent such problems from happening again.

GOLDMoral uses all-natural hemp thread for sewing. It is made of special materials such as rosin ,which make it very strong and not easy to break. After sewing,the shoes are air-drying naturally instead of  fire drying,it is time consuming but the quality is guaranteed.

  • Bring aesthetics and culture into life

From the date of creation, following the concept of romantic humanism and ergonomics, GOLDMoral focus on details to make its height-increasing function perfectly match with fashion style .

GOLDMoral elevator shoes make you look more attractive not only because it can increase your height 5-13cm instantly ,but also because it has elegant looking and creative styles. A elevator shoe , just like an artwork of aestheticism, is made of a piece of leather full of human elitism and wisdom. When wearing the shoes, each step you make is not so much a simple step as a taste and pursuit of a better life.

GOLDMoral represents a splendid but steady modern lifestyle. It comes from love and lasts for beautiful things. It is also the balance between tradition and innovation, man and nature, art and life,which builds a beautiful landscape under the feet of  fashionable people.

  • High-end boutique shoes custom services 

GOLDMoral offers personal tailor service , it means we can design and make the shoes according to your special requirements, it is the unique design for you only.

The shoemakers who participated in the brand creation have many years of experience in tailoring shoes for upscale people such as celebrities, politicians,entrepreneur and business people. Therefore, GOLDMoral always follows the one-to-one high-end custom service .

Up to now, GOLDMoral still provides custom service for shoes made of rare materials , as well as make different height between left shoe and right shoe for special people, and customers’ privacy will be highly confidential throughout the whole process.

What is elevator shoes

  • Height increasing layer is put inside the shoes , being 5-13cm taller instantly  when put it on ,and coming back to normal height when take it off.

The advantage of the internal layer:it is invisible ,not obvious height increasing like ladies' high heels. When wearing the elevator shoes, people will only see your appearance height, but they will not know the secret of your real height. From the looking, they will feel that you wear normal shoes.

  • Make people look taller ,more straight and more energetic

Designed for those who always keep a positive attitude towards life , elevator shoes make people look more straight and more confident, showing their gentleman image and manner.

Be confident and courageous in workplace

Expand leadership in front of the subordinates

Keep a perfect statue of the full viewing angle under the spotlight;

Win the admiration and pride from your lover 

Why choose GOLDMoral?

  • Specialized height increasing layer adds more comfort

GOLDMoral's height increasing layer are developed by factory technicians and medical experts according to the principles of human foot structure and walking mechanics, and specialized for the different foot types of each ethnic group. And the increasing layer is corresponding to each pair, each style and each size , to ensure that it best fits the foot curve ,absorb the shock and reduce pressure, comfortable to wear.

  • Best materais make boutique shoes

GOLDMoral selects high-quality leather and rare materials such as fetal cowhide (king of cow leather), full grain calfskin, eco-friendly waxed leather, natural wrinkled leather,which are high-grade, flexible and breathable.

Materials used in different part of the shoes has special requirements and selected carefully. During the production, we insist on the fineness and exquisiteness of pure handwork, and present the perfect “hand-crafted artwork”.

  • Traditional and Professional Factory Production Experience 

From a handicraft workshop of several shoemakers,to a professional high-end shoes factory, GOLDMoral high-end shoes not only come from the skilled craftsmen with a hundred years of shoes-making experience. but also from the professional production line and craftsmanship.

At present, the factory launches about 300 different styles of high-end shoes each season ,and the stock is sufficient.

  • No worries about pre-sales and after-sales problems

The original authentic guarantee. One-year warranty on shoes, height increasing layer enjoys permanent maintenance.

Free exchange for any quality problem .

No “height increasing shoes” or “elevator shoes” will be marked on outer box or shoe box.

How to make custom order.

  • Choosing a model. Pick your preferred model , and some models allow changes in the  color, material and accessories in the shoe toe, upper, out-sole and even laces,to show your special taste and style . 
  • Measuring. Accurately measure your foot length and foot width, all data and subtle differences will be considered in the design of the shoe last.
  • Production. Proceed with your order according to your requirements. Firstly,  specialized height increasing layer will be designed according to your foot shape and size. Then, the shoe-making process will be carried out step by step in details. Finally, your high-end custom shoes come out as a finest artwork ,revealing your charms and elegance completely. 
  • Shipment. It usually takes 7-15 days to get the custom shoes ready for shipment .
  • Service. Enjoy permanent maintenance. Customers’ privacy are highly confidential.

Shoes maintenance and care

In order to keep your shoes in a beautiful appearance and good condition, we recommend you take care of your shoes as following suggestions:

  • Use shoe tree

In addition to making custom shoes for you, GOLDMoral elevator shoes also comes with special shoe tree to keep the leather elastic and glossy for a long time. Without the protection of the shoe tree, the shoes are easily deformed, and the leather surface is prone to wrinkles and cracks. We recommend that you use special shoes tree to keep its shape when you are not wearing your shoes.

It is the best time to put the shoe tree when the shoes are just taken off, and the heat of your foot is still linger in the shoes. The shoe tree can keep the shoes in a good shape when the leather shrinks after the heat has gone. Moreover, the wrinkles of the leather can also be reduced.

  • Use shoe horn

GOLDMoral recommends you use shoe horn to assist to put on your shoes, which can not only make it more convenient for you ,but also can avoid any damages caused by improper way of wearing shoes.

  • Storage place for shoes

Store in ventilated ,dry area and keep them out of direct sunlight .

  • Cleaning

Wipe the shoes with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use soap or cleaning solvents. Do not wash the shoes with water directly.

  • Leather maintenance 

The oil in the leather will be lost after long time wearing, and it needs to be replenished with oil before waxing to maintain the gloss and elasticity of the leather. We suggest you use special protective products such as shoe polish, shoe brush, and detergent for daily caring, and use a soft and dry cloth to wipe off any excess shoe polish.

If the shoe is immersed in water or other liquids, please absorb the water immediately with a dry towel and then put it in a dry, well-ventilated place.

When you want to store your shoes for a long time, in order to avoid the mildew of the leather, we don’t recommend you wipe the shoe polish before storage. Just store it after simple cleaning the shoes upper with a dry cloth. When you wear it next time, you can clean the upper and wipe polish to make it glossy again. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact GOLDMoral consultant for professional maintenance advice.

Professional maintenance 

You can enjoy the permanent maintenance service as below:

  • Restore the original shoes shape 

The deformation of the shoes caused by long-time normal wearing can be fixed by professional equipment.

  • Remove the wrinkles on the shoes surface

The wrinkles on the leather surface can be removed by our equipment and  the elasticity and luster of the leather will be restored as much as possible.

  • Decontamination on shoes surface

For smudges that are difficult to remove, our technicians will decontaminate for your shoes professionally.

  • Spare shoelaces are available

Usually, we will provide matching shoelaces for spare use.

If you have other maintenance requirements, please contact us to for further information. 

Maintenance process

We will provide you with a one-year free maintenance service on the premise that the shoes are worn normally. For maintenance beyond the warranty period, please contact our customer service representatives. We will tell you the extra maintenance fees and time required according to specific situation. 

Your shoes will be sent to our specialized factory for repair once we get your approval.

At present, we provide you with the following maintenance services (we will keep you informed when we have additional service ):

  • Color restoration

Due to natural aging of the leather, the shoes will lose its original color after long-time wearing . We can use professional methods to partially restore the color for your shoes. In order to make the repaired parts completely dry, it usually takes 10 -15 days.

  • Replacement parts

The front part of out-sole, heel and even the entire out-sole are more likely to be worn due to frequent rubbing against the ground. The repair time depends on the situations . It usually takes 15 -20 days.

  • Re-sewing the unstitched parts

Unstitched parts can be repaired. The repair time depends on the situations . It usually takes 15 -20 days.

  • Other maintenance 

We will provide you a suitable maintenance proposal for your reference promptly according to your other maintenance requirements .

If you have any questions about maintenance , please contact GOLDMoral for further consultation.