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Unnoticeable at work? Dress powerful and gain respect: Here’s how

by goldmoral service 29 Aug 2022

The corporate world is like a jungle. There are those lions that are at the top of the food chain, preying on weak animals. There are those big herbivores that can’t be separated with the rest of the herd, and there are those little animals that always come unnoticed. Where are you standing in your workplace and how do you want to rise above everyone else?

Let’s assume you are reading this because you are unnoticed at work. Are you new in the company? Do you always provide the best but does not get the credit you deserve? Here’s the basic explanation: it’s either you are trying too hard or not trying hard enough! Here are three easy steps to get noticed in your office!


1.Always dress for success with men’s taller shoes

Lions are beautiful with their manes and stature that make them the proudest creatures in the jungle. It’s typical for any man who is clamoring for power to stand tall and play their part to get attention. If you aren’t blessed with height, put on some shoes that make you look taller or elevator shoes.

If you think they’re still those atrocious box type shoes that no one likes to wear, try looking again! Elevator shoes or men height increasing shoes have become more stylish and can fit well with the rest of the clothes you wear in the office. Buy dress shoes in different colors and match them with nice belts! Some of the best elevator shoes in the market right now are found online and can be delivered at your doorstep! Just look for the pair that speak well with your personality and stand tall – literally – in them.

Aside from elevator dress shoes, you also have to know your body type. Not all clothes are patterned to fit all shapes and sizes. This means you have to be aware of the cut that suits your flaws and assets. If you have a short torso, avoid wearing clothes made with a longer model in mind. Aside from that, look for a tailor who can adjust the designs you like but aren’t right for your body. Clothes can be adjusted and all you have to do is know where and how to achieve them!

Always think of shoes that make men taller that matches the hues found in your closet. If you are just starting out in your office but want to get noticed, we suggest going for natural and pale colors because it exudes freshness when you wear them. Pair them with gray or blue slacks for a surprise but not a tacky combination. Dressing up means elevating how you perceive yourself so others will believe you are what you are projecting. Clothes can dictate your personality and is a great tool to looking at that lion you are yearning to become. The lion’s mane is the clothes you wear. Even when you lack the height, considering you’re an average Joe or below average height, fashion is a multibillion-dollar business of imagery, fantasy, and commerce that keeps on giving. Here, we say, these designers and brands know what they’re doing. Just consume wisely and stop wearing doubtful clothes!


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2.Stand tall even when you are not

Confidence is sexy. Intelligence is sexy. Speaking with conviction is sexy. Being tall is not limited to the physical. You can be five foot four and command a crowd! With today’s generation, physical height does not play a big factor in someone’s success rather standing tall and knowing what and how to get your aspirations is what brings home the bacon. You need to stand tall and be noticed because of your work ethic and undeniable presence. All you need is to be confident enough to realize your dreams aren’t impossible!

They say if you can reach for the stars, you aren’t dreaming big enough. If you want to get noticed in your workplace, follow the first step and do it with confidence (the second step).

If you need a little boost, always remember that everyone can be replaced and only you can boost or ruin your life. If you don’t work hard enough, you won’t get noticed. If you let your work do the talking, you will get the praises for all the right reasons.

3.Sadly, respect is not just a mindset. You also need to work out

And yes, we mean actual working out where you hit the gym weekly. This isn’t a vanity act but successful people follow a balanced lifestyle. They will always find time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat properly, and keep an active social life. Sounds hard? Well, success isn’t rainbows and butterflies! You need to put a lot of effort to play in the big league. Imagine getting to the pinnacle of success but forgot to take care of your wellbeing? That’s hard work being flushed before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Try to squeeze in a workout at least 30 minutes in your daily routine. Try stretching because it can help with your growth and can possibly give you a few more inches in physical height. You can also try exercises like cross fit, boxing, or swimming. They’re a full-body workout and don’t consume much of your time that can affect your already busy schedule at work.

elevator shoes for man

Recap: Unnoticeable at work? Dress powerful and gain respect

Fashion has always been a powerful tool to, well, achieve, a certain status symbol. Clothes have their way of putting you in the map especially if you know how to value style in its purest form. The word itself is a process you need to explore. It comprises of numerous mix and matching until you get the right fit. Once you know what works for you, you can start experimenting with trends and silhouettes to help you stand out in the office the right way. Aside from clothes, always walk with pride and confidence. Successful men know their best qualities and work to correct their flaws. Lastly, sustain a sound mind and a healthy body.

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