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FAQ: Height Increasing Shoes In Dubai

by servicegoldmoral 15 Nov 2022

goldmoral elevator shoes

Yesterday, a short friend in Dubai wanted to find a pair of brown height increasing shoes, which can be worn casually in the office on Friday, or outdoors on weekends. Do you have any suggestions?

goldmoral elevator shoes

First of all, a big thank you to this Dubai friend for his support of our GOLDMoral® elevator shoes. Sales are only temporary, services are endless. With his consent, I edited the conversation as follows:

Him: Hello, I'm looking for a pair of brown height increasing shoes, which can be worn casually in the office on Fridays and outdoors on weekends. It looks taller than the average person, any suggestions?
Me: Honey, are you having any problems?

Him: We have a lot of tall guys in our office, I'm the shortest, and I want girls...more money...more respect...faster pay and promotion.
Me: Honey, don't worry, we can't change your natural height, but GOLDMoral® elevator shoes can do the trick for you! How many inches do you need to grow?

Him: 5 inches, but will it be too conspicuous?
Me: Don't worry, our GOLDMoral® elevator shoes have built-in heightening pads, and the design is very reasonable, so ordinary people can't see it. Our shoes can help improve your posture (you'll stand straighter)...increase your confidence...even make you look slimmer!

Him: Are your height increasing shoes different sizes?
I do not. Order the same size as you would buy any other shoe.

Him: Do I have to change the length of my pants?
Me: Generally speaking, the answer is no. The pants most men wear have a "break" above the shoes. The extra length of the trousers will accommodate the extra height of the shoes, so no changes are usually required.

Him: Can I put your heightening insole pads in "regular" shoes?
Me: "Normal" shoes are not designed to work with our heightening insole pads, your foot will stick out of the upper and it will be very uncomfortable.

Him: Will anyone know I'm wearing GOLDMORAL® elevator shoes?
Me: While our shoes have to be a little taller at the back, your pant legs will hang down your back, often masking the added height at the back of the shoe. For the most part, our shoes look just like any other non heightening shoe.

Him: What does letter width mean?
Me: B-Narrowest C-Narrow D-Medium/Normal E-Wide EE-Wider EEE-Widest...60% to 70% of customers wear "D" (Medium) width.

Him: What is your return policy?
Me: If your are not satisfactory the shoes , you can return them to us as long as they are unworn and returned to you within 30 days from the date of shipment. You must pay postage to return items to us and we will ship any replacement items to you at our expense. Refunds/refunds will be processed promptly. For international orders, customers must pay two-way postage.

Him: What is your privacy policy?
Me: We will not sell or rent our mailing list to anyone... ever.

Him: How do I send the package to me?
Me: We know confidentiality is important to our customers...that's why we ship all of our products in plain brown boxes and there is no mention of GOLDMORAL® anywhere on the packaging.

Him: How soon can I receive the order?
Me: All stock orders are shipped from our factory within 2 business days of receiving your order. Actual delivery to you by UPS or the Postal Service will vary depending on your geographic location. Shipping usually takes 5-7 days as it moves from coast to coast via UPS ground service.

Him: Is GOLDMORAL® comfortable?
Me: GOLDMORAL® takes a little getting used to. You will initially feel like you are going downhill. This goes away after a short time and they end up feeling like you're wearing "regular" shoes. When you get your first pair of GOLDMORAL®, walk on the rug for about half an hour for 1 to 2 days to help you get used to the "new" feeling.

Him: What are your business hours?
Me: We are online 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, you can leave a message at any time or call us directly.

Him: One of my legs is shorter than the other... Can you help me?
Me: In this case, we have a lot of clients. We have some alternatives/options that may be suitable for you. We recommend that you call us to get the best option for you. Call +1 628-688-6534.

Him: Okay, buy me a pair of brown height increasing shoes.
Me: OK, thank you so much for your support! These brown height increasing shoes are your classic, you can wear them with slacks, chinos or shorts. Dress casually at the office on Fridays or outdoors on weekends.

Him: Okay, thank you.
Me: You're welcome, it's our pleasure.

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