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How tall is Tom Cruise? How thick are Tom Cruise's elevator shoes soles?

by servicegoldmoral 15 Nov 2022

We all know that superstar Tom Cruise has reached the heights other actors hoped or dreamed of over the past few decades, but his height has also been one of the main talking points throughout his career. How thick the sole of Tom Cruise's elevator shoes is is the secret of success that many short people want to know.


The topic of "Tom Cruise's height" seems to have been trending over the years, especially with some of his co-stars. Although we may never notice his height when watching his movies. That's because Tom Cruise's mission is to push the envelope in every movie he's been involved in. It's also a testament to his talent, work ethic, vision and willingness to take some of the biggest risks, and this man is one of the biggest we've ever met.

How tall is Tom Cruise?


Tom Cruise has spoken to us about his height and has given us an actual answer to the question of his height. Now (get it?), Tom Cruise is 5-foot-7. That's why Tom Cruise is three inches shorter than the average actor. Do you think he will feel inferior because of his height? Of course not, this guy doesn't care about other people's eyes at all, and continues to create the most popular works of his legendary career to "balance" his height problem, so we ignore his height and immerse in the wonderfulness of his works. This is what a diligent person should look like, insisting on doing meaningful things to change the outside world's perception of him!

Besides work, what meaningful things does Tom Cruise do to balance his height?

Tom Cruise

We can inadvertently see his one-of-a-kind shoes at the various events Tom Cruise has attended. Do you think it's just an ordinary pair of shoes? If you really think so, you are dead wrong. I can tell you for sure that this is a pair of height-enhancing shoes,
And it is a pair of inner height increasing shoes, do not you think so? That's right, this is his secret, always giving people a feeling of being tall, which is what many short people want.

How thick are Tom Cruise's elevator shoes soles?

Tom Cruise

First of all, you have to understand that a successful man cannot have only one pair of height increasing shoes in his wardrobe. Usually there are about five or six pairs. Because there are four seasons in a year, work and life need to change different shoes, so the number of spare shoes is about 5~6 pairs, not to mention superstar Tom Cruise's height increasing shoes, countless. If he wants to achieve At the height of an average person, his soles need to be at least three inches thick. If he wants to be taller than other female stars, his soles should be at least four inches thicker, otherwise he will look short in front of the people he likes. Therefore, choosing the right height increasing shoes is really important.

What sizes do height increasing shoes usually come in?

GOLDMoral specializes in the best handcrafted elevator shoes, designed to perfectly solve height problems. Wearing GOLDMoral elevator shoes will make you taller. We have prepared a size chart of height increasing shoes for you, hope it will help you!

Men Size Chart
US Men Inches Foot Length(CM) Euro UK
6.5 9 1/4 23.5 37 5.5
7 9 1/2 24.0 38 6
7.5 9 5/8 24.5 39 6.5
8 9 3/4 25.0 40 7
8.5-9 10-10 1/8 25.5 41 7.5-8
9.5-10 10 1/4 - 10 1/2 26.0 42 8.5-9
10.5-11 10 5/8-10 3/4 26.5 43 9.5-10
11.5 11 27.0 44 10.5
12 11 1/4 27.5 45 11
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