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Five Types Of Shoes Every Man Needs In His Closet

by goldmoral service 29 Aug 2022

We all love shoes, but sometimes underestimate their importance in general fashion. Of all the items in your closet, your shoes are actually the most important. This is because when someone looks at you, the first thing they notice about what you are wearing is your set of shoes, so you really want to make it a habit to always deliver in that regard.

Like it or not, you are judged by your footwear, especially during a first meeting. Imagine the horror of going out on a first date with the aim of impressing your partner, only to end up putting her off with the type of shoes you chose to wear, you don’t want to make that kind of impact. Also, for more formal occasions like an official meeting or a job interview, you need to wear classy shoes to ease the mind of your interviewer who may feel disrespected if your shoes are ugly.

Your shoes need to stand out and we are here to give you a list of five types of shoes that will make it possible. Any amount of money you spend on separating yourself from the crowd should be seen as an investment, a worthy investment at that. So enhancing the types of shoes in your closet should be seen as more than a mere pepping up to you, it is an actual investment on your look and overall confidence.

When it comes to shoes, as with other aspects of fashion, all men have their preferences and opinions on what is best for them. With that in mind, we have taken time to narrow down these five types of shoes which will appeal and befit all classes of men. When you study this list, you will have no problem making a good choice for your dressing because you understand why these five shoes need to be in your closet, and therefore use them appropriately.


  1. Street sneakers

We are starting with the casual type of shoes because they will be more versatile to you. A closet without at least two street sneakers is very far from complete, and the number one reason for this is that because you need them for day to day activities. Most of the time, you will not need street sneakers of very special occasions, but you must have enough of them to carry out your daily responsibilities.

Street sneakers may be casual in nature, but that does not rule out the style in them. They come in really cool designs and dark colours you can match with any type of casual clothing. One of the main features of a street sneaker is that fact that it is built to last for a long time, they are also very comfortable to wear and you won’t have any reasons to complain as you carry out your everyday activities. There are also very good height increasing shoes in this category, so you can be comfortable and look tall with a very strong casual shoe.

  1. Dress shoe (black)

Get yourself a dress shoe and never fall short of class in any official gathering. Dress shoes are sleek and classy; they are an absolute must-have for every man who wears a suit. Even if you are not the suit type, you need these shoes to complement other clothes that you can wear to official gatherings.

There are various types of dress shoes which will help you shine at any event, but the colour you choose to buy and keep in your closet as an essential is very important. As stated, it is recommended that you go for the black colour of dress shoes because black goes with any kind of dressing you choose. Brown and white dress shoes are also good with other colours, but black is the best to have in your closet as a basic need, the rest can be added as peripherals.

If you love to wear shoes that make you taller, men elevator dress shoes are available to do the magic. There are 2-inch elevator shoes, 3-inch elevator dress shoes, and even higher. Other high heel men dress shoes can be found on Goldmoral shoe.

  1. Duck boots

These boots are water proof; they can keep your feet dry in the rainy days and protect your feet from cold in the winter, so your closet needs at least a set of these no matter where you live or the present weather condition. If you are the type who like to travel, duck boots are an absolute necessity and you should have more than one pair in your closet.

Duck boots are made up of rubber on the lower parts and waterproof materials on the upper parts. This is why you can be protected from wetness, cold or dirt throughout the day. This type of footwear is not for formal occasions, it is for adjusting to the weather and environmental conditions you find yourself. They usually come in dark colours for obvious reasons, and they also have attractive designs. There are duck boots which go all the way high up to your knees and others that are not so high above the ankles, it is all about what you need them for.

Still on the various types of duck boots, height increasing types are also available for men that are not very tall. Even if you are tall, you could use a few inches higher off the ground to stay warm.

  1. Casual suede driving moccasins

As the name implies, this shoe is mainly in the casual category. They are very comfortable to wear and give a soft feeling to your feet. Apart from the comfort you get from wearing the driving moccasins, you should have them in your closet because they are weather friendly.

Looking back at the types of shoes we already listed before, you can see the dress shoes and sneakers. Those two types of shoes have a close relationship with the driving moccasin because it has the characterises of both. First of all, driving shoes can pass for both formal and casual footwear, just that most people prefer to use it for informal purposes because the dress shoes are more appropriate.

As for the sneakers, the comfort they give and informal nature is what relates them to the driving shoes, though the comfort here is heightened. The point here is that the driving shoes can be used for any purpose, except activities that require waterproof shoes. The best colours to go for when buying driving shoes are brown, black and navy blue. The obvious reason for those recommended colours is that they are black and can match any type of clothing.

  1. Boat shoes

Boat shoes were invented as far back as 1935, and they are still in the top five list of shoes you must have in your closet. This shows you just how useful and comfortable it is, a whole lot of generations seem to have confirmed it since it was invented, so why shouldn’t you have at least one boat shoe in your closet?

Boat shoes can be worn to both formal and informal gatherings, but that is not what makes it special. What makes it unique is that you can wear this shoe without socks and feel great. Boat shoes are almost always leather, so imagine wearing leather shoes without socks, that is the kind of comfort we are talking about here.

For all your daily activities, boat shoes will be there for you, so you actually need more than one pair in your closet. If you are very good at maintaining things, your boat shoes can last long, but if you wear them every day (which you eventually will), you’ll find yourself shopping for another pair after a few months. So just get a few pairs already.

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