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There are different factors that can cause a stunt in growth. For the most part, men’s growth is at its peak two years after the start of puberty. Research shows that growth usually stops at the age of sixteen, while a man’s body is fully developed at the age of eighteen. Meanwhile, there are still instances for some men to continue growing even after puberty has ended or after their teenage years. Clearly, anything is possible in terms of growing as long as you take care of your body.

What’s the average height of a male?

The average height of a man in the United States is 5 foot 9. 5 inches and taller than 5 foot 6 inches average of a man in China. Average height is not a worldwide standard as it differs from one country to another.  The average height also varies even within a city. For example, what’s considered the average height in South Korea is different from men who live in Seoul, the capital and largest city in South Korea. The average man in their country is 5 foot 7 while it is one inch higher in Seoul. Some of the countries with a high average of height are Sweden (5’11”), Serbia (5’11.5″), the Netherlands (6′), and Dinaric Alps (6’1″). Most of these are European countries situated on the South side of the continent, except for the Netherlands that’s situated in Northwestern Europe.

How to grow taller fast?

If you are asking how can I grow taller at this point and age, you won’t receive a positive feedback but it is highly possible. Height is a result of genetics and if your family does not have that gene, there’s only a slim chance that you will get the recessive gene. There is no shame in being a short guy. All you really have to do is know the proper tools to conquer this big bad world.

Option # 1: Quit smoking

This bad habit has been haunting smokers for a long time. Most of them want to stop but do not have the courage to just stop hitting their last puff. According to a study, teens who smoke are shorter compared to men who don’t. Smoking at a young age will affect your natural growth, especially while still on puberty. Avoid this bad habit because smoking will not only affect your growth but your overall health as well.

Option # 2: Get proper nutrition

Men and women are born with needs, and one of which is nutrition. We need proper nutrition to live longer. We need proper nutrition to be strong. We need proper nutrition because we are like a well-oiled machine who can’t function without, well getting oiled. However, avoid oily food and junk food as it may affect your growth and overall health. Getting proper nutrition should start since the day you are born. It is your right as a kid to be well fed and it is your responsibility now as an adult to eat well.

Option #3: Give elevator shoes a Try

Elevator shoes are just like your any other shoes but have an additional material to help men who are not happy with their height. It has shoe lift inserts found in between the outsole and insole of the shoes, and such lift is placed to hide it from the public eye. This means, only you know about the additional boost in height since the lifts are invisible. Each elevator shoe design is created with different boosts from 2 inches up to 5 inches, depending on the need for additional height. The most common are elevator shoes with additional 6 centimeters in height. What is 6cm in inches? The answer is approximately 2.3 inches. You can buy a pair of dress shoes for formal occasions or rubber shoes with an additional 3 inches in height for a casual walk in the park. Each shoe also compliments the personal style of the customer because, unlike before, elevator shoe brand like Goldmoral Shoes, has fashion and style in mind. Their wide array of shoe selection can fit the dapper and the street style casual. Visit the website and start shopping for elevator shoes.

Option #4: Do morning stretches

Stretching is beneficial for health and growth. The possibility of getting a few more inches from stretching is slim but can be done. Stretching also relieves sore muscles after a long day’s work. It can also prevent you from the risk of injury and accidents. Moreover, it engages your core to keep you strong and flexible. Other exercises you may also consider are yoga, Pilates, and swimming. Furthermore, go for exercises that don’t condense your spine if you want to grow taller.

Aside from possible routines and food to get additional height, you should also the myths that can stunt your growth. Here are the most common mistakes about not getting tall and why we shouldn’t believe them:

  1. Carrying weights is not a hindrance

Exercising is always a good idea and it doesn’t have the ability to prevent you from becoming tall just because you carry weights. In all honesty, carrying weights can activate your muscles and also make you look good because you are ripped. Taking good care of your body is better than not caring at all.

  1. Growth pills work, just not the same for everyone

There are numerous drugstore pills and syrup to help boost your height. While others say they are a scam, it is absolutely not true. They, though not all products, actually work. However, the speed of it effect may differ because all individuals have different mechanisms and body chemistry. What works faster for others may be different for you. All you need here is to be more patient.

  1. There are other dairy products that can help boost your growth

Yes, milk can help you grow because it is rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, but there are other dairy products that can help give you additional inches.

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