What can stunt your growth? Bad Habits To Avoid Now

Did you know that on average, men stop growing taller at the age of 18? And that the average size of a man is under 6 feet tall? It’s not very uplifting to know, isn’t it? Especially when men are supposedly big and tough, made to protect the women in their lives, it’s pretty sad that instead of towering, many men are cowering in fear of being made fun of for not being tall.

As if it’s bad enough that majority of what dictates how tall we will be being genetics, there are things we could have done as we were growing up to maximize our height potential.

Then, there were things we unknowingly did or ate as we were growing up that hindered us from reaching our maximum height potential. I’m sure you have two questions in mind right now, ‘What can stunt your growth?’, and ‘What are the kinds of food can make you taller?’. It may be too late for you if you’re over 18 years old, but if you have nephews you’re worried will not grow to be tall or you have sons of your own, then read on.

Here are things that can stunt height growth and tips on how to grow taller:

1.)    You are what you eat

The most important thing for anything to grow is the quality of the food it is able to eat. Undoubtedly, to have something grow as good as it can get, you have to feed it the food it needs. If you grew up eating a lot of junk food and drinking cans and cans of soda, then you’re in for some bad news.

It’s self-explanatory, junk food does very little for you, nutritionally. Sure, you probably enjoyed it at the moment but the long-term effects have led you to this article all these years later, trying to find out how to grow taller.

One thing you should do is to make sure that you include a lot of protein in your diet because as we all know; protein is the building block of life. It enables your body to build muscles and help your body recover better when you are asleep. Having a diet that is low in protein means you are not giving your body enough to build with and you are missing out on your height growth potential.

You should also let the young men in your life know that drinking alcoholic beverages during their puberty years will also stop them from becoming the tallest versions of themselves. Drinking a substantial amount of alcohol during developmental years not only affects your height but a number of other important growth processes as well.

2.)    If you don’t move, you don’t grow

Another thing you should avoid doing is staying at home all day. Not moving your body will only do it bad. No, you’re not preserving energy, you’re wasting your days and you’re letting physical growth and advancement take a back seat. Remember, you only have until 18 years old to make the most of the growth spurt you get in puberty.

It has been said that sports like running and yoga help in making a person grow taller. The way your body moves in action is important because it plays a vital role in posture. Your posture is directly related to your spine and your spine is what needs to be stretched if you want to grow those extra inches.

3.)    Sleep on time

It is just as important to sleep as it is to move. During the sleep cycle, the body is able to recover from all your activity and to make the right calculations, but only if you get enough sleep and if you sleep at the right time.

With your body being pushed to its limits, your brain has to do a lot of catching up to make sure you are not only capable of performing the same tasks the next day but for you to actually be better. When you get a good sleep, your body is able to address those deficiencies by doing what it can to make up for it. But, it can only do that if you’re feeding yourself good food. Without a good source, your brain will be sending out whatever its left with. Imagine if you only had fast food and your body needed some greens? It sure makes you rethink your choices.

So what have we learned so far? What we eat, what we do, how much we sleep are very important to grow taller. Most importantly, these are all connected to each other. Leave one out and you won’t be able to grow as tall as you had hoped.

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