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How People Can Characterize You Based on Your Shoes

Even if we try to avoid it, we live in a judgmental world. We get up for work and prepare for our busy day and go home frustrated because we didn’t score a good deal – especially with the ladies. Cruel as it may seem, but it serves as motivation to achieve greater heights.

In this article, we asked two women from different industries about how they want their man to be. The common answer among these women is someone who is tall and dresses well. So, what else are we going to do if you’re just an average or even below that? What are you going to do if you are not the fashion-savvy type? Did you know that a pair of shoes is somewhat a window to your personality? Since most women look at what’s on your feet and what you are wearing first, it is ideal for men who are below the average height to wear short men shoes because what you wear is as important as who you are.

At 30, Angie wants a tall and strong man

Angie is a working student taking up Law and a marketing manager for an advertising agency. She told me she wants a man who can carry the load for her. She is looking for someone tall and strong with a strong sense of fashion. Why? Angie thinks fashion is an essential part of a man’s lifestyle. According to her, “a man who looks neat and aware of looking good on the outside is a major turn-on.” She also stated how she looks from the bottom up and ensures he sports great shoes. There are look taller shoes in the marketplace right now that can upgrade your seemingly short height.

They are called elevator shoes or simply the best height increasing shoes for men that are both stylish and functional. If you are the type who enjoys dressing up even o a casual weekend, we suggest you try the wide selection of leather shoes from GoldMoral Shoes, a website that offers some of the best elevator shoes in online shopping. They offer different designs from oxfords to moccasins and give you at least two inches boost from the lifts hidden inside the insole.

Angie also insisted that “a man who doesn’t know how to match his shoes with the rest of his clothes” has no personality. Shoes can make or break your chances with a woman like Angie. She wants men to always maintain clean shoes since dirty soles can relate to someone irresponsible. Even when you enjoy wearing white sneakers or canvas step in, you should keep shoe brushes to clean them weekly, she stated.

At 25, Jane knows a man’s shoe size matters

Since she started working as a journalist for various online platforms, Jane has met different types of men during interviews ad events. As a woman who’s interested in anything lifestyle, it is no wonder why she wants to be with a man who knows his size. This includes above average height, looks, nice body, and yes, a reasonable shoe size. “I want a big man that comes in big packages,” she blurted.

So what happens to short men who want to live up to that kind of expectation? Wear shoes that make you look taller, of course! You can be an average man with average heights but still, look like tall wearing shoes elevator with more than three inches lifts.

These men height increasing shoes are available for purchase online to feed your ego and provide you the confidence you need to go ask a woman like Jane. Of course, she’s not all talk and no bite. She enjoys working out and always dresses appropriately for any occasion.

She stated how much shoe size matter to him because he feels sorry for men who do not know the right shoes for their given height. Aside from the length, the width of your foot also plays a big role in finding the right footwear for you. Elevator shoes have evolved from normal leather shoes that nobody wanted to wear to a stylish one! Yes, you can rock your cool sneakers and boost up your height up to four more inches. In that way, men who wear them will look fashionable, tall, and attractive.

Why Shoes Are a Reflection of Your Character

While most people argue that true beauty comes from deep within, we can never disregard the fact how this, especially at the age of social media, has become obsessed with imagery. You can’t just be successful and do not look the part. While most billionaires beg to differ to this idea, always remember that they still wear overly expensive sharp suits at formal events. Yes, they just stick to t-shirt and jeans but how sure are we that they’re not from a hot Italian label? This is the same case with shoes. Angie has been a firm believer of looking at a man’s choice of footwear before agreeing to have a shot with him. She knows the value of a good image. This does not mean she’s after the money, but Angie will always go for a man with high regard for how he presents himself.

Truly, this is the same case for Jane who is firm with dating men taller than the average. Since not everyone is gifted with mighty height, at least load up with a great sense of style and humor. And try on elevator shoes!

Moreover, remember to keep them clean. Dirty shoes reflect on how you take care of your personal belongings. This goes well with wearing the wrong pair of shoes with denim jeans. If you are not aware of style sensibility in a sense where what you want to project on the outside can be a catalyst of a good conversation, then hopes of achieving success will be at a minimum. However, remember that fashion can be learned and style is a personal road. When someone repeatedly characterizes you based on your shoes, then that’s not their problem – that’s just your ego taking over your fate.

Why Shoes for Short Guys Matter in This Generation

Everything was simpler back then and nothing is basic anymore. Yes, some still live a minimalist life and enjoy the simplest pleasures the world can give them, but the world we live in is different from what our parents remembered. Because of that, every little detail of our lives became under scrutiny all thanks to the power of technology, specifically social media. Those little applications from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram have been firing comments about where we are, who we are with, and sadly our physical appearance. While this has become a phenomenon in recent times, there’s still a connection somewhere that we can’t disconnect the reel versus our reality. We always find a way to look slimmer, taller, fairer, and all that jazz. So where do our short men lie in all of this? Let’s face it! Being short is not the normative trait for adoration. We start looking for shoes to make you taller as well as other ways to be included in the crowd where perfection is key. However, nobody is perfect. You can’t force your bones to grow extra inches just to go above the average height in your country. Heck, even the average height is still considered short to some spectators. Thankfully, there’s is a way to counter what you lack with height with the best elevator shoes.

What are elevator shoes?

They’re simply shoes that make you look taller. Yes, they’re not permanent but temporary elevation found in between the insole and the outsole of the shoes. These shoes to look taller was pioneered as early as the eighties and has evolved from the usual formal shoes to more contemporary designs to fit the grueling effect on social media on people. Yes, since the fast way of communicating has become inevitable, we need to cope up with the recent trends both in technology and lifestyle. This includes fashion and even interior design.

Elevator shoes can be bought at a physical store as well as online shops and you just have to choose and click the design that you want. Whether you are looking for elevator shoes NZ or elevator shoes Canada and even elevator shoes in Dubai, all you really need is an internet connection, an eye for style, and these elevator shoe brands will deliver them to you. This means those short guy problems will become a thing of the past now that you have the means to look tall at least on certain occasions. The additional length these height increase shoes in Dubai or anywhere else across the globe can give you at least two inches up to a boosting five inches and even more once you wear them. And if you are wondering if they hurt at the end of the day, well these elevation shoes are comfortable enough to withstand a long and tiring day. But keep in mind that no matter how expensive your shoes are, they can still hurt if you keep on walking.

What are the shoes for short guys?

Name it. These increasing shoes offer a wide variety of styles and designs for the everyday man. You can purchase formal shoes with an additional three inches in height or buy an every white leather sneaker elevate shoes while posting an outfit of the day on your social media accounts. Since they are shoes to make you look taller, you won’t really need to put too much effort in looking for angles because your height won’t lie in the photos anymore because these elevator shoes will do everything for you!

What are my other options?

Aside from the elevator shoes, you can also do everyday stretching or sign up on a workout that is more about stretches rather than gaining muscles. Stretching every day can release all the dormant muscles in your body and can also help with your flexibility. However, working out takes time before reaching your goal. For others, it can also be impossible to get more height through working out. Remember that growth starts during puberty and oftentimes end right after that.

So Why does Shoes for Short Guys Matter in This Generation?

Simply put it this way. The world we live in now is obsessed with the elongated silhouette. We liked looking at our long-legged figures created by our shadow when we were younger and we look up to these influencers who mastered the art of looking tall in photographs, and they probably are tall figures. Being tall frequently portrays powerful imagery and we’ve become victims of becoming more than what our body can handle. We may only stand the average height in our country but we want to be as tall as an American NBA player. We, sometimes, want more than what we actually have and we can’t keep blaming ourselves since technology and media made us think this way. Even in fairy tales, the tall and broodingly handsome prince gets the girl. In return, we want what’s the best for us and nothing less.

This means we urge you to give elevator shoes a try. Elevator shoe brand Goldmoral shoes offer stylish and on the trend pieces that can make you look social media ready as well as presentable in the public eye. Again, the world made us this way and no matter how we try to deviate from this stigma, we still fall short of wanting to be a better version of ourselves. If being tall will give us the happiness we deserve, then this option is a great idea. Furthermore, you can look good while looking sharp at the same time. Moreover, the level of height you can have by trying these elevator shoes can make you stand out amongst the crowd and make you feel like one of the tallest person in there. Which, in reality, does not really happen often.