Shoes Make You Taller: Trends in Formal Shoes as Seen in the Golden Globes 2019

The Golden Globes 2019 already wrapped up and we still can’t get over all the grandeur worn by the women in the said award-giving body. However, what most did not notice – maybe with the exception of Timothée Chalamet’s Louis Vuitton bib look, yes it’s not a harness – are the men’s sartorial game that really spelled how to dress this year for formal events. Of course, this includes great choices of shoes to make men taller. This article is made with the utmost consideration for men who are struggling with a short height that makes a case for men elevator shoes.

Shoes Make You Taller

If you are born with an unfortunate height or below the average height in your country, it’s now time to enjoy the wonders of shoes for short people or simply called elevator shoes. The first thing you have to know about these mens high heel shoes is the fact that they’re not entirely meant for short people. Literally, anyone can wear them if they want to achieve more height. Elevator shoes all over the world from elevator shoes Australia, elevator shoes Singapore, and elevator shoes Toronto, Canada over a wide array of shoes that fit different events and gatherings. These mens height increasing shoes are now available online such as Goldmoral shoes, an elevator shoe brand that delivers them on different areas across the globe.

Going back to the original point of this article, the shoe game this year, specifically during formal events, I noticed how A-list celebrities who were invited to grace the presence of the recently concluded Golden Globes have been on top of their fashion game in terms of fashion clothing as well as accessories. The perfect example of this is “Beautiful Boy” star Timothée Chalamet who received a nomination for the said film. He perfected his look en route an unconventional embellished as compared to his contemporaries who went for a classic tuxedo. Of course, this move completely changed how men can dress up for events. Aside from being the Best Son of 2019 after bringing his mom as her date in the Globes, the actor’s sartorial choice was the biggest standout in men’s fashion. While some critics say otherwise. We can’t help but applaud his efforts and of his styling team. From head to toe, Timothée Chalamet made sure he is the head turner at the said event. His choice of footwear was way too classic that it complemented the rest of his astonishing outfit.

Another standout was “Bloom” singer nominee, Troye Sivan who came in wearing an electric blue suit. But his curly locks and color choice was not the only thing standing out at the red carpet, Sivan opted for square toe dress shoes with a surprising detail on the cap toe. This effort can maybe set a tone for another yearlong yearning for anything embellished.

Furthermore, there’s actor Luke Evans who went for the playful and classic hybrid of formal shoes. The Welsh actor opted for a white suit with black satin lapels and completed his look with a leather slip-on shoes with a dash of color. This represents how 2019 can turn out to be an exciting time for shoes!

Moreover, Idris Elba made a case of matching style with his blue suede oxford shoes. The actor was a vision at the Golden Globes and his shoe game was totally on point! There’s also “Bohemian Rhapsody” star Rami Malek as well as stars Michael B. Jordan, Mahershala Ali, Nicholas Hoult, and host Adam Samberg who went for classic and elegant both in their suits and classic black dress shoes.

What does this mean in terms of elevator shoes?

Just like any other shoes, elevator shoes can also be trendy or classic. Shoe trends will always be there, but what you buy will still depend on your personal style. Taking cues from this Hollywood stars can also help you get to that level of style that you always wanted, even though it felt like it took you years just to master a certain look. Here is the final takeaways from the said award-giving body and how these stars presented themselves in the red carpet.

  1. Classic will always be an option

No matter how much we try to experiment on silhouettes and styles, the classic will always be an option when it comes to shoes. It is true that designs come and go and come back again but your black dress shoes and suede oxfords will always be the same. Elevator shoe brand Goldmoral shoes offer the said two types of shoes with additional height. The said elevation can be found inside which means they’re hidden.

  1. You can mix playful and classic

This is the wisest case for Australian singer Troye Sivan who not only has a nomination during the said event but also a world tour for his Bloom album. He made his blue suit a more interesting one simply because of his choice of footwear. Elevator brands also offer the same style of playfulness in their shoes. Not only that but they also make sure they are made from excellent materials.

  1. Black will always be black

Yes, other colors can be the new black, but this shade will forever be a staple no matter what. It is proven and tested and no other factors can change that. With black leather still dominating the red carpet, we suggest you follow this movement. Any man who is mature enough to understand the importance of dressing up knows that black shoes are still the golden standard. If you are wearing a colored suit, you can always downplay all the hues with black shoes. This color will always be the middleman that ties everything together!



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