How to Clean Your Men’s Platform Dress Shoes

Whenever I’m invited to a formal event, the first thing I look is the last part of the invitation stating the dress code. If they say black tie, I immediately think of men’s platform dress shoes. Before attending the formal event, you should create a list of things you need to accomplish before the said date. Normally, every man should give themselves at least one week of preparation to visit the dry cleaners for their suit as well as the tailor for necessary adjustments. Furthermore, we need to visit our closets to find the best height increasing shoes because you want to look tall in your bespoke suit. Moreover, hire someone to polish it for you when do not have the time because of your busy schedule at work. But if you have spare time, here are simple tricks to make your men’s tall shoes look shiny and brand new.

If you are not gifted with height, you should own a pair of good height adding shoes called elevator shoes. They provide up to 5-inches increase height shoes and are good for formal events. After all, we do not want to be overlooked by all the other tall men at the said event you are attending

  1. Find a used towel or damp cloth

Before shining it, use a towel or a damp cloth to wipe the dust that clogged your dress shoes. Find two damp cloths or used towel and soak the first towel to wipe off the dirt, and then use the dry one to rinse it. Since most dress shoes are made of leather, it is wise to always keep them dry because water can damage the quality of the leather.

  1. Use a horsehair brush

You can buy them at the grocery store and they are useful not just for dress shoes, but also for your other shoes such as white sneakers and boots. The main point of the horsehair brush is its ability to give the leather a natural shine even before you apply the shoe polish. Make sure you clean the tips of the brush before using them.

  1. Apply the shoe polish

When applying the shoe polish, the quantity is the most important. It should be the same for both shoe and you should not put too much to avoid ruining your pants. If you apply a sizable amount of shoe polish, the shoes will look bulky and the shine will, in some ways, outshine the rest of your outfit. Focus on the toe cap and the heel because they are the most visible when wearing dress shoes at a formal event.

  1. After applying the shoe polish, brush it again with the horsehair brush

It may be tedious but the horsehair brush is all you need to conclude the steps for cleaning your dress shoes. This is why it is important for every stylish man to own a horsehair brush because the shine from the shoe polish will be neutralized by the brush. Moreover, repeat all the steps until you are satisfied with the outcome.

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