Height is Not All About Genetics! Here’s Why

I wish we lived in a world where all men were at least 6 feet tall. Imagine how cool that would be. We would actually feel like the real men tales of old and movies of today talk about, with towering, authoritative presences and muscular physiques to match. Instead, we live in a world where only a few nations have that prized tall gene and majority of the world has the regular height one. I guess a guy can dream.

Where I’m from, the average height is above my own height. Yeah, I’m below the height poverty line and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked up any and all forms of making height improvement possible. I even wondered, ‘Are black people taller?’ based off of the award-winning movie Get Out, where Africans, specifically the men, were the preferred race because of how physically inclined they were to become more athletic or simply better at withstanding physical labor.  It really hit me deep.

So, I tried to find out what countries had men that were taller than most people. I wanted to know what kind of superfood they had over there and what was making them so tall. In case you’re interested, here are some of the interesting things I found to be true online.

The country found to have the shortest men is in Vietnam. I’m pretty sure you aren’t surprised because it’s an Asian country and you’re right not to be. Asians are actually known to be some of the smallest people in the world today. With the male population averaging at 5 feet and 4 inches and their women at 5 feet flat.

Research has shown that the average height of a nation’s population is determined by its economic status. That means that as Vietnamese babies were being born and growing up, they had grown up in a time when their economy hindered them from getting the right nutrition during those crucial times. On the other hand, nations that have done well economically have been able to provide the majority of their population with the right care and nutrition for them to be able to achieve their maximum height potential.

Looking at the height difference of people from North and South Korea will tell you that this is in fact, true. North Koreans are said to be living in less than desirable economic conditions while South Koreans have experienced a boom in their economy. Since then, South Korean children born during those times have shown a significant increase in height.

So instead of blaming just your genetics for your height problem, now you have insight as to what your country was going through around the time your mom was pregnant with you and as you were growing up.

Many people think that height is determined just by genetics, and very few people are aware that a proper diet and an ample amount of exercise are important factors as well. But not a lot of people know that being taller is actually a determinant for the quality of life one will live and it goes far beyond the aspect of a more pleasing physical aesthetic.

Taller people are said to live longer and have fewer health issues in life. They are also said to earn more money than people that aren’t as tall, earning up to thousands of dollars more. One study even claims that taller people are smarter, have better social skills, and are more likely to be chosen as leaders.

Now, do you guys see why I wished we were all much taller? If anything, the number 1 country you should avoid visiting is Denmark. If you ever find yourself there, you will absolutely hate it. You will feel like a midget because the average height for people in Denmark is 6 feet. Short men literally do not stand a chance amidst these giants. It’ll be like being on a basketball court full of NBA players except it’s a whole country and everyone is towering over you.

So what do you do if you have a business trip to countries where tall people abound?  You could Google ‘How to grow 4 inches taller after 20’ and only be disappointed. There is no way you can biologically grow taller after your body has reached its maximum height. It’s actually impossible no matter how hard you work on growing a few extra inches unless you spend on some height increasing surgery.

What you can do, though, is get that height boost artificially with shoes that have invisible heels, for men of course. Elevator shoes have built-in lifts to make you taller in the eyes of your peers.

As silly as they may seem, these shoes with heels inside of them will make any short man confident with an additional few inches going totally unnoticed. Instantly gain 3 inches in height or go even higher than that if you wish, and overnight too! Okay, it might take a few days for your shoe orders to get shipped out and arrive at your doorstep but I’m sure you get what I mean.

What’s great about today’s male high heel shoes is that they have come a long way in terms of design and engineering. They have built the height increasing feature seamlessly into the shoe, allowing you to appear to be wearing regular shoes and so leaving those around you to wonder what about you changed that they can’t seem to pinpoint. Seeing their puzzled faces will make things interesting! But, you have to keep it up so that they’re never able to clock you.

You can do that by replacing all of your regular shoes with height adding shoes and your artificial height boost will never be exposed!

Go to work in formal dress shoes or take your lady out to lunch in casual boat shoes. You can even go on more rugged adventures with boots or sneakers, all with heels hidden inside of the shoes to make you look taller.

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