Five Reasons Why Short Men Should Buy Elevator Shoes

A simple shoe can make a difference in your entire outfit and more so a shoe that can make you tall while complementing your personality and style. While not a lot of men, whether short or tall, can pull off wearing heels for men – some cultures even consider it taboo – and thinking no one in their right mind would want to wear heels since it affects our masculinity. But whoever said these heels are visible? The elevator shoes are mens shoes with 2 inch heels or more that aids short men who are not confident with their natural height. Furthermore, they also have other benefits aside from achieving the height you always wanted for yourself. Ask yourself this question: do I want to be tall or am I contented with where I am standing right now? Here are five reasons why short men should by elevator shoes:

Reason #1: Elevator shoes are shoes with heels for men that aren’t obvious

Yes, you read that correctly. Elevator shoes are designed to keep anyone from noticing the additional height produced by the lifts. These lifts are carefully placed in between the insole and the outsole of the elevator shoes to ensure your shoes will look like regular ones. Since each shoe design has different heights, the outer material of the shoe is picked thoroughly for durability as well as functionality. Elevator shoes are created for your everyday routine which means comfort is its prime concern. Just remember, no matter how expensive your shoes are it will still hurt at the end of the day not because of the material but due to tireless errands.

Side note: Does elevator shoes really works?

If you are asking, heels for men? Is it really a thing? Of course, it is! This term won’t be coined unless it is true. They really do work. The elevator shoes have been in the business for more than two decades and it continues to help short men achieve temporary height because of the said shoes. They offer boots with lifts that cost you less compared to the high-end brands. They also offer different styles for the everyday sartorial man. Clearly, elevator shoes do work. However, you need to look for the best brands who offer elevator shoes and not just some random brand who only wants profit. Always go for quality over quantity.

Reason #2: They aren’t just normal shoes. They come in different styles and designs

Elevator shoes are not just your typical black leather shoes anymore. Most brands are distributing different styles and designs to fit the fashion-savvy mind of their customers. Elevator shoe brand Goldmoral shoes have a wide selection of designs for formal events, casual days, hiking, and even summer sandals. Their designs are within at par with the current shoe market today. There are on trend and offer a variety of selection to fit your own personal style.

Visit the Goldmoral shoe website,, and enjoy their selection of elevator shoes and you just might get a discount on your first purchase! They also offer white sneakers and oxford shoes. They have almost everything, just click and add to cart!

Side note: How much height do shoes add?

If you are wondering the additional the lifts of the elevator shoes can create, you can get at least 2 inches and up to 5 inches in height just by wearing them. The height, however, varies depending on your lift preference. Most elevator shoes offer 2.36 inches in additional height for casual shoes and 3 inches for formal wear.

Reason #3: Even Hollywood stars wear them

We spotted Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Cruise, and Robert Downey Jr. just to name a few. The list goes on and on among the Hollywood’s brightest stars who have incorporated elevator shoes in their red carpet looks and some even on regular days. These celebrities are not fortunate with height but have excelled in the film industry. The stars on this list are no-nonsense stars who are household names because of their loaded portfolio from Daniel Radcliffe being the boy who lived that shook up his stardom to Tom Cruise being considered as the best leading man in the industry today and Robert Downey Jr. from his role in Chances Are to being the badass Ironman superhero we all loved him for. Truly, elevator shoes is not a trend, it is a lifestyle. When others said wearing heels are just for the women, why limit yourself to the possibility of being tall? Anyone can wear heels and it will all depend on how confident you are to pull it off.

Reason #4: Elevator shoes can fix bad posture

I grew up with bad posture. It was a problem with confidence because I was never the tallest in class. While my classmates grew up vastly due to puberty, I was left in the corner feeling low because I’m just not tall enough. It was something I brought with me until my college days. However, things changed when I realized companies want confident men who stand tall in adversity.

Studies show that wearing elevator heels can fix someone’s bad posture. The lifts found on the shoes are placed well to fix your hunch back because of the elevation of your feet’s heel. Aside from the style, it brings to the table, elevator shoes can also boost up well-being. Bad posture is something most men suffer from that can be accounted at a very young age. Bad posture is a bad habit and we need to put an end to it.

Reason #5: Elevator shoes are the best shoes to make you taller

Women have their stilettos and high heels and men have elevator shoes. There’s no denying the fact that elevator shoes are the best shoes to make you taller since that’s literally the main advertisement of this type of shoes. While science can fix your height problems, we all know it will cost you too much money. So why not spend it on less expensive alternatives ergo elevator shoes?

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