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The Right Clothes For the Right Shoes For Extra Height

Men today are as equally conscious about what the wear as their female counterparts. We take time to see what looks best on us and how we won’t be like the rest of the guys out there. We strive to play our part in this world of judgment caused by the growing influence of social media. Today, there’s no such thing as too dressy or too casual when it comes to dressing up. We start asking ourselves what color pants with brown shoes or how to make shoes more comfortable and that’s the norm now. With thousands of trends storming our closet each season, men have become fashionable.

But did you know it is actually harder to dress up when you are a short man? The pants sold at retail stores are way too big in length and the shoes you want are way too flat. It has been hard to stand out when all products out there are dominated by the tall man’s size. Fear no more, as this article will open a door for short men out there to look stylish and dapper, no retail store can it away from you! First, you have to understand that most retail brands have patterns to fit the standard size. Second, that’s not necessarily a negativity since almost anywhere you go is a shop just to alter the clothes you want for yourself. That’s right, no matter how small you are in length, anything can be cut and sewn again as if all clothes are meant for you. We’ve round up seven style tips with heeled mens shoes that can boost up your height for at least two inches more!

What are elevator shoes?

How can you get taller? How to grow 5 inches taller? What is 7.5 cm in inches? These are the most common questions among men who haven’t found the true beauty of the best elevator shoes brand. This type of shoe is designed to lift a man’s height to at least 2 inches at the minimum and up to 5 inches or more at the maximum because of the lifts are hidden inside the shoe. That’s right! No one in the public eye will know you are actually wearing shoes with additional heels or lifts because they are totally invisible. You are somehow invincible in them. Just imagine the additional height and great posture since elevator shoes have the ability to fix bad posture. Online elevator shoe brand, Goldmoral shoes have a selection of stylish and trendy shoes to fit the everyday sartorial man. In this article, we will take you to a fashionable ride of different styles that you might want to try out with Goldmoral shoes in mind:

  1. Color block shirt with denim jeans

You can be as casual as you can be as long as you know the gloriousness of color blocking. This style has been done ever since Yves Saint Laurent’s golden years and it has continued to show in the streets. You can even pair a simple denim shirt with a nice color block polo shirt. That’s comfort at its finest! Pair it with a nice brown oxford elevator shoes and you are good to go.

  1. Leather jacket with skinny jeans

This is a rock star’s true DNA, the leather jacket. It looks a little dangerous and it packs a lot of attitude. You can go for an all-black ensemble with a nice 2-inch elevator boot and keep everything slim with a nicely cut black skinny jeans. Keep a perpetual bed head and put on some sunglasses. Finish your look with an interesting necklace and you are ready to take on the stage, err the street style world!

  1. Long button-down shirt with beige pants

I’ve always admired corporate wear. But a suit can be sweaty for most of the summer. Why not try a summer look that can both look good in the office and while having coffee at a downtown coffee shop while reading your intellectual book? This style looks good on almost anyone that all you really need is a suede moccasin elevator shoes and an eccentric beaded necklace.

  1. Tee shirt with washed out jeans

Going to the grocery but still, want to look badass? I’ve seen a number of paparazzi shots of Hollywood stars dressed in a simple tee shirt and washed out jeans. You know what stands out in that specific style? The shoes! Go for the unexpected and maybe try a blue leather elevator shoes with an interesting texture. In that way, you are still the casual man you are, and yet looking dapper while buying grocery.

  1. Printed short sleeved shirt with tattered jeans

Print on print and anything maximalist is in fashion right now and we want you to give it a try! Take a page from the leading men who not only rock the big screen but also make impacts when a paparazzi takes a stolen shot of them walking in the street. While that sounds a disturbance of their privacy, we can’t help but look at their ensemble. A loose printed polo shirt with graphic details while downplaying it with tattered jeans. It’s interesting how fashion always takes a trip to the past to make it appropriate for the future. Pair this with a laid-back white leather sneakers with additional 2.36 inches lifts and enjoy what most men in fashion are enjoying right now: normal clothes with a slice of not giving a damn.

  1. Oversized shirt with jogging pants

Nothing says casual like going out as if you didn’t think of what you were wearing. The jokes on them since most male actors have stylists and the oversized shirt and jogging pants athleisure trend was well thought of by the creative minds who work in fashion. This trend has been going on for years now and it doesn’t seem to want to end. Pair this casual look with nice rubber shoes with additional 3-inches in height and you, sir, are good to go!