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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Taller in 2019

Height is a positive trait associated with good personality. But people are different: some are naturally short while others are tall. It is the reality of life. However, it is disheartening that the society does not appear to appreciate this natural phenomenon. Rather, you are expected to be educated, have the right skills, be a fast learner and above all, be tall.

Indeed, if you have all the other traits and lack in height, the chances are that your application, promotion, social standing, and even quest for friendship will be thwarted at the earliest possible instance. For people who lack in height, this reality becomes the spring of endless questions such as: “Why did my application get rejected yet my colleague who is less qualified sailed through?” and “Why do I lack height?” This list is endless!

If you listen to many people and read the bulk of the literature out there, you will be told that growing taller after puberty is impossible. But this is not entirely true because there are dozens of ways such as using grow taller shoes that can help you increase height promptly.

Four things you should know about Growing Taller after Puberty

The moment you realize that looking a few inches taller will be an important asset, it is prudent to commence from the basics. First, you need to appreciate that natural growth in height is controlled by hormones. Besides, growth takes place between inception and puberty.

If you are past 20 years, the growth that can be achieved naturally is limited because the release of human growth hormone (HGH) has slowed so much or stopped altogether. This is why you should not rely much on natural growth for fast growth. Here are other things that you should know:

  • How high you can grow naturally is dependent on geo-location. People from Eastern Europe are known to be the tallest while those from Asia are shorter. For example, the average height of men in the Netherlands is 72 inches while that of the Philippines is 64.3 inches.
  • Your parents define how tall you will grow. To know how tall you will be, you only need to look at your parents. However, you could grow slightly taller than their average (mom height + dad height) if your growth environment is favorable.
  • Height is an important factor in defining a person’s self-esteem. Many people lack height also fall short of self-esteem. The low self-esteem is largely associated with the societal’s believe that you must be tall to be successful.
  • Commitment is prudent to grow taller. When you decide to look or grow taller, it is important to put some commitment to it. It is particularly crucial to be consistent in your effort. For example, if you choose to use height elevator shoes, it is important to stick to the new found height.

Common Misconceptions about Growing Taller

Have you ever tried to get something and got disapproved because you lack a natural attribute such as height? It can be stressful! But many people end up getting stuck or distracted by myriads of misconceptions on the way. Here are some of these misconceptions that you should identify and ignore.

  1. Lack of height is a disease
  2. If you are short, you will die early
  • Short people are poor in leadership
  1. You can never be successful if you are short
  2. There is no method that can be used to look taller after twenty years

While these misconceptions are so much widespread, you should not buy them because there are a number of things you can do to grow and look tall. Here are some of them.

Eat the Right Food to Grow Tall Naturally

Your skeleton system defines how tall you are. The height is also contributed by the spine, legs, and hands. Therefore, taking the right meals that help to strengthen, lengthen, and harden the bones is crucial to your quest to look taller. Here are some recommended minerals and foods for growing taller naturally:

  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B1
  • Phosphorous
  • Zinc
  • Seafood
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grain meals
  • Nuts
  • Milk

Exercise and Practice the Right Posture

When your body relaxes in a chair at work or on a car in your daily chores, it tends to contract and reduce the height. For example, the spine can take a curvy appearance, while the neck bends forward resulting in loss of a few inches.

By practicing the right exercises and posture, the back stretches to make the body to look taller. Some exercises to consider include stretching, skipping rope, and swimming. You should also use an ergonomic chair that helps to keep the back straight and healthy.

Use Hidden High Heel Shoes for Men to Look Taller

If you aim at looking taller faster, it is important to appreciate that many methods including the natural ones will rarely work or can only deliver minimal elevation. Think of a situation where an urgent managerial vacancy has suddenly emerged. In just two days, you need to look taller, smarter, and more skilled. There is only one way to compensate for lack of height in such a short period; hidden high heel shoes.

  • Why hidden height shoes?

Hidden height shoes provide the most reliable solution for short people because they make them look taller instantly. This implies that if you want additional elevation of about three inches, you simply pick the elevator shoes that add that height.

In addition to instant elevation, high heel formal shoes are extra comfortable. Top brands such as Goldmoal Shoes have invested heavily in footwear research to ensure that every pair of height increasing shoes guarantees extra comfort. Whether you want high heel gym shoes or elevator boots, rest assured that they will be very comfortable even if you want to wear them the entire day.

  • How do the hidden high heel shoes for men work?

Now that you know that elevator shoes will no doubt work for you, it is important to delve closer into their mechanics. The design of elevator shoes features three key parts. The main part used to add height is the elevator that is positioned between the outer sole and insole. The good thing with the elevator is that it is hidden so that no one will easily know that you are adding height artificially.

The outer sole is also taller, especially on the heel section. The last parts used to add height are the shoe inserts. The inserts are designed to help you add height gradually so that it looks natural. For example, instead of adding four inches at a go, you can use 1-inch shoe inserts every week to make elevation gradual and natural.

The inserts are considered better because you can easily go back to the previous elevation if the new height feels uncomfortable. They are also cheap and easy to use because they are inserted on the shoes you are accustomed to.

  • Making the grow taller shoes work for you

One thing that you need to appreciate after selecting shoes to make you look taller is the need to maintain the new found height. For example, you should not wear grow taller shoes that add four inches and then use the standard shoes tomorrow. Everyone will know the elevation was artificial.

The best way to get more from elevator shoes is by assuming the new height everywhere you go. Let your colleagues at work, friends on social places and even playmates in the gym know that you are indeed tall. For example, you should get high heel dress boots to use at the workplace and hidden high heel sneakers for visiting the gym.

If you lack in height or simply want to look a few inches taller, the simple, reliable, and affordable method is growing taller shoes. They provide instant elevation so that you can conquer everything that had slipped away when you looked short.

Five Types of Casual Shoes for Height You Need

There will always be days when we take our work shoes to rest and enjoy our free time. While this usually only happens on weekdays – unless you need to work extra hours to finish work errands – then you have the luxury of a casual day. This is the perfect time for you to do some grocery or hang out with your outside of work buddies talking about how your past life was way easier back in college than now. You may also opt to go on a date or watch a movie alone. This also means you don’t need to wear tight fitting corporate clothes to look smart and businesslike. You can be out wearing only a shirt and your favorite jacket paired with casual shoes.

But what about casual elevator shoes? They’re as comfortable as any other shoes in the market right now and they’re casual shoes for height if you want an additional 2 inches or more. Here are the five different types of mens casual elevator shoes you can wear on weekends.

1.Black monk strap

This High Platform Shoes Men Double Monk-Strap Shoes Casual Men Elevator Shoes has an additional 6 centimeters or 2.36 inches to boost your natural height. They are also stylish and can go from day to night. If you are really looking into wearing casual elevator shoes, I suggest you give this a go. The style itself won’t require you to wear any other stylish items of clothing. The architecture of this monk strap shoes is common among stylish men as it reflects a fun attitude and a little bit of swag.

Monk strap design has been part of the fashion hemisphere for quite some time now and it doesn’t seem to want to end. And for good reason. The level of design really separates real men from boys who want to look mature. Monk strap shoes is a paragon of true style since not everyone can pull off such cut and make it part of their everyday lives. Moreover, I guess it’s also a winning situation since you can also wear them even on formal events.

Styling tip: We suggest you buy the black one and pair it with a statement tee-shirt and denim skinny jeans. Finish the whole look with a leather jacket and a beanie for a more casual persona.

2.White sneakers

If there’s one shoe design that keeps on winning among men and women who enjoys their casual days, it’s white sneakers. Time and time again, this specific style of casual elevator mens shoes will always be the top pick. And why not? They’re absolutely casual and yet it exudes sex appeal and clarity. This Mens Shoes With Hidden Heels White Casual Tall Men Shoes Male Platform Shoes from Goldmoral Shoes is made from soft leather and give you an additional 6 centimeters boost or 2.36 inches. If you are the average height in your country, you can enjoy an additional two inches just by wearing these casual elevator shoes. Furthermore, the design is so sleek that it can work even with just a plain white shirt.

Styling tip: If you opt for this design, we suggest you wear black skinny jeans and a white crew neck t-shirt. Complete the look with a gray cashmere cardigan and go out with a semi-finished pompadour. Lastly, wear your favorite aviator sunglasses and a simple necklace. Who said casual can’t be cool?

3.Desert shoes

If there’s a definite idea of what a masculine guy is, we always picture someone wearing desert boots. They’re a constraint and they sort of symbolize men at work. This casual shoes that make you taller are also comfortable enough to include it in your everyday life. Imagine going to a hardware store wearing Goldmoral Shoes’ Casual Men Taller Shoes Yellow Hidden Heel Shoes That Make You Taller and you’ll be an instant head turner.

Styling tip: We suggest you wear a checker print shirt, a baseball hat, and worn-out denim jeans, either straight or loose cut. Nothing more, nothing less.

4.Canvas shoes

Nothing is as casual and a pair of black canvas shoes. It was big when Avril Lavigne was everyone’s dream girl and it’s making a comeback when models and Hollywood stars opted to go for comfort rather than wear killer heels. Men are no different. There was a time when leather shoes were the only option to attract the opposite sex but the tides have changed. We embrace casual days like we enjoy quality time with our parents. They’re too precious to let go off. Moreover, they can also be paired with almost everything in your closet, even when you are wearing a blazer and I mean it – just look at this Classic Height Increasing Shoes Mens Tall Shoes Board Canvas Athletic Sports Solid Shoes from Goldmoral Shoes. They’re just like any other canvas shoes but with an additional two inches in height due to the lifts hidden inside the shoes.

Styling tip: Go for all black or any other monochromatic look. You may add a dash of color may in your accessories as long as you keep it casual. Do not overdo your hair and keep it relaxed.

5.Athletic shoes

If there’s one thing these fashionistas like, it’s athleisure. Since early 2010, men have been mixing an matching their tracker suit with more sophisticated shirts and everyone digs it. This 3.35 Inch Trendy Microfiber Sport Height Shoes Black from Goldmoral Shoes shows us how a casual day is meant to be worn: comfortable and luxurious. The design is sleek and can go with almost all the items in your closet

Styling tip: Go for gold and try experimenting on different cuts and styles. Try it with a printed shirt and pair it with your favorite gray sweatpants.

Mistakes to Avoid With Make Me Taller Shoes

Tall height shoes can assist people to appear taller than they actually are. They are designed to help cater for lack of height without going through many years of trial and error using other methods such as exercises and diet. Though the shoes have been around for centuries, it is only in the recent past that their use has received a lot of publicity.

Despite their proven capability to provide instant elevation, many people still make a lot of mistakes when using them. This post takes a closer look at these mistakes and demonstrates how to avoid them.

Expecting mens dress shoes heel alone can bring success

While the make me taller shoes are designed to provide instant elevation to cover for your lack of height, it wrong to think that that is all you need to succeed. If you take it this way, the chances are that the opportunities you were seeking might still be elusive. Here are other things that you need to compliment the new height from elevator shoes.

  • You need to sharpen personal skills needed at work or the area of interest. For example, if you wanted to look taller and confident for an interview, rocking in elevator shoes alone will not be enough. It is crucial to ensure you have the right qualification for the interview.
  • You need to demonstrate extra confidence everywhere you go. From the workplace to informal areas, you need to look more confident and aggressive. Do not simply relax and wait for opportunities; make every move to demonstrate your capabilities for success.

Once you have selected the right mens dress shoes heel, consider it an entry into the open field full of opportunities. Therefore, you need to work harder to succeed.

Failing to understand how elevator shoes work

Now that elevator shoes have been demonstrated to deliver good results especially instant elevation, failing to understand how they work is a mistake. Understanding how the dress elevator shoes for men work will help you maintain the new found height, demonstrate greater confidence and become successful. Here are some of the important things you need to understand about mens dress shoes with heel.

  • The height increasing shoes are designed with special increasers that help to provide the additional elevation.
  • The outer sole of the height increasing shoes is also used to provide additional elevation. The increaser and outer sole can add between one inch and 6 inches depending on your preference.
  • Though the focus of elevator shoes such as shoes to make groom taller is adding height to the user, the designers put equal effort to guarantee users of optimal comfort. This implies that the shoes can be used for all day work without making the user uncomfortable.
  • Starting from 16thCentury when the first height increasing shoes were discovered, the designs have improved so much. Today, there are as many elevator shoe designs as the standard models. This means that you will never miss shoes to match preferred style.

Using mens elevator dress shoes with widening outfits

Now that you have selected the right shoes that add height, selecting the wrong clothes can easily make you look shorter. For example, if you wear the mens dress shoes that make you taller but rock in a suit with horizontal stripes or patterns; the resulting widening effect makes you look short. This effect comes from the fact that eyes try to follow the strips to the side of the body.

The right way to create the impression of height is using the elevator shoes with unbroken vertical strips. As the eyes trace the strips of the pant up the body you look taller. It is also advisable to use accessories such as scuff and hat that draw the attention to the upper part of the body.

Failing to factor personal comfort when selecting elevator shoes

Even though the primary goal is getting additional height with your man shoes to increase height, failing to factor personal comfort is a major mistake. Within a short moment, you are likely to get bored by the shoes and leave them for the older or new ones.

To get a comfortable pair of shoes, it is advisable to select them based on the right size of your feet. Besides, you should also ensure to test the shoes before buying them. Remember not to simply follow the measurements used a couple of years back because the feet size might have changed.

For those purchasing their shoes online, it is important to engage the support of the selected store to ensure that only the right sized dress mens shoes with lifts are selected. Most stores have very helpful staff to ensure you pick the best shoes.

Picking shoes because they look ideal for others

One thing about footwear and fashion you need to appreciate is that everyone is unique. Therefore, trying to fit in another person’s style could end up giving you the wrong image. For example, if you notice that a close friend is rocking in specific elevator dress shoes, you do not have to do away with your impressive desire for elevator boots.

The good thing with the best dress shoes for short guys is that they are available for all styles. For example, you can opt for elevator boots, height increasing shoes, and casual shoes that make you tall. Instead of following what others are doing, consider enhancing or picking own style.

The mens dress shoes that make you taller also present men with an opportunity to try new styles. Why stick to the old styles when you can try a different one?

Not factoring the quality of elevator shoes

When you decide to purchase footwear, failure to factor quality will only result in poor value for money. For example, if the joints of a snow boot are done poorly, they could leak water and make you uncomfortable. Therefore, how can you tell that a shoe is of high quality?

  • Buy from recognized brands. This is probably the most notable effective method of picking a quality pair of shoes. Most of the respected brands in the market such as Goldmoral Shoes have been in the market and demonstrated a commitment to value for money. They ensure that there that the shoes are designed with quality materials such as leather and are constructed using the right designs.
  • Make sure to follow past clients’ feedbacks. If you can follow the past reports after using a specific mens dress shoes with heel, it will be very easy to know if they are good or bad. You can extend customer reviews to expert evaluations that provide more in-depth analysis of the targeted shoes based on individual parts.
  • Avoid rushing to the cheapest shoes. One thing you need to appreciate about shoes is that models constructed with quality materials and good designs never come cheap. However, this does not mean that you cannot get tall height shoesat lower rates. If you want to get top quality elevator shoes at low prices, consider buying when they have special offers.

Alternating elevator shoes and with standard models

The truth about artificial height gain through make me taller shoes is that it changes life completely. This implies that after raising your height with two or more inches, deviating from the height will reveal that the elevation was false. Therefore, rocking in man shoes to increase height today and shifting to standard shoes the other day is a big mistake.

After selecting the preferred elevation, you need to stick to it. For example, after wearing elevator shoes at work for the first time, you need to maintain the same elevation henceforth. You can do this by purchasing and using different shoes with the same elevation. For example, you can use dress elevator shoes and height increasing boots.


Sneakers For Short Men: Do You Need Them?

Are you in competitive athletics or simply love jogging around but things seem not to work out? One of the components that keep failing people in athletics is the sneakers they wear. Even if you are doing well, getting sneakers to make you look taller could be the missing ingredient to help you improve the performance.

For many people, what comes into their minds when they think of sports are unique talents that can help to propel them to become winners. However, you also need the right footwear. You need sneakers that give men height. Here is an overview of why you need the sneakers.

Five reasons why you should use tall sneakers for men

If you are in competitive sports, frequent the gym, or like walking regularly for fitness, having a pair of sneakers in the wardrobe is very important. Here are the main reasons why you need sneakers.

  1. They provide better comfort compared to standard shoes

The construction of elevator sneakers focuses on two things; adding height and comfort. This comfort is crucial in ensuring that the sneaker user can continue training for longer.

  1. They help improve user confidence in sports

The same way that taller people command confidence in the society, so are the taller sportsmen. If you think of top athletes such as Usain Bolt to Tiger Woods among others, one thing they have in common is height. Therefore, rocking in elevator trainers will help you hit the same elevation and have the confidence to compete and win.

  • They are designed from high-quality materials

Many designers of top elevator shoes put a lot of focus on quality by using the best materials out there. They spare nothing in ensuring that your trainers are firm, strong, and of highest possible quality. Whether you want trainers to jog every morning or weight lifting sessions, rest assured they can last for a long time delivering optimal quality.

  1. They act as a boost to better performance

Many athletes who shift to sneakers to add height enjoy an impressive boost to their performance. If you are running or jogging, the sneakers are light and provide the right grip for better performance. For others in sports such as weight lifting and boxing, the sneakers provide them with extra stability for better performance. Do not get contented with poor performance; outdo all competitors with elevator trainers.

What to think about when purchasing sneakers for short men

When you decide to go for sneakers for taller height for men, the expectations are high. But that is right because your athletics life is about to change. You will be able to train for longer and even outdo competitors. Therefore, what should you think about when going for sneakers for short men?

First, it is important to think about the needed elevation. Here, you need to appreciate that the elevation should be subtle to ensure that you are comfortable when running or playing in the field. Make sure to resist the urge to go for the highest elevation. Instead, only go for the adjustment that feels comfortable.

Second, it is crucial to think about the nature of sports you will be involved in. For example, if you will be jogging in the woods or tracks with loose chippings, ensure to go for the sneakers with reliable treads for better grip.

It is also critical to focus on the brand of the sneakers. Here, the target is ensuring you only get the trainers designed by top brands. One example is Goldmoral. The brand has won praise across the globe for its focus on quality.

People who use sneakers that add height  

As you plan to buy the sneakers, one question that might linger in the head is; “Do other people use the elevator trainers?” The answer is ‘yes’. Indeed, every top athlete and celebrity you see out there probably uses sneakers to make you taller. Note that many will rarely admit it because they want the artificial height to remain a top secret. Here are some of the people who use tall sneakers for men:

  • Tom Cruise.
  • Barrack Obama.
  • Robert Downy.
  • James Kyson.
  • Simon Cowell.
  • Daniel Radcliffe.

Common tall sneakers for men in the market today

The height increasing sneaker designers have tried to diversify as much as possible to ensure that people can easily get shoes to match their styles. If you visit top dealers such as Goldmoral, there are more than 10 different types of sneakers to suit personal needs.

Note that though many people use sneakers for regular fitness or competitive athletics training, their comfort has also made them ideal fashion items. For example, top celebrities look impressive rocking their preferred sneakers with jeans and designer jackets on cocktails and red carpets.

Who should use sneakers shoes to increase height

For years, the sneakers to make you taller have become the ultimate footwear for many people. However, “Should you wear them too?” Here is a closer look at the people who should use elevator sneakers.

  • People who frequent the gym: The sneakers provide a comfortable and firm grip that allows users to train more in the gym for better fitness.
  • Users who are in competitive running events: If you are in competitive sports such as sprinting and cross country, the sneakers help you to increase speed and become a winner.
  • Those who regularly jog in the morning or after work: If you like the idea of walking or jogging at dawn or evening, the sneakers that make you taller motivate you to remain the trails for longer. You will miss the next jogging session.
  • People interested in boxing and weightlifting: For people in boxing and weight lifting, success depends on getting a firm grip from the best shoes such as sneakers for short men.
  • Basketball and volleyball players: Top games such as basketball, volleyball, and Hockey among others require stamina and a lot of strength. This is why you should always use height increasing sneakers men to promote this stamina.
  • Athletics coaches and leaders: If you are a sports leader such as coach or fitness trainer, you have to lead from the front. This involves using the right attire and footwear such as sneakers to make you taller and motivated.
  • Students and tutors: If you are a student or tutor, comfort is crucial in studies/ training and research. Whether you are walking in the college precincts or out in the field, height increasing sneakers for men might be the ideal option.

No matter what you want to do over the weekend, after work or during an outing this holiday, it is crucial to have a pair of fitting elevator sneakers.

Taking care of your sneakers that give men height  

After acquiring the right sneakers for short men, it is important to care them properly to extend their lifespan. For example, you should put the shoes only to the right use. Here are some useful tips to help you maintain elevator sneakers in top condition.

  1. Keep the shoes dry and clean: Though the shoes are designed with waterproof materials, it does not make them damage resistant. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the shoes dry and clean. Avoid wearing the sneakers during rainy weather and always dry them well after cleaning.
  2. Check for damages on the soles and fix them immediately: After continued use, the sneakers are likely to get damaged starting from the soles. Therefore, it is important to inspect them carefully and fix any damage identified on them.
  • Treat the leather regularly: If the sneakers are made of leather, regularly treat them with leather conditioner to maintain the original allure.
  1. Pack and store the shoes well: After using the sneakers to add height, it is advisable to store them appropriately in a dry and aerated area. The storage section should be free from dirt and dust.

How To Shop For Shoes That Make You Taller

We live in a world where physical appearances have an effect so strong and powerful that being eligible for certain jobs or roles in life are dependent on the way a person looks. It would be understandable if looks or appearances were things we actually had control over. The only real control we have over our physical appearances is if we have something done surgically. So, people who have less desirable features get assigned jobs and roles in less desirable conditions. It’s ridiculous but it’s been the way the world works since time immemorial. As if it wasn’t bad enough to be born with genes that don’t belong on billboards and magazine covers, some people also have to struggle with a lack of feet and inches to their height!

The beauty industry thrives on people’s insecurities and the insecure people don’t have much choice but to follow the trends just so they can be accepted by the very society that judged them for looking different in the first place. Turning to the world of plastic surgery is the way others do but not everyone can afford it. Hence the line, “Boujee on a budget” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being wiser with how you spend your money.

Men Height Raising Shoes

So, this is for everyone that’s struggling to be accepted by a society that judges people by the way they look. We are not going to give in and there is no way that we are giving up! With that said, let me share a secret of mine that I’ve been keeping for quite some time. It is something I found out about quite some time ago but I never really had the confidence to tell people about. I was insecure and I was worried about what other people had to say. But, because this secret of mine has changed my life for the better, in more ways than one, I decided that what comes with sharing this secret will be worth it if people who have felt what I’ve felt can finally feel good about themselves.

I won’t say much more, so here it is. The secret I have been keeping and the secret I know will change your lives, is finally going to be revealed. Elevator Shoes are shoes for short men. They are shoes that increase height with the use of modern technology that keeps the heels discreetly within the sole of the shoe. Get taller with shoes that lift you up such as elevator shoes 5 inches high. The hidden height increasing shoes will make sure that no one around you will ever have a clue that you have gone on to try some non-invasive artificial height-increasing methods.

I understand how you feel. How can a shoe make me look taller without it actually being obvious? And no, they are nothing like the shoes that women wear. The elevator shoes are made in a way that you can rest assured that no one will ever clock you for wearing tall shoes for guys. I have never seen any other brand of elevator shoes achieve this level of quality when it comes to shoes. They have all sorts of styles to make sure every aspect and every event of your life is covered. I was personally amazed to find that they even had elevator shoe sneakers! This brand really has it all!

It’s important for your elevator shoe brand to have a complete set of shoes for any and every occasion because if the brand you rely on doesn’t have a style of shoe for a certain event and the guests going to it have regularly seen you in your elevator shoes 5 inches high, then they are going to wonder what happened. Worse, they will find out that you have been faking it all along!

So, don’t let that happen and make sure that you get taller shoes for every occasion you can think of. You will definitely have to get at least two or three pairs to wear interchangeably to work. Having just one pair might cause the shoe to break down sooner than you hoped it would. So, getting the extra pair or two will be one of the best investments you will ever make in terms of your styling choices. Now, think of all the dates you’re going to have now that you have a new sense of confidence. Get yourself some tall shoes for guys to wear on your hot dates. Don’t forget to purchase some really cool elevator shoes sneakers to complete your wardrobe. Remember, it’s important to be consistent with the way you dress so that your secret will be kept safe!

One other thing I have to make sure I tell you is that you can now unfold all that extra cloth at the bottom of all of your jeans because you will now finally be able to wear them the way normal people do! It is a cause for celebration, believe me!  But, if you are like some other people who have gone on and cut the excess cloth off, it might be time for you to buy yourself some new pairs of jeans too! That way, you can accommodate the new elevator shoes 5 inches high that you just got! Or, you could sport the new cropped jean trend and look even more dapper with your shiny new shoes that increase height too!

Shoes for short men in the form of elevator shoes was once my secret, and now it is all of ours to love and share! I hope that when you get taller shoes you will feel confident about who you are and be unapologetic for the way you choose to live our lives and not letting anybody’s opinions get in the way of your happiness. I know you’re thrilled because I sure was when I first found out about *hidden height increasing shoes and I will never forget that day! I hope today is as memorable for you. Happy shopping!

Steal His Style: Actors Who Make Everything Look Good

I don’t know about you guys but I was never gifted with the creativity to dress well enough to get complimented on it. Good thing for me, the world we live in practically worships celebrities and because of that, they have to look good all of the time. So, instead of taking styling classes or hiring a stylist, I figured I could totally just look for celebrities with the same body type as me and then proceed to copy his style. Now, I’m not going on any who wore it better segments, because I don’t want to put anyone to shame. Nah, I’m just kidding.

But who doesn’t like the idea of a physical enhancement such as a height boost anyway? I know I’d jump at any chance to get that kind of help to make me tall, or at least look the part. Heck, I even own a pair of height increasing shoes that take me 5 inches higher. Shoe lifts for men come in dress shoes too and I use those ones for work, or for any emergency red carpet moments.

There is no shame in wearing mens shoes with hidden heals if that’s what makes you feel better about yourself. Plus, the way they’re made today will let you get away with it. No one will have a clue how you got those extra inches to your height practically overnight!

I am here, though, to share some stylish looks to steal from some of Hollywood’s best-dressed men right now.

  1. The Messy Style

Let’s kick it off with Jason Mamoa. He has a film coming out in December and we can’t wait to see it. This guy is known for his massive built. He first came to the general public’s knowledge for his role in the series Game of Thrones. Since then it has been hard to believe that so much of us never knew about him before that.

He’s actually one of the coolest guys out there. He’s got videos going viral of him throwing axes instead of darts, all while holding a huge mug of beer in the other hand. So yeah, I’d trust his stylist, who I bet is just as cool as he is.

To get his look, which I’ll describe as tough and laid back, you will need some dark colored pieces. You will see him more often than not in a non-fitting cotton shirt that’s loose enough for movement. You won’t see him in shorts but instead, you’ll find that he’s a fan of dark to black denim jeans that are not skinny. He completes the look with a pair of high cut boots and a messy man bun. If you’re not as huge as him but want to get that same effect, you ought to get yourself a pair of hidden platform shoes with the boot design.

  1. The Dapper look

If that’s not the kind of look you’re going for then let me tell you about someone more dapper then. Henry Cavill has gained fame over an epic move in the latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet.

This guy looks so proper that he could very well be the opposite of Jason Mamoa but he appears to be just as big as him. Now let’s steal one of his best smart casual looks. I wonder if you guys know what a pinstripe pattern is. Well, you just have to find out because Henry Cavill dons a grey pinstripe blazer over a white long sleeved button shirt, with a pair of khaki pants. He sews the pieces together with a black leather belt and a pair of light brown brogues. Did you know that brogues are heeled shoes for guys? We don’t think about it that way but that’s exactly what they are.

  1. The Pretty Boy

Now, if you’re not into that kind of get up either, let’s move on to Tom Hardy. He cleans up pretty well on the red carpet considering he’s got such a bad boy appeal to him, with that matching scruffy beard. You’ll be thankful to know that his casual looks are highly doable, you could probably put a look together with clothes you already have in our closet. The look we’re copping from him is one with a bomber jacket in an army green shade, a grey round neck shirt, light-colored and tattered jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. It’s a pretty simple look but if you wear it all together right, you could turn some heads.

The Euro classic

Next up, we’ve got Bill Skarsgard, who has blown minds by turning out to be the clown in Stephen King’s clown movie, It. Congratulations on finding out just now! If Tom Hardy was a middle ground between Henry Cavill and Jason Mamoa, then I’d say Bill is the middle ground between Henry and Tom.

Skarsgard doesn’t have a bad boy appeal to him, rather he has one that’s more hipster if anything. To steal is style, pick out a short-sleeved button shirt with a floral pattern. It’s best if the background of the shirt is a dark color just so it stays manly despite the ladylike pattern on it. Then, if you dare, pair it with skinny denim jeans, and a high cut brown boot. The skinny jeans will elongate you, making you look deceptively taller especially with the boots. You could instantly look a few inches taller. Go the extra mile and get a pair of man shoes with heels, this look is practically begging you to do it anyway.

So go on and put your new outfits together, experiment with new moods and looks, try them all out or stick to one style inspiration. But make sure to do those style steals justice by getting the right pairs of shoes and accessories to finish the looks off. You deserve to look good and feel your absolute best to give it a try and see how much your life could change for the better!

How to Clean Your Men’s Platform Dress Shoes

Whenever I’m invited to a formal event, the first thing I look is the last part of the invitation stating the dress code. If they say black tie, I immediately think of men’s platform dress shoes. Before attending the formal event, you should create a list of things you need to accomplish before the said date. Normally, every man should give themselves at least one week of preparation to visit the dry cleaners for their suit as well as the tailor for necessary adjustments. Furthermore, we need to visit our closets to find the best height increasing shoes because you want to look tall in your bespoke suit. Moreover, hire someone to polish it for you when do not have the time because of your busy schedule at work. But if you have spare time, here are simple tricks to make your men’s tall shoes look shiny and brand new.

If you are not gifted with height, you should own a pair of good height adding shoes called elevator shoes. They provide up to 5-inches increase height shoes and are good for formal events. After all, we do not want to be overlooked by all the other tall men at the said event you are attending

  1. Find a used towel or damp cloth

Before shining it, use a towel or a damp cloth to wipe the dust that clogged your dress shoes. Find two damp cloths or used towel and soak the first towel to wipe off the dirt, and then use the dry one to rinse it. Since most dress shoes are made of leather, it is wise to always keep them dry because water can damage the quality of the leather.

  1. Use a horsehair brush

You can buy them at the grocery store and they are useful not just for dress shoes, but also for your other shoes such as white sneakers and boots. The main point of the horsehair brush is its ability to give the leather a natural shine even before you apply the shoe polish. Make sure you clean the tips of the brush before using them.

  1. Apply the shoe polish

When applying the shoe polish, the quantity is the most important. It should be the same for both shoe and you should not put too much to avoid ruining your pants. If you apply a sizable amount of shoe polish, the shoes will look bulky and the shine will, in some ways, outshine the rest of your outfit. Focus on the toe cap and the heel because they are the most visible when wearing dress shoes at a formal event.

  1. After applying the shoe polish, brush it again with the horsehair brush

It may be tedious but the horsehair brush is all you need to conclude the steps for cleaning your dress shoes. This is why it is important for every stylish man to own a horsehair brush because the shine from the shoe polish will be neutralized by the brush. Moreover, repeat all the steps until you are satisfied with the outcome.