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Unnoticeable at work? Dress powerful and gain respect: Here’s how

The corporate world is like a jungle. There are those lions that are at the top of the food chain, preying on weak animals. There are those big herbivores that can’t be separated with the rest of the herd, and there are those little animals that always come unnoticed.  Where are you standing in your workplace and how do you want to rise above everyone else?

Let’s assume you are reading this because you are unnoticed at work. Are you new in the company? Do you always provide the best but does not get the credit you deserve? Here’s the basic explanation: it’s either you are trying too hard or not trying hard enough! Here are three easy steps to get noticed in your office!

  1. Always dress for success with men’s taller shoes

Lions are beautiful with their manes and stature that make them the proudest creatures in the jungle. It’s typical for any man who is clamoring for power to stand tall and play their part to get attention. If you aren’t blessed with height, put on some shoes that make you look taller or elevator shoes.

If you think they’re still those atrocious box type shoes that no one likes to wear, try looking again! Elevator shoes or men height increasing shoes have become more stylish and can fit well with the rest of the clothes you wear in the office. Buy dress shoes in different colors and match them with nice belts! Some of the best elevator shoes in the market right now are found online and can be delivered at your doorstep! Just look for the pair that speak well with your personality and stand tall – literally – in them.

Aside from elevator dress shoes, you also have to know your body type. Not all clothes are patterned to fit all shapes and sizes. This means you have to be aware of the cut that suits your flaws and assets. If you have a short torso, avoid wearing clothes made with a longer model in mind. Aside from that, look for a tailor who can adjust the designs you like but aren’t right for your body. Clothes can be adjusted and all you have to do is know where and how to achieve them!

Always think of shoes that make men taller that matches the hues found in your closet. If you are just starting out in your office but want to get noticed, we suggest going for natural and pale colors because it exudes freshness when you wear them. Pair them with gray or blue slacks for a surprise but not a tacky combination. Dressing up means elevating how you perceive yourself so others will believe you are what you are projecting. Clothes can dictate your personality and is a great tool to looking at that lion you are yearning to become. The lion’s mane is the clothes you wear. Even when you lack the height, considering you’re an average Joe or below average height, fashion is a multibillion-dollar business of imagery, fantasy, and commerce that keeps on giving. Here, we say, these designers and brands know what they’re doing. Just consume wisely and stop wearing doubtful clothes!

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  1. Stand tall even when you are not

Confidence is sexy. Intelligence is sexy. Speaking with conviction is sexy. Being tall is not limited to the physical. You can be five foot four and command a crowd! With today’s generation, physical height does not play a big factor in someone’s success rather standing tall and knowing what and how to get your aspirations is what brings home the bacon. You need to stand tall and be noticed because of your work ethic and undeniable presence. All you need is to be confident enough to realize your dreams aren’t impossible!

They say if you can reach for the stars, you aren’t dreaming big enough. If you want to get noticed in your workplace, follow the first step and do it with confidence (the second step).

If you need a little boost, always remember that everyone can be replaced and only you can boost or ruin your life. If you don’t work hard enough, you won’t get noticed. If you let your work do the talking, you will get the praises for all the right reasons.

  1. Sadly, respect is not just a mindset. You also need to work out

And yes, we mean actual working out where you hit the gym weekly. This isn’t a vanity act but successful people follow a balanced lifestyle. They will always find time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat properly, and keep an active social life. Sounds hard? Well, success isn’t rainbows and butterflies! You need to put a lot of effort to play in the big league. Imagine getting to the pinnacle of success but forgot to take care of your wellbeing? That’s hard work being flushed before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Try to squeeze in a workout at least 30 minutes in your daily routine. Try stretching because it can help with your growth and can possibly give you a few more inches in physical height. You can also try exercises like cross fit, boxing, or swimming. They’re a full-body workout and don’t consume much of your time that can affect your already busy schedule at work.

Recap: Unnoticeable at work? Dress powerful and gain respect

Fashion has always been a powerful tool to, well, achieve, a certain status symbol. Clothes have their way of putting you in the map especially if you know how to value style in its purest form. The word itself is a process you need to explore. It comprises of numerous mix and matching until you get the right fit. Once you know what works for you, you can start experimenting with trends and silhouettes to help you stand out in the office the right way. Aside from clothes, always walk with pride and confidence. Successful men know their best qualities and work to correct their flaws. Lastly, sustain a sound mind and a healthy body.

Top 10 Hacks You Must Know About Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are just like any other shoes you have in your closet. If you happen to own a nice pair of biker boots that was passed on by men in your family, just know that elevator shoes also have designs sold by other leading shoe brands. Are you looking for sneakers? They have it but with extra three inches in height! Do you want to look dapper in your suit? You better give height elevator shoes in oxford design a try! If you are on the shorter side of the height chart, we suggest you try on elevator shoes and see how your perspective changes once you realize they’re comfortable like a summer breeze!

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Elevator shoes have evolved tremendously since its inception. We still remember those unpleasant looking box type shoes that are so thick, even boat shoes have gone sailing south and out of the market! What we are trying to point out here is most elevator shoe brands capitalized the value of their clientele. This includes aesthetic, function, and marketability. Here are the top 10 hacks you must know about elevator shoes for men.

  1. The only difference is the lifts that make them height enhancing shoes. The said lifts are sandwiched in between the insole and the outsole of the elevator shoe, which make them invisible in the public eye. The sizes vary depending on your shoe preference and it can be a long as five inches if you are up for it!
  2. These short men shoeshave become stylish and can compete with the popular shoe trends of today. Just like your expensive kicks, you must take good care of it which translates to frequently cleaning them, unless you are into grunge fashion.
  3. Do you know how to clean your shoes? If not, some of the best height increasing shoesfor men are made of leather and cleaning them won’t be much of a hassle. If you are willing to spend, you can purchase shoe cleaning tools. They usually cost around $20 but equipped with cleaning solution, horsehair brush, nylon brush, and microfiber fiber cloth. It is a pretty good deal since you can also use them for your other shoes. You may also give DIY (do it yourself) a try. All you need are baking soda, detergent, and water to create your own solution. Just remember to air dry your shoes rather than exposing it to sunlight.
  4. Always store your shoes accordingly. Shoes are indirectly, but visibly an extension of your personality. They are somewhat a reflection of your persona since shoes, just like life, are easy to maintain but still needs love and attention. Keep them safe in a cool and dry space, away from the heat of the sun. I like to store my shoes in color and style. I separate my white shoes with my formal shoes. I also put the shoes I seldom use back in their shoeboxes with stuffing inside to keep its shape and form.
  5. If you want your elevator shoes to look brand new, try changing your shoelaces. If you have an old pair of white leather elevator shoes with an additional three inches, try changing it with different colored shoelaces to add panache.  My friend and I bought new shoes yesterday and the salesman gave us free shoelaces that complement the design. Since most sneakers come in basic white shoelaces, try buying new shoelaces that goes well with other color trims of your kicks or shirt. Color coordination has become a fixture in fashion and most style stars are seen pairing a yellow shirt with yellow trims in their shoes – or yellow shoelaces in its simplest form.
  6. Did you know you can choose the additional height of your elevator shoes? Yes! Online brands like Goldmoral Shoes has a wide selection of up to date elevator shoes with lifts ranging from one inch and can hoist up to five inches or more. Since elevator shoes are designed with the utmost comfort in mind, these additional lifts won’t hurt your precious feet even after walking the whole day.
  7. Brand new leather shoes can be painful when you use it for the first time. I bought a new pair of black leather shoes for my graduation day. They were classic loafers with two inches lifts. They were beautiful but I forget to break them in and ended up with blisters at the back of my legs just an hour of usage. One life hack I learned after blisters and cuts are overusing them until they break-in. Use a hairdryer on your new shoes until they’re warm and walk around the house until they cool down. This technique is to soften the leather of your brand news shoes so you can wear them easily when you go out.
  8. Style your elevator shoeswith printed or colored socks. One instant life hack about your shoe style game is funky socks that peep when you are wearing chinos or denim jeans. They add instant coolness on your look and they look playful but not childish. We suggest sporting rainbows colors if you want solids and stripes if you like prints. Vivid colors are best paired with neutral shirts of black, beige, and white.
  9. Do not soak your leather shoes in water. One life hack when waterproofing leather is to put candlewax. Yes, there’s science behind it since wax does not absorb water. Most elevator shoesare made of leather and you have to protect them to ensure longevity and durability. Remember that no matter how expensive your shoes are, they are not invincible to damage.
  10. Wear elevator shoes if you want to look tall. These tall men shoesare designed to add extra height to the wearer. Aside from that, elevator shoe fixes bad posture and can boost confidence. Visit Goldmoral Shoes website and shop your first pair of elevator shoesnow and rock them at work with additional height!


How to Look Decent in Head to Toe Corporate Wear

As we grow older, our sartorial choices mature. We let go of those tacky clothes we used to love in college with our bros in exchange for a more sophisticated take of corporate wear. Meanwhile, a problem occurs once someone considers corporate clothes as too vanilla and doesn’t have a lot of depth. Did you know that anyone can look decent in corporate wear but not everyone knows how to style themselves properly? Here’s how to look decent in head to toe corporate wear:

  1. Height increasing elevator shoes for men

Once you become aware of the proper footwear for your age, buying shoes to make men taller is a sign of maturity. As a modern man, you must look for shoes with suitability in mind. These means shoes that can last longer than your last summer fling and height enhancing shoes that can give you the confidence to stand and walk tall in the office.

We suggest buying dress elevator shoes made from a nice black or brown leather material. These colors must be a mainstay in your closet because they transcend the fast-paced life of trends in fashion. However, with these said rapid changes, we can suggest playing your card with a nice pair of white sneakers even when you are sporting corporate wear just to add more personality in your style. However, do not wear something like this when you need to attend an important client or meeting as it tends to look more casual than business

  1. The importance of color, fit, and cut of clothing

Now you’ve discovered those short men shoes that make you taller, it’s now time to discuss the clothes you should buy if you want to look decent in corporate clothes. Thankfully, office wear for men as easy as finding the right cut of a shirt to pair with your straight cut chinos. More so, it is also important to note that fit and cut are vary depending on your body type. Study your body in front of the mirror and search for that looks great on your specific body type.

We suggest going for cool colors of blue, gray, brown, white, yellow, and green because they’re easy on the eyes. Buy clothes that are made of linen and cotton because they’re easy to iron press and breathable which will come in handy on stressful circumstances. Always put on a white inner shirt – preferably V-neck and make sure they’re not visible.

Any modern man needs to own a pair of denim jeans, black chinos, black, brown, blue, and gray slacks or chinos in their closet. These designs are timeless and aren’t trend based. You can style them on semiformal occasions and even sport them on more casual days wearing men increasing height shoes. To add more fashion in your wardrobe, don’t forget to accessorize with a cool leather bracelet and a nice watch. Finish the rest of your look with a leather belt that matches the color of your leather shoes.

  1. Grooming in the morning and evening

Skincare isn’t just about vanity rather taking care of your skin as early as possible. Skin is the largest part of your body and serves as a protection to other organs. If you have read blogs about the importance of skincare then you are maturing as a man. Taking care of your skin means using the right products that compliment your skin type and ensuring you are not wasting a single dime on products with harsh ingredients.

The first thing you have to know is your skin type. Do you have normal skin, dry skin, or a combination? Once you determine it, you will then find the right products that blend well with your situation. For example, it is not advisable for dry skin types to use foamy facial cleansers because of its matte finish. It is also not advisable to use thick liquid moisturizers on hot and humid weather since your body sweats more due to the heat. We advise knowing these tricks and become a smart shopper as skincare products aren’t cheap. Always remember that you cannot just put anything on your face – especially cheap ones – and expect to have that superstar glow the following day. Here are easy morning and evening routines for normal skin type you can try out:

Morning routine: After taking a cold shower, I wash and massage my face with a facial gel cleanser. Before rinsing it, I use my face with a facial sponge to smoothen the edge of my face. I follow it with a lightweight serum filled with vitamins and minerals for brightening then put a drugstore moisturizer to keep it soft and fresh.  And lastly, I apply 50SPF sunscreen all over my face and body as protection from UV rays of the sun and harsh indoor lighting.

Evening routine: After a nice bath, I put on either a facial scrub or facial gel to clear my skin from the dirt – we live in a polluted world. It is important to note that you can’t use facial scrub daily as it can do more damage than good. Afterward, I apply the same lightweight serum filled with vitamins and minerals I used in my morning routine with the addition of a Korean product water essence to maintain my skin’s softness. I spread on a light moisturizer, eye cream, and night cream to cap off my daily skincare routine. I sometimes indulge myself with a face mask every once in a while as it serves as a serum that can last at least a week if used properly.

Now, this may seem like a lot of tasks, but remember that your skin ages easily if we do not take care of it. Most experts even suggest applying anti-aging creams at an early age of 18 to avoid wrinkles and lines on the skin. Aside from that, we also suggest drinking multivitamins, fish oil, vitamin E, and other minerals to maintain healthy skin and body.

Forget the additional height, elevator shoes are an investment

Men need shoes in their lives. You use it to almost every occasion and you will need it to survive. If you are the type of man who wants to be successful, you will need a different type of shoes to play that part. Reading elevator shoes for men are lame and a waste of money is just plain wrong. One thing is for sure: these men’s taller shoes only provide you extra height but are just as trendy as any designs that can be bought at the department store. Here we say, height elevator shoes for men are an investment!

We are here to debunk those stories that say elevator shoes are not pretty designs. It may have been that way decade ago but these shoes have evolved from ugly shoes made from poor quality leather, box type cap toes, and obvious lifts. With the sudden rise of technology, there’s no reason why these elevator shoe brands shouldn’t ride with the tide of progress. We’ve made a rundown of six reasons why elevator shoes are better now than it was yesterday.

  1.    Elevator shoes look good wherever you are in the world

They’re everywhere and at the palm of your hands. If you search elevator shoes Australia, you will surf through their great selection of up to date designs that check well with your style and closet. This shoes that make men taller is a fusion of classic and trend which means they never go out of style.

Aside from that, elevator shoes are bought online. Visit Goldmoral Shoes and get lost in their sea of shoes with bargains surely to will release your caged big spender persona. You can purchase the latest black height dress shoes, boots, casual sneakers, and summer sandals for as low as $100! How great is that?

  1.    Yes, they give additional height but elevator shoes are more than that

Elevator shoes are not just for short people. Yes, they give additional height to whoever is wearing them, but these shoes are most definitely more than that! The lifts that provide the boost your altitude are purposefully placed in between the insole and the outsole of the shoes, which are hidden. This means, only you know about them because the public eye cannot spot them – at all!

However, while being short isn’t a dreadful trait, you can still feel tall and powerful now and then with the help of these shoes that make men taller. If you have the means for it, there’s no reason for you not to give it a try, right? Elevator shoes are here to stay and they can help you walk for miles on a daily basis because they are insanely comfortable.

  1.    Elevator shoes come in different designs

Gone are the days when elevator shoes are those ugly leather shoes with boxy designs and made from poor quality leather. Yes, those days are in the past and we should always look forward! As formerly mentioned, elevator shoes are now slimmer and more acceptable to be worn in public. If you want monk straps, they have that! If you want those Chelsea boots these Hollywood actors wear all the time, they sell them! They also offer different sneaker styles from white leather, chunky sneakers, and almost everything these social media influencers gear up all the time. Furthermore, you can pair them with your basics and other items in your closet.

Aside from the designs, they also offer styles in different colors of black, brown, blue, gray, and white. Elevator shoes has transcended from ugly shoes and more classic just with the additional height that you will absolutely love!

  1.    Elevator shoes fix bad posture

People are not aware of this but bad posture has become a leading problem in the world today. With all the stress and work, men have to put through daily, some simply do not have the time to hit the gym and stay healthy. With bad posture, you risk the following: 1) recurring back pain, 2) difficulty in breathing and 3) poor balance. This may not sound as bad but are you aware that you can get bad posture by sitting all day and scrolling through your social media accounts? The back’s tendency to slouch isn’t that obvious unless someone points them out. Walk now wearing the latest pair of elevator shoes you bought and fix your posture! Remember that women don’t respond well with men who do have poor balance since it is a sign for lack of confidence. Men should always stand tall, walk a tall stick, and be in a position of power.

  1.    At the end of the day, height is still might

Isaac Newton was once quoted saying, “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Metaphorically speaking, the giant may have been the elevator shoes of today and it exemplifies why height is still might. While some translations refer to this as to always stand tall even when there are hindrances, looking tall today isn’t such a bad idea. If there’s an item to help you in achieving that goal – elevator shoes in this situation – then we see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

At the end of the day, you will need to look tall to see further than others. In a pool of great men in today’s generation, you will have to find a way to stand out, even in its most literal sense. This means being smart and prodigious in your career and making sure no one can ever make you feel inferior without your consent as said by the great Eleanor Roosevelt.

  1.    Elevator shoes are beautiful

If you are really into shoes but on a budget, elevator shoes are the right fit. They’re not as expensive as high-end brands but are still made from great quality leather. They’re beautiful in terms of functionality and design. Lastly, forget the additional height, elevator shoes are an investment!


We all love shoes, but sometimes underestimate their importance in general fashion. Of all the items in your closet, your shoes are actually the most important. This is because when someone looks at you, the first thing they notice about what you are wearing is your set of shoes, so you really want to make it a habit to always deliver in that regard.

Like it or not, you are judged by your footwear, especially during a first meeting. Imagine the horror of going out on a first date with the aim of impressing your partner, only to end up putting her off with the type of shoes you chose to wear, you don’t want to make that kind of impact. Also, for more formal occasions like an official meeting or a job interview, you need to wear classy shoes to ease the mind of your interviewer who may feel disrespected if your shoes are ugly.

Your shoes need to stand out and we are here to give you a list of five types of shoes that will make it possible. Any amount of money you spend on separating yourself from the crowd should be seen as an investment, a worthy investment at that. So enhancing the types of shoes in your closet should be seen as more than a mere pepping up to you, it is an actual investment on your look and overall confidence.

When it comes to shoes, as with other aspects of fashion, all men have their preferences and opinions on what is best for them. With that in mind, we have taken time to narrow down these five types of shoes which will appeal and befit all classes of men. When you study this list, you will have no problem making a good choice for your dressing because you understand why these five shoes need to be in your closet, and therefore use them appropriately.

  1. Street sneakers

We are starting with the casual type of shoes because they will be more versatile to you. A closet without at least two street sneakers is very far from complete, and the number one reason for this is that because you need them for day to day activities. Most of the time, you will not need street sneakers of very special occasions, but you must have enough of them to carry out your daily responsibilities.

Street sneakers may be casual in nature, but that does not rule out the style in them. They come in really cool designs and dark colours you can match with any type of casual clothing. One of the main features of a street sneaker is that fact that it is built to last for a long time, they are also very comfortable to wear and you won’t have any reasons to complain as you carry out your everyday activities. There are also very good height increasing shoes in this category, so you can be comfortable and look tall with a very strong casual shoe.

  1. Dress shoe (black)

Get yourself a dress shoe and never fall short of class in any official gathering. Dress shoes are sleek and classy; they are an absolute must-have for every man who wears a suit. Even if you are not the suit type, you need these shoes to complement other clothes that you can wear to official gatherings.

There are various types of dress shoes which will help you shine at any event, but the colour you choose to buy and keep in your closet as an essential is very important. As stated, it is recommended that you go for the black colour of dress shoes because black goes with any kind of dressing you choose. Brown and white dress shoes are also good with other colours, but black is the best to have in your closet as a basic need, the rest can be added as peripherals.

If you love to wear shoes that make you taller, men elevator dress shoes are available to do the magic. There are 2-inch elevator shoes, 3-inch elevator dress shoes, and even higher. Other high heel men dress shoes can be found on Goldmoral shoe.

  1. Duck boots

These boots are water proof; they can keep your feet dry in the rainy days and protect your feet from cold in the winter, so your closet needs at least a set of these no matter where you live or the present weather condition. If you are the type who like to travel, duck boots are an absolute necessity and you should have more than one pair in your closet.

Duck boots are made up of rubber on the lower parts and waterproof materials on the upper parts. This is why you can be protected from wetness, cold or dirt throughout the day. This type of footwear is not for formal occasions, it is for adjusting to the weather and environmental conditions you find yourself. They usually come in dark colours for obvious reasons, and they also have attractive designs. There are duck boots which go all the way high up to your knees and others that are not so high above the ankles, it is all about what you need them for.

Still on the various types of duck boots, height increasing types are also available for men that are not very tall. Even if you are tall, you could use a few inches higher off the ground to stay warm.

  1. Casual suede driving moccasins

As the name implies, this shoe is mainly in the casual category. They are very comfortable to wear and give a soft feeling to your feet. Apart from the comfort you get from wearing the driving moccasins, you should have them in your closet because they are weather friendly.

Looking back at the types of shoes we already listed before, you can see the dress shoes and sneakers. Those two types of shoes have a close relationship with the driving moccasin because it has the characterises of both. First of all, driving shoes can pass for both formal and casual footwear, just that most people prefer to use it for informal purposes because the dress shoes are more appropriate.

As for the sneakers, the comfort they give and informal nature is what relates them to the driving shoes, though the comfort here is heightened. The point here is that the driving shoes can be used for any purpose, except activities that require waterproof shoes. The best colours to go for when buying driving shoes are brown, black and navy blue. The obvious reason for those recommended colours is that they are black and can match any type of clothing.

  1. Boat shoes

Boat shoes were invented as far back as 1935, and they are still in the top five list of shoes you must have in your closet. This shows you just how useful and comfortable it is, a whole lot of generations seem to have confirmed it since it was invented, so why shouldn’t you have at least one boat shoe in your closet?

Boat shoes can be worn to both formal and informal gatherings, but that is not what makes it special. What makes it unique is that you can wear this shoe without socks and feel great. Boat shoes are almost always leather, so imagine wearing leather shoes without socks, that is the kind of comfort we are talking about here.

For all your daily activities, boat shoes will be there for you, so you actually need more than one pair in your closet. If you are very good at maintaining things, your boat shoes can last long, but if you wear them every day (which you eventually will), you’ll find yourself shopping for another pair after a few months. So just get a few pairs already.

Important Facts About  Height Incerasing Shoes

For a very long time, both male and female fashionistas have depended on elevator shoes for different reasons. While women tend to desire longer legs, men go for lifting shoes to appear taller. Either way, both parties easily get what they want because of the huge impact elevating shoes have on general appearance.

As a man, if you are not on the tall side, you will see the need for lifting shoes from time to time. A lot of men tend to be hesitant when it comes to wearing height increasing shoes because they think it will make them look funny, but that is not true. A good set of high heel shoes for men will not only make you look taller, but also add more benefits that we will discuss below.

Benefits of wearing height increasing shoes for men

As a man, shoes that make you taller have a lot of benefits and you should embrace them with both arms, let us start with the most important.

  • Elevator shoes boost your confidence

Many short people tend to feel a loss of confidence in their looks because of their height, and this goes on to affect their general self-esteem. For the women who fall into this category, they can easily walk into the nearest shop to buy a cute set of high heels and make their legs longer while adding a few inches to their height. As a man, you can also do the same, there is nothing to feel shy about.

Elevator shoes for men are specially designed to make your shoulders go higher and give you a more appealing look, and when you look great, you feel great and more confident. These days, everyone can use all the fashion resources out there to look enhanced, so why should you feel shy about wearing tall men shoes?

  • Lifting shoes enhance your walking step

If you have a certain pattern of walking, or no pattern at all, you are not alone. There are many men out there who do not have a runway style of walking. You could also be occupied with a lot of life’s issues to remember how to rock your shoes in a classy step when you go out, that is where shoes that make you taller come in.

The lifting shoes men wear are made to keep you walking like a boss, it is similar to how women walk differently when they wear heels. Because of the increased heels these shoes have, your legs automatically adjust to them and change your walking pattern to something more stylish and you will look very attractive.

So, if your friends have made one or two jokes about how you walk, a pair of elevator shoes for men will do a good job at balancing your feet as they go in front of one another. This benefit shows that tall men also need lifting shoes to make them walk more stylishly.

  • High heel shoes for men come in all forms

How is this beneficial to you who just wants to look taller and feel more confident? Well, the fact that height increasing shoes come in any shape and form you like means that you can look taller and feel confident with your shoes no matter the occasion.

This means that there are elevator shoes meant for formal occasions, there are also shoes meant for a date, a walk down the street, for dancing, for partying and so much more. You can always go back to your regular shoes whenever you feel like, but the fact that there is always a lifting shoe out there for you whenever you need it for any occasion is a plus.

Why no man should shy away from wearing elevator shoes

When it comes to elevator shoes, most men think they will look funny because they imagine it to look and feel like women’s high heels, which is wrong. Lifting shoes for men are not as obvious as that of women, it is easy to spend long hours on height increasing shoes without anyone noticing they are elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes for men are also very comfortable to wear, so don’t shy away from wearing them. This is one advantage men have over the women when it comes to high heel shoes. The female folk complain of certain pains and discomfort when they wear high heel shoes for a long time, but for men, it is hardly different from the regular type of shoes.

There are hidden heel shoes which even make it harder for anyone to notice you are wearing a height enhancement, so you get to boss up and walk like a king without anyone knowing your secret.

What to look out for when buying height increasing shoes

Whether you plan to visit a nearby shoe shop or take the ease of online shopping, your mind should be vigilant and look out for these important factors before you make payment. No matter the type of elevator shoe you choose to buy, these points will protect you from common mistakes a lot of buyers make with hidden heel shoes.

  1. The makers and distributors

Just as with any other product, it is good to know the source before buying. Since the increase in demand for hidden heel shoes and all types of elevator shoes for men, there are many counterfeit sites that claim to sell the real deal, so you have to be vigilant and make sure you are buying from a credible source.

To know a credible source, check if they have a wide range of elevator shoes to choose from. Also, ask what other people have to say about them, if the replies are good, you are in good hands and can go ahead with the purchase. It is always advisable to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

  1. Are the shoes comfortable?

You want to look taller, not disturbed. This is why your personal comfort should be used as a criterion when choosing an elevator shoe. Start by knowing your shoe size in different dimensions, this will help you pick the proper size for yourself when shopping for lifting shoes.  When you know the right size to look for, your chances of getting a comfortable shoe to make yourself look taller are very high.

Also test the shoes at the shop before you pay, if you are buying from an online source, make sure they have a good customer care system where you can always reach out if there is any issue.

  1. Affordability

There is a myth that the more expensive item in a store is usually the one of higher quality, but that is not always the case. When buying elevator shoes for men, you should check your pocket and see what you can afford. If you don’t have a fat bank account, this doesn’t mean you should shy away from buying height increasing shoes as there are different prices on each type.

If you want to be smart and economical, it is good to buy from the source site when shopping for high heel shoes for men.

  1. The current state of your wardrobe

Before you start filling your shoe rack with different types of elevator shoes, you should look at the type of clothes you have and like to frequent. If you don’t do this, you will not look fashionable when you wear the elevator shoes because they will not blend with your style of dressing.

Here is what you should do, if you are the kind of man who likes to look sporty and informal, you should get more elevator sneakers to match your personal fashion style. If you like to appear formal or spend most of your day in official gatherings, you should buy more formal elevator shoes since they are in sync with your lifestyle.

Why Shoes for Short Guys Matter in This Generation

Everything was simpler back then and nothing is basic anymore. Yes, some still live a minimalist life and enjoy the simplest pleasures the world can give them, but the world we live in is different from what our parents remembered. Because of that, every little detail of our lives became under scrutiny all thanks to the power of technology, specifically social media. Those little applications from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram have been firing comments about where we are, who we are with, and sadly our physical appearance. While this has become a phenomenon in recent times, there’s still a connection somewhere that we can’t disconnect the reel versus our reality. We always find a way to look slimmer, taller, fairer, and all that jazz. So where do our short men lie in all of this? Let’s face it! Being short is not the normative trait for adoration. We start looking for shoes to make you taller as well as other ways to be included in the crowd where perfection is key. However, nobody is perfect. You can’t force your bones to grow extra inches just to go above the average height in your country. Heck, even the average height is still considered short to some spectators. Thankfully, there’s is a way to counter what you lack with height with the best elevator shoes.

What are elevator shoes?

They’re simply shoes that make you look taller. Yes, they’re not permanent but temporary elevation found in between the insole and the outsole of the shoes. These shoes to look taller was pioneered as early as the eighties and has evolved from the usual formal shoes to more contemporary designs to fit the grueling effect on social media on people. Yes, since the fast way of communicating has become inevitable, we need to cope up with the recent trends both in technology and lifestyle. This includes fashion and even interior design.

Elevator shoes can be bought at a physical store as well as online shops and you just have to choose and click the design that you want. Whether you are looking for elevator shoes NZ or elevator shoes Canada and even elevator shoes in Dubai, all you really need is an internet connection, an eye for style, and these elevator shoe brands will deliver them to you. This means those short guy problems will become a thing of the past now that you have the means to look tall at least on certain occasions. The additional length these height increase shoes in Dubai or anywhere else across the globe can give you at least two inches up to a boosting five inches and even more once you wear them. And if you are wondering if they hurt at the end of the day, well these elevation shoes are comfortable enough to withstand a long and tiring day. But keep in mind that no matter how expensive your shoes are, they can still hurt if you keep on walking.

What are the shoes for short guys?

Name it. These increasing shoes offer a wide variety of styles and designs for the everyday man. You can purchase formal shoes with an additional three inches in height or buy an every white leather sneaker elevate shoes while posting an outfit of the day on your social media accounts. Since they are shoes to make you look taller, you won’t really need to put too much effort in looking for angles because your height won’t lie in the photos anymore because these elevator shoes will do everything for you!

What are my other options?

Aside from the elevator shoes, you can also do everyday stretching or sign up on a workout that is more about stretches rather than gaining muscles. Stretching every day can release all the dormant muscles in your body and can also help with your flexibility. However, working out takes time before reaching your goal. For others, it can also be impossible to get more height through working out. Remember that growth starts during puberty and oftentimes end right after that.

So Why does Shoes for Short Guys Matter in This Generation?

Simply put it this way. The world we live in now is obsessed with the elongated silhouette. We liked looking at our long-legged figures created by our shadow when we were younger and we look up to these influencers who mastered the art of looking tall in photographs, and they probably are tall figures. Being tall frequently portrays powerful imagery and we’ve become victims of becoming more than what our body can handle. We may only stand the average height in our country but we want to be as tall as an American NBA player. We, sometimes, want more than what we actually have and we can’t keep blaming ourselves since technology and media made us think this way. Even in fairy tales, the tall and broodingly handsome prince gets the girl. In return, we want what’s the best for us and nothing less.

This means we urge you to give elevator shoes a try. Elevator shoe brand Goldmoral shoes offer stylish and on the trend pieces that can make you look social media ready as well as presentable in the public eye. Again, the world made us this way and no matter how we try to deviate from this stigma, we still fall short of wanting to be a better version of ourselves. If being tall will give us the happiness we deserve, then this option is a great idea. Furthermore, you can look good while looking sharp at the same time. Moreover, the level of height you can have by trying these elevator shoes can make you stand out amongst the crowd and make you feel like one of the tallest person in there. Which, in reality, does not really happen often.

The Grow Tall Fast Manual: Bad Habits That Can Limit Growth

Did you know that the average height at which men stop growing is 18 years? Besides, the average height of a fully grown man is less than six inches. However, what you do when growing up can easily prevent the body from reaching the optimal height. Therefore, it is time to ask and get answers to the hard questions.

  • What can stunt growth?
  • Is it possible to facilitate growth after puberty?
  • What are the best methods to grow faster for adults?

If you are past 18 years (puberty) it might be too late to talk about natural growth because human growth hormones generation has already slowed or stopped completely. This post seeks to answer the above questions and demonstrate why dress shoes for short men are the answer for those who lack height.

Habits that limit your growth in height

Many people of adult age today could have hit a few inches higher if their growth was ideal. This means growth without limits. However, one of several bad habits might have stood on their way of getting tall. Here are some of these habits that you should know, and ensure to avoid or encourage your children to avoid.

  • Smoking: Smoking is one of the bad habits that have largely been associated with lung-related problems such as tuberculosis. However, it has also been demonstrated to affect growth. Teenagers who smoke end up being shorter compared to their peers who do not smoke. Smoking slows the release of human growth hormone resulting in delayed growth and associated complications.
  • Living an inactive lifestyle: Human body is made up of a complex system that relies on a feedback system to facilitate growth and strong immunity. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, the muscles and bones are likely to become weak and find it difficult to carry your weight.

If you are inactive, the muscles and bones will also not promote the release of HGH that encourages growth. Therefore, it is important to engage in the right exercises including strength building activities such as pushups and aerobics like jumping rope.

  • Practicing the wrong posture:  If you practice the wrong posture, you are likely to lose a few inches and look shorter. Naturally, the back curves in three places. Therefore, if you slouch or slump, curves on the back could shift to accommodate the new posture.

To address the problem, you should practice the right ergonomics. For example, the office chair should support the back to ensure it takes an upright position. You should also avoid bending the back when lifting weights.

  • Not eating a balanced diet:In addition to genetics, the food you eat also plays an important role in determining how tall you grow. Therefore, failing to eat a balanced diet that supplies all the nutrients can hamper growth because the body does not have ample ingredients for building more bones and ligament cells.

To address the problem, it is advisable to ensure you take the right diet that includes a lot of proteins and calcium content. These are foods such as yogurt, meat, milk, and eggs. However, you should avoid taking refined and high calories foods such as pasta and cookies.

How tall should you expect to grow?

The level of height that you can hit is largely dependent on genetics. This implies that if your parents are short, the chances are that you will also be short. But you can also estimate how tall you can grow by looking at the average height of people from your region. Have a look:

Country Average Height
Netherlands 5 feet 11.25 inches (180.8 Centimeters)
USA 5 feet 10 inches (177 centimeters)
Australia 5  feet 9 inches (175.6 centimeters)
Brazil 5  feet 9 inches (175.7 centimeters)
Germany 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters)
Canada 5 feet 8.75 inches (174.6 centimeters)
Japan 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters)
India 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters)
Mexico 5 feet 5.75 inches (167 centimeters)

Note: The data presented in the chart reflects the average height for men aged above 18 years.

It is even possible to calculate how tall you will grow by getting the average height of your mom and dad. However, you should expect some deviations from the above chart based on growth factors such as diet and health.

Getting the height equation puzzle right

To grow tall naturally, you need to avoid the above habits especially during the optimal growth phase (between birth and puberty). However, what do you do after puberty? Now that you are over 20 years and still short, you need to get a reliable solution. This is why you need men’s dress shoes with a lift.

It is interesting to note that even though most of the factors that affect growth are out of your control, the society still expects every man to be tall. That is right. If you lack in height, the chances are that you will be looked down upon and opportunities will be handed to others who are taller even if they are less qualified.

Though these prejudices are common, it is hard to notice because they are not part of the main requirements for interviews or even promotions. Your opportunity to beat these prejudices is not fighting back, but getting the elevation that makes you perfect and better than others. Here is a closer look at how shoes to make men taller can help you race to success.

  • Mens elevator dress shoes provide instant elevation

The construction of height increasing shoes ensures that you can enjoy instant elevation. This is impressive. Whether you want one inch or two inches elevation, the height elevator shoes allow you to get it instantly.

  • The height increasing shoes provide hope to people naturally born short

About 80% of human growth is controlled by genetics. But the dress shoes for men height increase help to reverse the trend by putting the control in your hands. For example, if you are 5 feet 9 inches, it is possible to appear 6 feet 2 inches by selecting elevator shoes that add three inches. Do you want to look taller? The control is in your hands.

  • Mens height shoes help to amplify the user’s confidence at all levels

The moment you get the right height increasing shoes, the personal confidence is boosted with a great margin. The notion that you are taller and perfect makes it possible to conquer new heights in your career and even in social realms.

  • The shoes provide a new lifeline to adopt a new fashion style

Mens elevator dress shoes help people to have a new perspective in life. Think of it this way. You were short but now you look taller. This implies that you can start rocking in new tall man’s style that commands greater ‘respect and value’ from the society.  

How to buy mens high heel shoes

Now that you appreciate the high value that elevator shoes can bring, you need to appreciate how to purchase the right pair. Here are the main tips to helps you select the best shoes that add height.

  1. Start by understanding what is elevator shoe and ensure that all the parts are carefully inspected before completing the payment.
  2. Read regular elevator shoes reviews that compare different shoe models and prices.
  • To establish where to buy elevator shoes, compare top brands that have demonstrated a commitment to quality. One good option that will never disappoint is Chamaripa shoes.
  1. Make sure to go for quality and comfort. No matter the type of footwear you select, it is always crucial to focus on getting the highest possible quality for assurance of monetary value.
  2. Buy elevator shoes based on the targeted use. For example, if you want height increasing shoes for all day work, top elevator dress shoes will be a great option. However, it is also possible to get shoes such as elevator boots that can fit both formal and informal elegance.


Shoes Make You Taller: Trends in Formal Shoes as Seen in the Golden Globes 2019

The Golden Globes 2019 already wrapped up and we still can’t get over all the grandeur worn by the women in the said award-giving body. However, what most did not notice – maybe with the exception of Timothée Chalamet’s Louis Vuitton bib look, yes it’s not a harness – are the men’s sartorial game that really spelled how to dress this year for formal events. Of course, this includes great choices of shoes to make men taller. This article is made with the utmost consideration for men who are struggling with a short height that makes a case for men elevator shoes.

Shoes Make You Taller

If you are born with an unfortunate height or below the average height in your country, it’s now time to enjoy the wonders of shoes for short people or simply called elevator shoes. The first thing you have to know about these mens high heel shoes is the fact that they’re not entirely meant for short people. Literally, anyone can wear them if they want to achieve more height. Elevator shoes all over the world from elevator shoes Australia, elevator shoes Singapore, and elevator shoes Toronto, Canada over a wide array of shoes that fit different events and gatherings. These mens height increasing shoes are now available online such as Goldmoral shoes, an elevator shoe brand that delivers them on different areas across the globe.

Going back to the original point of this article, the shoe game this year, specifically during formal events, I noticed how A-list celebrities who were invited to grace the presence of the recently concluded Golden Globes have been on top of their fashion game in terms of fashion clothing as well as accessories. The perfect example of this is “Beautiful Boy” star Timothée Chalamet who received a nomination for the said film. He perfected his look en route an unconventional embellished as compared to his contemporaries who went for a classic tuxedo. Of course, this move completely changed how men can dress up for events. Aside from being the Best Son of 2019 after bringing his mom as her date in the Globes, the actor’s sartorial choice was the biggest standout in men’s fashion. While some critics say otherwise. We can’t help but applaud his efforts and of his styling team. From head to toe, Timothée Chalamet made sure he is the head turner at the said event. His choice of footwear was way too classic that it complemented the rest of his astonishing outfit.

Another standout was “Bloom” singer nominee, Troye Sivan who came in wearing an electric blue suit. But his curly locks and color choice was not the only thing standing out at the red carpet, Sivan opted for square toe dress shoes with a surprising detail on the cap toe. This effort can maybe set a tone for another yearlong yearning for anything embellished.

Furthermore, there’s actor Luke Evans who went for the playful and classic hybrid of formal shoes. The Welsh actor opted for a white suit with black satin lapels and completed his look with a leather slip-on shoes with a dash of color. This represents how 2019 can turn out to be an exciting time for shoes!

Moreover, Idris Elba made a case of matching style with his blue suede oxford shoes. The actor was a vision at the Golden Globes and his shoe game was totally on point! There’s also “Bohemian Rhapsody” star Rami Malek as well as stars Michael B. Jordan, Mahershala Ali, Nicholas Hoult, and host Adam Samberg who went for classic and elegant both in their suits and classic black dress shoes.

What does this mean in terms of elevator shoes?

Just like any other shoes, elevator shoes can also be trendy or classic. Shoe trends will always be there, but what you buy will still depend on your personal style. Taking cues from this Hollywood stars can also help you get to that level of style that you always wanted, even though it felt like it took you years just to master a certain look. Here is the final takeaways from the said award-giving body and how these stars presented themselves in the red carpet.

  1. Classic will always be an option

No matter how much we try to experiment on silhouettes and styles, the classic will always be an option when it comes to shoes. It is true that designs come and go and come back again but your black dress shoes and suede oxfords will always be the same. Elevator shoe brand Goldmoral shoes offer the said two types of shoes with additional height. The said elevation can be found inside which means they’re hidden.

  1. You can mix playful and classic

This is the wisest case for Australian singer Troye Sivan who not only has a nomination during the said event but also a world tour for his Bloom album. He made his blue suit a more interesting one simply because of his choice of footwear. Elevator brands also offer the same style of playfulness in their shoes. Not only that but they also make sure they are made from excellent materials.

  1. Black will always be black

Yes, other colors can be the new black, but this shade will forever be a staple no matter what. It is proven and tested and no other factors can change that. With black leather still dominating the red carpet, we suggest you follow this movement. Any man who is mature enough to understand the importance of dressing up knows that black shoes are still the golden standard. If you are wearing a colored suit, you can always downplay all the hues with black shoes. This color will always be the middleman that ties everything together!



How To Shop For Shoes That Make You Taller

We live in a world where physical appearances have an effect so strong and powerful that being eligible for certain jobs or roles in life are dependent on the way a person looks. It would be understandable if looks or appearances were things we actually had control over. The only real control we have over our physical appearances is if we have something done surgically. So, people who have less desirable features get assigned jobs and roles in less desirable conditions. It’s ridiculous but it’s been the way the world works since time immemorial. As if it wasn’t bad enough to be born with genes that don’t belong on billboards and magazine covers, some people also have to struggle with a lack of feet and inches to their height!

The beauty industry thrives on people’s insecurities and the insecure people don’t have much choice but to follow the trends just so they can be accepted by the very society that judged them for looking different in the first place. Turning to the world of plastic surgery is the way others do but not everyone can afford it. Hence the line, “Boujee on a budget” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being wiser with how you spend your money.

Men Height Raising Shoes

So, this is for everyone that’s struggling to be accepted by a society that judges people by the way they look. We are not going to give in and there is no way that we are giving up! With that said, let me share a secret of mine that I’ve been keeping for quite some time. It is something I found out about quite some time ago but I never really had the confidence to tell people about. I was insecure and I was worried about what other people had to say. But, because this secret of mine has changed my life for the better, in more ways than one, I decided that what comes with sharing this secret will be worth it if people who have felt what I’ve felt can finally feel good about themselves.

I won’t say much more, so here it is. The secret I have been keeping and the secret I know will change your lives, is finally going to be revealed. Elevator Shoes are shoes for short men. They are shoes that increase height with the use of modern technology that keeps the heels discreetly within the sole of the shoe. Get taller with shoes that lift you up such as elevator shoes 5 inches high. The hidden height increasing shoes will make sure that no one around you will ever have a clue that you have gone on to try some non-invasive artificial height-increasing methods.

I understand how you feel. How can a shoe make me look taller without it actually being obvious? And no, they are nothing like the shoes that women wear. The elevator shoes are made in a way that you can rest assured that no one will ever clock you for wearing tall shoes for guys. I have never seen any other brand of elevator shoes achieve this level of quality when it comes to shoes. They have all sorts of styles to make sure every aspect and every event of your life is covered. I was personally amazed to find that they even had elevator shoe sneakers! This brand really has it all!

It’s important for your elevator shoe brand to have a complete set of shoes for any and every occasion because if the brand you rely on doesn’t have a style of shoe for a certain event and the guests going to it have regularly seen you in your elevator shoes 5 inches high, then they are going to wonder what happened. Worse, they will find out that you have been faking it all along!

So, don’t let that happen and make sure that you get taller shoes for every occasion you can think of. You will definitely have to get at least two or three pairs to wear interchangeably to work. Having just one pair might cause the shoe to break down sooner than you hoped it would. So, getting the extra pair or two will be one of the best investments you will ever make in terms of your styling choices. Now, think of all the dates you’re going to have now that you have a new sense of confidence. Get yourself some tall shoes for guys to wear on your hot dates. Don’t forget to purchase some really cool elevator shoes sneakers to complete your wardrobe. Remember, it’s important to be consistent with the way you dress so that your secret will be kept safe!

One other thing I have to make sure I tell you is that you can now unfold all that extra cloth at the bottom of all of your jeans because you will now finally be able to wear them the way normal people do! It is a cause for celebration, believe me!  But, if you are like some other people who have gone on and cut the excess cloth off, it might be time for you to buy yourself some new pairs of jeans too! That way, you can accommodate the new elevator shoes 5 inches high that you just got! Or, you could sport the new cropped jean trend and look even more dapper with your shiny new shoes that increase height too!

Shoes for short men in the form of elevator shoes was once my secret, and now it is all of ours to love and share! I hope that when you get taller shoes you will feel confident about who you are and be unapologetic for the way you choose to live our lives and not letting anybody’s opinions get in the way of your happiness. I know you’re thrilled because I sure was when I first found out about *hidden height increasing shoes and I will never forget that day! I hope today is as memorable for you. Happy shopping!