Can Men Wear Elevator Shoes ? Here’s The Shocking Truth

Undeniably, we live in a world where people are initially judged by the way they look. It was true 1,000 years ago and it’s true now, and it’s a sad truth. Not everyone is lucky to have great genetics. But, because of the lack of such amazing genetics, over the centuries, humans across all backgrounds have come up with ways to make up for those shortcomings.

But what if you’re well past that age and you still want those extra inches but you also do not want to be seen wearing high heeled shoes today? Well, you have the option to pick from a wide range of shoes that add height or what others refer to as lifting shoes for men. No, they will look nothing like what you imagine, in fact the shoes are actually very discreet, not some shoe on a wooden wedge type of model.

These height increasing shoes are better known as elevator shoes and Goldmoral designs some of the best in the market. They are no longer tagged as high-heeled shoes because the additional inches are built inside the sole of the shoe.

Add up to 5 inches to your height in style with casual and formal dress shoes without worrying about discomfort or being called out for the attempt at deception. But can men wear high heels? Here’s the shocking truth:

Today, it seems that women are more likely to keep up to date with trends than the men are. But, unbeknownst to many, centuries ago, it was the men that were setting the trends, and men that had reputations on the line for the way they looked.

One example worthy of mentioning is the fact that the first wig was created for a man and continued to be so for many years to come. Wigs for men can be found all the way back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. Even long after that, for a time, wigs were made in England for kings! Having good hair was such an important part of their reputation that they shaved their real hair to accommodate the wigs, even if they never had any prior hair issues, as the wigs were made to distract from thinning or balding.

Something even more interesting is the fact that high-heeled shoes were first made for men. Although they do not look anything like they do now, as they are made for women in this day and age, for seven hundred years prior to the 1600s, high-heeled shoes were made exclusively for men!

Back in the day, heels served a function. They enabled male horse riders to get a better grip on their stirrups, allowing them to ride with considerably more ease. Because horses were deemed expensive, wearing high heels eventually became a status symbol. To this day, cowboy boots benefit from the functionality that the heels provide. We can thank the Persians for this rather curious innovation.

By the 1700s, King Louis XIV, who was known to be just 5 feet and four inches tall, maximized the high heel trend to his perceived advantage. He was so invested in how the high heels improved his image that he decreed that a certain type of heel was to be worn only by the noble. This would be the birth of what we all know today as red heels. Red was the color of luxury because the dye wasn’t affordable nor easily acquired. The color of the heels that people could wear was determined by none other than the king and more so, even the height of the heels that men could wear could not exceed those king’s, which were at as high as 5 inches.

This problem has been around for longer than we can imagine and truly, we live in a far more advanced and sophisticated time, surely we have better solutions to this dilemma.

Some people have gone great lengths, spending years of their lives riddled by height problems, doing whatever they can, taking whatever they can drink or eat, just to grow a few more inches taller.

What do we know so far?

Puberty is when a man will get the most growth in terms of height but this spurt will only last until they are 18 years old. Some, will live to be the same height for the rest of their lives starting from 16 years of age.

That’s not very encouraging news. But what about taking something for your bones to increase your chances of getting taller? The age old question: Does drinking milk make you taller?

As much as milk does provide additional nutritional benefits, it has never been proven to significantly improve height. But, having a balanced diet during the growing up years does a person’s height some real good, it enables you to reach your maximum height potential.

What about other factors aside from the diet? Does sleeping make you taller or is that a myth as well?

The most fundamental function of sleep is restorative. This means we heal as we sleep and our body is able to give it what it needs for the upcoming day. Having a good quality sleep means your body is able to repair, restore, and replenish at an even better level. During the sleep cycle, the body also produces growth hormones. In short, getting enough sleep at the right time will make you taller.

When you wake up, you will be full of energy and maybe even left to wonder if you could maximize those growth hormones and ask yourself, ‘Does running make people taller?”

I suggest you follow that instinct and go for a run as it will allow you to get that added height boost. This is because running stretches your spine and that stretch is exactly what you need.

Having a good nutritional background and a healthy sleeping pattern will allow you to maximize the growth spurt in puberty, add running into the mix and these are some of the more important factors that will determine how tall you are going to be.


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