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How To Shop For Shoes That Make You Taller

We live in a world where physical appearances have an effect so strong and powerful that being eligible for certain jobs or roles in life are dependent on the way a person looks. It would be understandable if looks or appearances were things we actually had control over. The only real control we have over our physical appearances is if we have something done surgically. So, people who have less desirable features get assigned jobs and roles in less desirable conditions. It’s ridiculous but it’s been the way the world works since time immemorial. As if it wasn’t bad enough to be born with genes that don’t belong on billboards and magazine covers, some people also have to struggle with a lack of feet and inches to their height!

The beauty industry thrives on people’s insecurities and the insecure people don’t have much choice but to follow the trends just so they can be accepted by the very society that judged them for looking different in the first place. Turning to the world of plastic surgery is the way others do but not everyone can afford it. Hence the line, “Boujee on a budget” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being wiser with how you spend your money.

Men Height Raising Shoes

So, this is for everyone that’s struggling to be accepted by a society that judges people by the way they look. We are not going to give in and there is no way that we are giving up! With that said, let me share a secret of mine that I’ve been keeping for quite some time. It is something I found out about quite some time ago but I never really had the confidence to tell people about. I was insecure and I was worried about what other people had to say. But, because this secret of mine has changed my life for the better, in more ways than one, I decided that what comes with sharing this secret will be worth it if people who have felt what I’ve felt can finally feel good about themselves.

I won’t say much more, so here it is. The secret I have been keeping and the secret I know will change your lives, is finally going to be revealed. Elevator Shoes are shoes for short men. They are shoes that increase height with the use of modern technology that keeps the heels discreetly within the sole of the shoe. Get taller with shoes that lift you up such as elevator shoes 5 inches high. The hidden height increasing shoes will make sure that no one around you will ever have a clue that you have gone on to try some non-invasive artificial height-increasing methods.

I understand how you feel. How can a shoe make me look taller without it actually being obvious? And no, they are nothing like the shoes that women wear. The elevator shoes are made in a way that you can rest assured that no one will ever clock you for wearing tall shoes for guys. I have never seen any other brand of elevator shoes achieve this level of quality when it comes to shoes. They have all sorts of styles to make sure every aspect and every event of your life is covered. I was personally amazed to find that they even had elevator shoe sneakers! This brand really has it all!

It’s important for your elevator shoe brand to have a complete set of shoes for any and every occasion because if the brand you rely on doesn’t have a style of shoe for a certain event and the guests going to it have regularly seen you in your elevator shoes 5 inches high, then they are going to wonder what happened. Worse, they will find out that you have been faking it all along!

So, don’t let that happen and make sure that you get taller shoes for every occasion you can think of. You will definitely have to get at least two or three pairs to wear interchangeably to work. Having just one pair might cause the shoe to break down sooner than you hoped it would. So, getting the extra pair or two will be one of the best investments you will ever make in terms of your styling choices. Now, think of all the dates you’re going to have now that you have a new sense of confidence. Get yourself some tall shoes for guys to wear on your hot dates. Don’t forget to purchase some really cool elevator shoes sneakers to complete your wardrobe. Remember, it’s important to be consistent with the way you dress so that your secret will be kept safe!

One other thing I have to make sure I tell you is that you can now unfold all that extra cloth at the bottom of all of your jeans because you will now finally be able to wear them the way normal people do! It is a cause for celebration, believe me!  But, if you are like some other people who have gone on and cut the excess cloth off, it might be time for you to buy yourself some new pairs of jeans too! That way, you can accommodate the new elevator shoes 5 inches high that you just got! Or, you could sport the new cropped jean trend and look even more dapper with your shiny new shoes that increase height too!

Shoes for short men in the form of elevator shoes was once my secret, and now it is all of ours to love and share! I hope that when you get taller shoes you will feel confident about who you are and be unapologetic for the way you choose to live our lives and not letting anybody’s opinions get in the way of your happiness. I know you’re thrilled because I sure was when I first found out about *hidden height increasing shoes and I will never forget that day! I hope today is as memorable for you. Happy shopping!

When do men stop growing in height? Know the Facts – Goldmoral Elevator Shoes

There are different factors that can cause a stunt in growth. For the most part, men’s growth is at its peak two years after the start of puberty. Research shows that growth usually stops at the age of sixteen, while a man’s body is fully developed at the age of eighteen. Meanwhile, there are still instances for some men to continue growing even after puberty has ended or after their teenage years. Clearly, anything is possible in terms of growing as long as you take care of your body.

What’s the average height of a male?

The average height of a man in the United States is 5 foot 9. 5 inches and taller than 5 foot 6 inches average of a man in China. Average height is not a worldwide standard as it differs from one country to another.  The average height also varies even within a city. For example, what’s considered the average height in South Korea is different from men who live in Seoul, the capital and largest city in South Korea. The average man in their country is 5 foot 7 while it is one inch higher in Seoul. Some of the countries with a high average of height are Sweden (5’11”), Serbia (5’11.5″), the Netherlands (6′), and Dinaric Alps (6’1″). Most of these are European countries situated on the South side of the continent, except for the Netherlands that’s situated in Northwestern Europe.

How to grow taller fast?

If you are asking how can I grow taller at this point and age, you won’t receive a positive feedback but it is highly possible. Height is a result of genetics and if your family does not have that gene, there’s only a slim chance that you will get the recessive gene. There is no shame in being a short guy. All you really have to do is know the proper tools to conquer this big bad world.

Option # 1: Quit smoking

This bad habit has been haunting smokers for a long time. Most of them want to stop but do not have the courage to just stop hitting their last puff. According to a study, teens who smoke are shorter compared to men who don’t. Smoking at a young age will affect your natural growth, especially while still on puberty. Avoid this bad habit because smoking will not only affect your growth but your overall health as well.

Option # 2: Get proper nutrition

Men and women are born with needs, and one of which is nutrition. We need proper nutrition to live longer. We need proper nutrition to be strong. We need proper nutrition because we are like a well-oiled machine who can’t function without, well getting oiled. However, avoid oily food and junk food as it may affect your growth and overall health. Getting proper nutrition should start since the day you are born. It is your right as a kid to be well fed and it is your responsibility now as an adult to eat well.

Option #3: Give elevator shoes a Try

Elevator shoes are just like your any other shoes but have an additional material to help men who are not happy with their height. It has shoe lift inserts found in between the outsole and insole of the shoes, and such lift is placed to hide it from the public eye. This means, only you know about the additional boost in height since the lifts are invisible. Each elevator shoe design is created with different boosts from 2 inches up to 5 inches, depending on the need for additional height. The most common are elevator shoes with additional 6 centimeters in height. What is 6cm in inches? The answer is approximately 2.3 inches. You can buy a pair of dress shoes for formal occasions or rubber shoes with an additional 3 inches in height for a casual walk in the park. Each shoe also compliments the personal style of the customer because, unlike before, elevator shoe brand like Goldmoral Shoes, has fashion and style in mind. Their wide array of shoe selection can fit the dapper and the street style casual. Visit the website and start shopping for elevator shoes.

Option #4: Do morning stretches

Stretching is beneficial for health and growth. The possibility of getting a few more inches from stretching is slim but can be done. Stretching also relieves sore muscles after a long day’s work. It can also prevent you from the risk of injury and accidents. Moreover, it engages your core to keep you strong and flexible. Other exercises you may also consider are yoga, Pilates, and swimming. Furthermore, go for exercises that don’t condense your spine if you want to grow taller.

Aside from possible routines and food to get additional height, you should also the myths that can stunt your growth. Here are the most common mistakes about not getting tall and why we shouldn’t believe them:

  1. Carrying weights is not a hindrance

Exercising is always a good idea and it doesn’t have the ability to prevent you from becoming tall just because you carry weights. In all honesty, carrying weights can activate your muscles and also make you look good because you are ripped. Taking good care of your body is better than not caring at all.

  1. Growth pills work, just not the same for everyone

There are numerous drugstore pills and syrup to help boost your height. While others say they are a scam, it is absolutely not true. They, though not all products, actually work. However, the speed of it effect may differ because all individuals have different mechanisms and body chemistry. What works faster for others may be different for you. All you need here is to be more patient.

  1. There are other dairy products that can help boost your growth

Yes, milk can help you grow because it is rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, but there are other dairy products that can help give you additional inches.

How To Rock Christmas Parties This Year

It’s the one time of the year when everybody has extra money to spend and along with that, heightened fashion and styling skills coming to life. Christmas time is unlike any season when it comes to the amount of shopping people do both for themselves and for other people. The great thing about is that year-end bonuses come in at around this time too. So, people will literally have money to burn. This may be your first time having this much money or you could be a veteran at it but, having a style guide to help you pick the right clothes out to wear to Christmas parties and family gatherings could save you a lot of money.

This guide to what to buy this Christmas season will help you pick the right pieces out so that you can get more than just great pictures, you can also have your money’s worth. Don’t worry, we’re not cramping your style nor are we working within too small a budget. We’re giving you styling tips that you can apply to any budget or price range you’re willing to work around. Were also giving you *men, taller shoes recommendations!

Color your world

For those of us here who have office jobs, wearing bold colored clothes isn’t exactly the way to go. Black, white, gray, and navy blue are the most professional colors to wear and many of us have wardrobes in just those colors. As much as it makes life easier on a daily basis, it’s time to add a splash of color just in time for the most festive season of the year. Go for a strong solid color that isn’t red or green. But, if you want to stick to the Christmas theme, you can do derivatives. Examples of such would be maroon and a deep pine green. To make sure that the pieces you buy for a Christmas party doesn’t spend the rest of the year in the closet and just pick something out with a pattern. Large stripes on sweaters are wearable all throughout the year. Go for a maroon, white, and navy blue striped sweater and pair it with a pair of dark denim jeans. If you want to take the fun level up a notch, pair it with tan khakis. Complete the look with *elevator shoes to match your style.

What effect do height increasing shoes have anyway? Why is it so important to havetall men shoes? See, here’s the thing. Men are supposed to be protectors, looming presences that overpower enemies. You can’t be that if you’re not looming over anyone. So get yourself a pair of Goldmoral shoes to complete all of your Christmas party looks.

How does one pick the right elevator shoes to wear? First of all, look into your daily routine. How often do you wear dress shoes or athletic shoes? How many color ways of shoes do you wear weekly? These are some questions to ask yourself before investing in your first hidden heel shoes for men. With these answers in mind, you can then proceed to pick from the Goldmoral shoes website where you will find tall men shoes in all sorts of styles and heights.

For a sweater and jeans look, you can choose between a pair of dress height increasing shoes or some more casual ones like boating or loafer type hidden heel shoes for men.

Prints and Patterns

Adding color is one thing, but going for prints is another story. Liven up all of your Christmas party looks by wearing prints and patterns. These will make for more fun photos to look back on. What kind of prints should a dapper man like you choose? Make sure to go for prints and patterns that are not seasonal. This means that you shouldn’t be looking in the Hawaiian shirts section nor in the Christmas section either. Look for prints that have birds on them, or even yachts. These non-seasonal prints and patterns will give you the freedom to wear these shirts any time in the year. If you’re going to a party with a floral theme, again, don’t head for the Hawaiian section. Instead, try looking for a floral pattern with more of an Asian or Chinese twist to it. That way what you’re wearing will be unique and it won’t be associated with Hawaii.

Keep in mind that you have to pair these kinds of shirts with plain colored jeans. Make sure to pick ones that are darker rather than lighter so that all the attention goes to just your top. To put the look together, try picking out a pair of elevator shoes that are either dress or formal ones. Hidden heel shoes for men by Goldmoral shoes also come in more laid back and athletic styles. These could go well with the relaxed prints and patterns look you’ve put together. The height increasing shoes will add that extra wow factor to your overall look.

So you have two practical and unconventional ways to style yourself this Christmas. The key here is to still work around the theme but doing so in such a way that the clothes you buy for the parties will still be useable in the next year. as much as there is a lot of extra money to be spent, it’s wiser spending it on other things.

Instead of buying more clothes, you could invest in completing your shoe wardrobe by filling it with tall men shoes for all occasions. It’s a known fact that shoes are meant to be worn repeatedly compared to clothes. So, why not treat yourself to *men taller shoes by the best elevator shoes maker, Goldmoral shoes? That way you can have a Merry Christmas and a exciting year ahead!

Pair your new elevator shoes with bold colors and fun year-round prints and patterns and be the best dressed man at your Christmas parties. Impress your mom with your impeccable style by sporting Goldmoral shoes at all your family gatherings.

What can stunt your growth? Bad Habits To Avoid Now

Did you know that on average, men stop growing taller at the age of 18? And that the average size of a man is under 6 feet tall? It’s not very uplifting to know, isn’t it? Especially when men are supposedly big and tough, made to protect the women in their lives, it’s pretty sad that instead of towering, many men are cowering in fear of being made fun of for not being tall.

As if it’s bad enough that majority of what dictates how tall we will be being genetics, there are things we could have done as we were growing up to maximize our height potential.

Then, there were things we unknowingly did or ate as we were growing up that hindered us from reaching our maximum height potential. I’m sure you have two questions in mind right now, ‘What can stunt your growth?’, and ‘What are the kinds of food can make you taller?’. It may be too late for you if you’re over 18 years old, but if you have nephews you’re worried will not grow to be tall or you have sons of your own, then read on.

Here are things that can stunt height growth and tips on how to grow taller:

1.)    You are what you eat

The most important thing for anything to grow is the quality of the food it is able to eat. Undoubtedly, to have something grow as good as it can get, you have to feed it the food it needs. If you grew up eating a lot of junk food and drinking cans and cans of soda, then you’re in for some bad news.

It’s self-explanatory, junk food does very little for you, nutritionally. Sure, you probably enjoyed it at the moment but the long-term effects have led you to this article all these years later, trying to find out how to grow taller.

One thing you should do is to make sure that you include a lot of protein in your diet because as we all know; protein is the building block of life. It enables your body to build muscles and help your body recover better when you are asleep. Having a diet that is low in protein means you are not giving your body enough to build with and you are missing out on your height growth potential.

You should also let the young men in your life know that drinking alcoholic beverages during their puberty years will also stop them from becoming the tallest versions of themselves. Drinking a substantial amount of alcohol during developmental years not only affects your height but a number of other important growth processes as well.

2.)    If you don’t move, you don’t grow

Another thing you should avoid doing is staying at home all day. Not moving your body will only do it bad. No, you’re not preserving energy, you’re wasting your days and you’re letting physical growth and advancement take a back seat. Remember, you only have until 18 years old to make the most of the growth spurt you get in puberty.

It has been said that sports like running and yoga help in making a person grow taller. The way your body moves in action is important because it plays a vital role in posture. Your posture is directly related to your spine and your spine is what needs to be stretched if you want to grow those extra inches.

3.)    Sleep on time

It is just as important to sleep as it is to move. During the sleep cycle, the body is able to recover from all your activity and to make the right calculations, but only if you get enough sleep and if you sleep at the right time.

With your body being pushed to its limits, your brain has to do a lot of catching up to make sure you are not only capable of performing the same tasks the next day but for you to actually be better. When you get a good sleep, your body is able to address those deficiencies by doing what it can to make up for it. But, it can only do that if you’re feeding yourself good food. Without a good source, your brain will be sending out whatever its left with. Imagine if you only had fast food and your body needed some greens? It sure makes you rethink your choices.

So what have we learned so far? What we eat, what we do, how much we sleep are very important to grow taller. Most importantly, these are all connected to each other. Leave one out and you won’t be able to grow as tall as you had hoped.

Now, if you find yourself devastated by the fact that you are never getting those additional inches you’ve been working on as a 20-something adult, don’t worry. There are men out there who have the same problem and a whole shoe industry is meant to cater to that problem. You can look up elevator shoes right now and see what awaits you.

One challenge when buying shoes online are getting the right size. So here’s a short (no pun intended) bit on how you can measure your foot properly to get your foot size.

How to get your foot size:

Get a sheet of paper that can fit your entire foot. You will also need something to write with. Then, stand on the paper and lean forward. You can either trace your entire foot or simply mark the edge of your longest toe and the lengthiest point of your heel. Take your foot off of the sheet of paper and with a ruler, measure the markings, or the longest length of your outline and voila!

Now use that measurement and refer to the website’s sizing chart. Always go for the size bigger rather than smaller when you have a .5 measurement.

Now get yourself a pair of elevator shoes that elevate you 5 inches!

What to wear to a nightclub? Here are the Top 10 Fashion Tips

Going out is the best opportunity for any man to look their best and feed off from the compliments they will be getting because you are so irresistible. Of course, you cannot be an eye-catcher without the proper presentation. Dressing up is actually easy once you are aware of your body type. This is a common mistake among guys who are adamant about embracing fashion in their lives. Clothes are created to envision what you can be as a person. As mature men, we need to dress up in a way where we can command the respect we deserve.

You can wear a simple tee shirt and still look like a million bucks. Most Hollywood stars are often seen wearing a plain shirt and they just pair it with a nice jacket and well-tailored jeans. Here’s a pro tip to conquer the fashion scene in the nightclub:

Option One: How to make yourself look taller?

The first thing you have to consider before anything else is to look tall, or at least feel tall through your clothes. If you want to know what’s the average height for a man, it is 5 foot 9.5 inches in the United States. This is a good thing since the average female height in the United States is 5 foot 4 inches. However, women are so accustomed to wearing five inches heels at night that we have to at least be the same height as her, or taller. We suggest you give elevator shoes a try. They’re simply the best height increasing shoes in the market right now and just enough to give you at least additional 9 centimeters because of the lifts. What is 9cm in inches? That’s at least 3.5 inches, an acceptable size to still look taller than the woman you like.

Option Two: Wear pinstripes and keep it casual

We don’t just mean normal pinstripes, but those vivid lines that are vertical. They can help elongate your silhouette and can give an illusion that you are taller. This is how to grow taller at 20 years old and for all ages. Fashion is a strong tool that can be utilized to be who you want to be. We suggest you keep it casual with a white shirt and finish the whole look with a graphic bomber jacket.

Option Three: Keep everything slim

Wear a shirt and make sure it fits you like a glove. Then pair it with pants that are tapered properly to your legs. Don’t wear baggy clothes because you don’t want to look like a slouchy man. Achieving a taller frame requires exact precision and no excess baggage. It’s important to keep everything slim because it creates an elongated silhouette. You will also look smart and confident as you go along drinking your favorite whiskey.

Option Four: Wear slimming and long shoes

There are four types of shoe size apart from the length. If you are considered as someone with normal shoe width, then you won’t have a problem with choosing the right footwear. What is normal shoe width? It is a shoe type that fits most styles and designs unlike those who are wide feet. Opt for height increasing shoes 4 inches oxford shoes just for additional height. Don’t worry because they are not obvious and only you know about it. Elevator shoes are designed to deceive others because the lifts are sandwiched in between the insole and the outsole.

Option Five: Wear a suit

A suit at a nightclub? Really? Of course, that can be done but don’t wear black since most servers wear black suits. Opt for a suit with cool prints and patterns, but keep it sleek and proper.

Option Six: Blue long-sleeved shirt and khaki pants can go a long way!

I’ve always considered men who can wear color as the best type of men. They are not afraid to try different hues and insert it in their daily lives. One color that truly standouts in a room in blue. Almost all its hues – except sky blue by personal choice – exudes confidence and the right amount of pompousness. Finish this look with a pair of well tapered khaki pants and velvet moccasins.

Option Seven: When in doubt, go for black

After endless back and forth on what looks best on you, there’s one color you can always trust whenever thing goes down south: black. It’s sexy, casual, and a bit naughty. It hides your flaws and it also elongates your body. However, we still suggest going for a striking pair of shoes just to make the look a little fun. The excitement in clothes does not mean you introduce shocking colors to your life, it will still end with the final output and how you shine because of your sartorial choices.

Option Eight: Don’t overdress

A fedora hat and a silk jacket? Yikes! We suggest going for the classical route and keep it sleek and dapper. No woman wants to be overshadowed by a man at least in terms of dressing up among other reasons. As a man, we should always look for ways to complement our lady companions. We should make her feel like a queen. This means stepping down a little and to not overdress.

Option Nine: Wear a necklace

A nice necklace can strike up a conversation. Complete it with a cool printed shirt that’s not too complicated to look at. A necklace also has the ability to direct to your face. We want people to look at us directly in the eye when we are talking, right?

Option Ten: Wear yourself with pride

No matter how expensive or presentable you look, the end game will always be your personality. You can be the best-dressed man in the crowd and still sink if you do not have the confidence to back it up. Always dress to let your personality come through. Fashion is about releasing the best that you can be. Clothes are just an extension of your body. At the end of the day, what you say is what brings home the bacon if you know what I mean.

The Right Clothes For the Right Shoes For Extra Height

Men today are as equally conscious about what the wear as their female counterparts. We take time to see what looks best on us and how we won’t be like the rest of the guys out there. We strive to play our part in this world of judgment caused by the growing influence of social media. Today, there’s no such thing as too dressy or too casual when it comes to dressing up. We start asking ourselves what color pants with brown shoes or how to make shoes more comfortable and that’s the norm now. With thousands of trends storming our closet each season, men have become fashionable.

But did you know it is actually harder to dress up when you are a short man? The pants sold at retail stores are way too big in length and the shoes you want are way too flat. It has been hard to stand out when all products out there are dominated by the tall man’s size. Fear no more, as this article will open a door for short men out there to look stylish and dapper, no retail store can it away from you! First, you have to understand that most retail brands have patterns to fit the standard size. Second, that’s not necessarily a negativity since almost anywhere you go is a shop just to alter the clothes you want for yourself. That’s right, no matter how small you are in length, anything can be cut and sewn again as if all clothes are meant for you. We’ve round up seven style tips with heeled mens shoes that can boost up your height for at least two inches more!

What are elevator shoes?

How can you get taller? How to grow 5 inches taller? What is 7.5 cm in inches? These are the most common questions among men who haven’t found the true beauty of the best elevator shoes brand. This type of shoe is designed to lift a man’s height to at least 2 inches at the minimum and up to 5 inches or more at the maximum because of the lifts are hidden inside the shoe. That’s right! No one in the public eye will know you are actually wearing shoes with additional heels or lifts because they are totally invisible. You are somehow invincible in them. Just imagine the additional height and great posture since elevator shoes have the ability to fix bad posture. Online elevator shoe brand, Goldmoral shoes have a selection of stylish and trendy shoes to fit the everyday sartorial man. In this article, we will take you to a fashionable ride of different styles that you might want to try out with Goldmoral shoes in mind:

  1. Color block shirt with denim jeans

You can be as casual as you can be as long as you know the gloriousness of color blocking. This style has been done ever since Yves Saint Laurent’s golden years and it has continued to show in the streets. You can even pair a simple denim shirt with a nice color block polo shirt. That’s comfort at its finest! Pair it with a nice brown oxford elevator shoes and you are good to go.

  1. Leather jacket with skinny jeans

This is a rock star’s true DNA, the leather jacket. It looks a little dangerous and it packs a lot of attitude. You can go for an all-black ensemble with a nice 2-inch elevator boot and keep everything slim with a nicely cut black skinny jeans. Keep a perpetual bed head and put on some sunglasses. Finish your look with an interesting necklace and you are ready to take on the stage, err the street style world!

  1. Long button-down shirt with beige pants

I’ve always admired corporate wear. But a suit can be sweaty for most of the summer. Why not try a summer look that can both look good in the office and while having coffee at a downtown coffee shop while reading your intellectual book? This style looks good on almost anyone that all you really need is a suede moccasin elevator shoes and an eccentric beaded necklace.

  1. Tee shirt with washed out jeans

Going to the grocery but still, want to look badass? I’ve seen a number of paparazzi shots of Hollywood stars dressed in a simple tee shirt and washed out jeans. You know what stands out in that specific style? The shoes! Go for the unexpected and maybe try a blue leather elevator shoes with an interesting texture. In that way, you are still the casual man you are, and yet looking dapper while buying grocery.

  1. Printed short sleeved shirt with tattered jeans

Print on print and anything maximalist is in fashion right now and we want you to give it a try! Take a page from the leading men who not only rock the big screen but also make impacts when a paparazzi takes a stolen shot of them walking in the street. While that sounds a disturbance of their privacy, we can’t help but look at their ensemble. A loose printed polo shirt with graphic details while downplaying it with tattered jeans. It’s interesting how fashion always takes a trip to the past to make it appropriate for the future. Pair this with a laid-back white leather sneakers with additional 2.36 inches lifts and enjoy what most men in fashion are enjoying right now: normal clothes with a slice of not giving a damn.

  1. Oversized shirt with jogging pants

Nothing says casual like going out as if you didn’t think of what you were wearing. The jokes on them since most male actors have stylists and the oversized shirt and jogging pants athleisure trend was well thought of by the creative minds who work in fashion. This trend has been going on for years now and it doesn’t seem to want to end. Pair this casual look with nice rubber shoes with additional 3-inches in height and you, sir, are good to go!


Steal His Style: Actors Who Make Everything Look Good

I don’t know about you guys but I was never gifted with the creativity to dress well enough to get complimented on it. Good thing for me, the world we live in practically worships celebrities and because of that, they have to look good all of the time. So, instead of taking styling classes or hiring a stylist, I figured I could totally just look for celebrities with the same body type as me and then proceed to copy his style. Now, I’m not going on any who wore it better segments, because I don’t want to put anyone to shame. Nah, I’m just kidding.

But who doesn’t like the idea of a physical enhancement such as a height boost anyway? I know I’d jump at any chance to get that kind of help to make me tall, or at least look the part. Heck, I even own a pair of height increasing shoes that take me 5 inches higher. Shoe lifts for men come in dress shoes too and I use those ones for work, or for any emergency red carpet moments.

There is no shame in wearing mens shoes with hidden heals if that’s what makes you feel better about yourself. Plus, the way they’re made today will let you get away with it. No one will have a clue how you got those extra inches to your height practically overnight!

I am here, though, to share some stylish looks to steal from some of Hollywood’s best-dressed men right now.

  1. The Messy Style

Let’s kick it off with Jason Mamoa. He has a film coming out in December and we can’t wait to see it. This guy is known for his massive built. He first came to the general public’s knowledge for his role in the series Game of Thrones. Since then it has been hard to believe that so much of us never knew about him before that.

He’s actually one of the coolest guys out there. He’s got videos going viral of him throwing axes instead of darts, all while holding a huge mug of beer in the other hand. So yeah, I’d trust his stylist, who I bet is just as cool as he is.

To get his look, which I’ll describe as tough and laid back, you will need some dark colored pieces. You will see him more often than not in a non-fitting cotton shirt that’s loose enough for movement. You won’t see him in shorts but instead, you’ll find that he’s a fan of dark to black denim jeans that are not skinny. He completes the look with a pair of high cut boots and a messy man bun. If you’re not as huge as him but want to get that same effect, you ought to get yourself a pair of hidden platform shoes with the boot design.

  1. The Dapper look

If that’s not the kind of look you’re going for then let me tell you about someone more dapper then. Henry Cavill has gained fame over an epic move in the latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it yet.

This guy looks so proper that he could very well be the opposite of Jason Mamoa but he appears to be just as big as him. Now let’s steal one of his best smart casual looks. I wonder if you guys know what a pinstripe pattern is. Well, you just have to find out because Henry Cavill dons a grey pinstripe blazer over a white long sleeved button shirt, with a pair of khaki pants. He sews the pieces together with a black leather belt and a pair of light brown brogues. Did you know that brogues are heeled shoes for guys? We don’t think about it that way but that’s exactly what they are.

  1. The Pretty Boy

Now, if you’re not into that kind of get up either, let’s move on to Tom Hardy. He cleans up pretty well on the red carpet considering he’s got such a bad boy appeal to him, with that matching scruffy beard. You’ll be thankful to know that his casual looks are highly doable, you could probably put a look together with clothes you already have in our closet. The look we’re copping from him is one with a bomber jacket in an army green shade, a grey round neck shirt, light-colored and tattered jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. It’s a pretty simple look but if you wear it all together right, you could turn some heads.

The Euro classic

Next up, we’ve got Bill Skarsgard, who has blown minds by turning out to be the clown in Stephen King’s clown movie, It. Congratulations on finding out just now! If Tom Hardy was a middle ground between Henry Cavill and Jason Mamoa, then I’d say Bill is the middle ground between Henry and Tom.

Skarsgard doesn’t have a bad boy appeal to him, rather he has one that’s more hipster if anything. To steal is style, pick out a short-sleeved button shirt with a floral pattern. It’s best if the background of the shirt is a dark color just so it stays manly despite the ladylike pattern on it. Then, if you dare, pair it with skinny denim jeans, and a high cut brown boot. The skinny jeans will elongate you, making you look deceptively taller especially with the boots. You could instantly look a few inches taller. Go the extra mile and get a pair of man shoes with heels, this look is practically begging you to do it anyway.

So go on and put your new outfits together, experiment with new moods and looks, try them all out or stick to one style inspiration. But make sure to do those style steals justice by getting the right pairs of shoes and accessories to finish the looks off. You deserve to look good and feel your absolute best to give it a try and see how much your life could change for the better!