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Should Short Men Wear Elevator Shoes? Know The Facts

Have you ever wondered what’s the average height of the male population is? Did it devastate you to find out that the race you were born into doesn’t even rank anywhere near the top 10 tallest male populations in the world or at least in your continent?

Have you ever done research for hours and maybe even for days just to find out how to make yourself grow taller? Or maybe you settled with the idea to at least appear taller by the way you dress and carry yourself? Maybe you even combed through workouts, asking if stretching can make you taller?

The truth is, there are actually effective solutions out there but as you probably already know, they can also be really expensive. That short list of solutions includes knee surgery, which is painful and scary even just to imagine.

If you don’t have the luxury of paying for a procedure like that, like many of us, let alone to take the time off to recover from it, then you probably ended your search without any definitive answers and an even bleaker outlook in life.

But here’s the thing, you’re here reading this article. And I’ve written this up for people exactly like you.

You came across this article because you haven’t given up just yet. And trust me, that’s going to pay off in the next few minutes and you’ll be thankful you found your way here.

Let’s lay the height facts down.

Up to 60 to 80% of what will determine your final height as an adult are your genetics. Now, that’s something you have absolutely no control over so there’s no reason being mad about it. Instead, rejoice at the fact that there’s a remaining 20% to 40% that you may still have some control over.

What makes up that remaining percentage, you might ask?

One part is nutrition and immunization. Your height potential may be determined by your genetics but whether you reach it or not is dependent on your intake during your developmental years. This includes the quality and the amount of food you were fed as you were growing up and how consistently this was available to you. Another important factor is diseases. If you were ever infected with one, your height potential may have permanently been stunted by its effects on your growing body.

Now it may not seem uplifting just yet considering you are currently well beyond your developmental years. But, all hope is not lost.

The other thing that makes up that 20% is physical activity. Running, for example, uses the spine in such a way that it allows your body to adapt to the repetitive motions and as a result of that, you are able to gradually grow a few inches taller. There isn’t a lot of science to back this up but it’s been true for enough people for it to be considered by those looking to add those few inches.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more on the list that you can proactively do to add to your height as an adult, biologically.

But what if there was a way to look and feel taller without the surgery, or even the running? Would you be interested to give it a go?

Should Short Men Wear Elevator Shoes?

It’s going to seem funny at first but I’m about to tell you all about Elevator Shoes for men. And nope, before you fall off your seat laughing from imagining what that could even look like, let me tell you, they’re nothing like what you have in mind. You will have to forgive its inventors for naming it something so silly but the concept is akin to what real elevators do, it will literally elevate you. Up to 5 inches even!

The GoldMoral brand of shoes dishes out only the most stylish pairs of elevator shoes. You can go check them out for yourself right now and tell yourself, ‘All those hours of research were unnecessary. If I can buy a pair of GoldMoral elevator shoes, who would even care if I was only artificially tall? These look really good!’

So what’s so amazing about these specific height-adding shoes? Well, for one, they’re very discreet about their hidden, yet most important feature. The technology used ensures that your artificial growth spurt goes unnoticed. The insoles of the shoes are built in and layered on so much so that you are given the height boost you need without sacrificing comfort.

They are also made to accommodate your whole foot unlike ordinary height-boosting products that are usually placed right under your heel and only reach a bit short of your foot’s arch. Other products that are made for the same purpose are harmful to your feet and bones when used over a prolonged period of time. Using subpar materials and inferior design, ordinary insert height boosters will only give you bigger problems than you started out with.

GoldMoral elevator shoes provides you with only the best in shoe technology, prioritizing discreet height-increasing functionality and comfort for all-day wear.

Now I’m sure you’re already considering buying a formal pair for work. But I bet you’re thinking, ‘What about for nights out or casual dates in the city? And what about for more athletic and outgoing looks?’ Have no fear, GoldMoral’s got all that gear.

Select your pairs in styles from formal dress shoes to casual ones, and make sure to put a pair of sneakers in your cart too before you check out.

I may have not let you in on some affordable procedures on how to grow 4 inches taller but I did open up a world of possibilities, didn’t I?

Now you’re wondering if short men should even be wearing elevator shoes? Isn’t that equivalent to wearing heels? Well, if they’re handsome GoldMoral pairs, then yes, short men definitely should because they can be confident that although their new height gain will be noticeable, the attention will all be on how stylish their shoes are.

Shoes For Comfort: How Elevator Shoes Changed My Life

They say that with enough hard work you can change your situation for the better. As much as I would like to believe that, it’s simply not true for everything. No matter what I do, except spending a fortune on surgery, I cannot get those additional inches! I’ve done extensive research over the course of my life regarding natural ways I can increase my height and none of them have worked as well as I had originally hoped they would.

If this is your first time going about the internet looking for ways on how to grow taller after 20 or what food will help you grow taller, then you’re in luck. Here are some of the most sensible answers I’ve gotten from my years of personal research.

So when do guys stop growing taller? Unfortunately for half the people in this world, the final age for us men to grow is at 18 years old, with some having it even worse off, reaching their maximum heights at only until 16 years old. The most any teenage boy will grow will happen during his first years of puberty and will end well before his teenage years are even over. That means that the window is actually very small. That means, as a 20-something-year-old, there’s not a lot to look forward to.

Although there are some published ways on how to grow taller after 20 by people who have tried the methods themselves, there isn’t substantial scientific evidence to back them up. They say that stretching your spine by going running is a good way to get those extra inches. They have also given doing yoga some credit for helping with the shortage. There is definitely no harm in trying methods that people say are effective as long as you consult with a doctor before doing anything such as applying major changes to your lifestyle as it may cause unwanted complications.

It’s also true that what you eat will determine whether you reach your maximum height potential. Eating certain kinds of food will help you grow but don’t put expect too much from it. They say that you will greatly benefit from having a good amount of protein in your diet. This is because protein is the building block of life. This means that having a good source will allow your body to perform its restorative functions better.

If you like eggs, meats, fish, milk, and cheese, then you’re in luck. Though, I will mention it again, don’t be too hopeful as there is no science to guarantee an increase in height just because you increase your intake of these protein-rich foods. They are mere claims.

Is outlook still not looking up, huh? I know, I know. But you’re not even halfway through this and I’ve got so much more to tell you.

What I’m about to tell you is something I’ve never fully admitted even to people I’m with every day. But I’m speaking up about it because I know what it’s like to lose hope over something I never asked for and have very little control over. I’m talking about a technological advancement in shoes that has finally been perfected.

As much as ads can be annoying, they can also be the one thing that changes your life, forever. Because of my recent searches, the search engine was able to take that information and allow ads related to them to show up. I had been seeing the ads for a time but I never thought to mind them because out of the corner of my eye, I could see ads for really stylish shoes. Not exactly what I had in mind as a solution to my problem. But, one fateful day, I decided to click on one of those ads just to see where it would take me.

At first, I didn’t mind that I was taken to a site of what seemed to have just a ton of really handsome shoes. I was so amazed that I had actually gone ahead and picked a few pairs out without reading any of the descriptions fully. I figured the numbers were simply item or product codes but I was wrong. They were actually indicators of how high a specific shoe was going to elevate me.

Yeah, you read that right. I landed on a website that sold extremely stylish elevator shoes. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I bet you’d be ecstatic to find out more.

This brand had 6 categories of shoes for just men alone! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this wide a selection for men, and for men with height problems! I was in heaven!

Initially, I was going to get myself one pair of men’s dress shoes with a 2-inch heel for work considering how it’ll be something I could use on a daily basis. But then I thought about how people might be able to figure out the inconsistency in my height if I wore regular shoes out on the weekends. So I headed on to the Casual/Leisure shoe tab and I was surprised to find that they had 90 designs to choose from.

They had those really cool suede shoes in blue, brown, and gray. Then I saw the leather boat shoes too. I could already imagine all the looks I could pull off with each of the pairs I came across. I could almost feel as if I had actually grown the additional inches. I was that happy.

It was even more amazing to look at the shoes from every angle just because it was as if the height-adding feature wasn’t even there! I could wear these elevator shoes with a formal ensemble, or move into the weekend with a more casual pair to go with a more laid-back look. I even had choices for more athletic

Because they have shoes for all, well maybe most, aspects of a man’s life, I didn’t have to worry about people finding out that my sudden height boost wasn’t real, and that it was thanks to high heeled shoes for men!


Is it possible to grow taller? Here’s how

Many people ask this question but not everyone is happy with the answer. Living a short life is considered a hindrance to some. Men who are taller are more inclined to be successful and richer because they almost have it easy on them, studies show. They don’t have to try hard enough because, while not a generalization, they do not have to work twice as hard just to prove themselves. In media, the leading man who will always get the princess is always that tall, dark, and handsome, while the shorter man is the best friend. You see this theme in most romantic comedies and there’s nothing we can do about it. Media dictates what’s acceptable and we are left but to believe that it is the reality. But is it possible to grow taller?

In reality, it is actually almost impossible to grow taller once puberty stops. With this, the possibility of getting at least two inches can actually be attainable if you know the simple hacks to get that additional boost in height. Before we provide you the possible list of achieving more height, you have to know what is the average male height.

The average height of males in the United States is 5 foot 9.5 inches. And if you are wondering what is short height for male, the answer is simple: it’s anyone within the average height or shorter. Not everyone is gifted with great height mainly because of genetics. However, the average height varies per country. You may be considered short in your country, but you can also be one of the tallest somewhere else. Meanwhile, if you are wondering what’s the average height for a female in the United States, it is actually 5 foot 4inches, that’s five inches shorter than their male counterparts.

Is it possible to grow taller?

Anything is possible though it may be hard to achieve such when you live after your teenage years and post-puberty. However, there are still ways to get a few inches after adolescence. For example, exercise can boost your muscles to stretch out and can possibly give you a few inches. Here are other ways to grow taller after your teenage years:

  1. Stretching – Everyday stretching can help loosen your stale muscles and can possibly give you a few inches. I do morning stretches the moment I wake up to activate my sleeping muscles and to avoid injuries. Studies show that will prevent you from the risk of injuries due to sudden accidents. Furthermore, it will also help you maintain an active body and can get you through a long and busy day from work or while running personal errands.

  1. Yoga – Just like stretching, this type of exercise activates your core to its maximum capabilities. Your body is your source of strength and you will need to find your center to control such power. If you notice, most yoga enthusiasts and practitioners have a lean and long body. Those poses are hard to do, but totally worth it once you get the hang of it.

  1. Boxing – This is considered as one of the best cardio workouts out there. By extending your arms and strengthening your whole core, you can stretch out for a possible few inches. While exercise is not always the answer to achieving height, it can still help you keep a sound mind and a healthy body.

  1. Elevator shoes – How to make shoes fitin this equation? Well, if you are not the type who enjoys exercise, why not give elevator shoes a try? This specific type of shoes is made to give an additional boost to the wearer because of a component called lifts. They are sandwiched in between the outsole and insole of the shoes, making it invisible to the public eye. Becoming tall is sometimes about illusion and confidence, and no one really knows why you suddenly have extra two inches except yourself.

  1. Styling – If being tall is something you really want, why not ask yourself how to make yourself growlike those runway models? All you have to do is to look tall even when they’re only in photographs? Fashion is all about the elongated silhouette. It clamors perfection and the idea of being tall can arguably be considered as nirvana to fashion innovators. Style yourself in a way that you can look tall. Cut that excess fabric that can shorten your upper torso and ensure the cut of your pants is tapered well to your legs, maybe even show your ankles if you feel like it. Fashion is there to please the people who care about this billion dollar business. They offer a variety of selection of clothes and styles. All you really have to do is consume them.

  1. Pilates – A premier danseur, a male ballet dancer, once said that if you want to be flexible, do Pilates. This exercise can stretch out your muscles and give you flexibility just like yoga. However, we suggest not taking it to far and take your time until you can stretch out all your sleeping muscles.

  1. Practice proper posture – Stand straight. Shoulders back. Chin up. That’s the most basic of proper posture. Stand still and put your whole body against the wall until you perfect your posture. Whatever happens, don’t be a hunch.

  1. Eat and live better – What foods make you grow taller? First, avoid eating junk. Eating unhealthy food affects your body pretty bad and it can also stunt your growth. Follow a proper diet to balance your weight and keep your body strong. Indulge yourself with food that is high in protein like eggs. Did you know that being overweight can actually make you look shorter than your actual height because the excess fat can hide all your assets? We actually embrace all body type around here. It doesn’t really matter as long as you love your body, but loving it also means being aware of what you eat.


How to Dress to Look Slim and Tall? Pro Tips From Top to Shoes

Fashion students were taught to illustrate a body figure following a nine heads rule. It’s a format which balances all body parts, and it’s the standardized silhouette among fashion players. Sometimes, I check whether a body follows the nine heads rule and wonder how to get taller in a day just like a fashion figure. The sought-after models in fashion today stand six feet on the average. Sadly, not everyone was born with good height and godly physique. Some of us, including myself, need to find ways just to look like one.

Speaking of fashion, it is a known fact how the business strives to maintain the persona of looking slim and tall. Which is primarily why fashion models, both men, and women, belong to that standard. If you are wondering what’s the average male height for a male model or what’s the average height for a woman in the modeling business, among the top ten highest paid models in the world for both men and women is 6 foot 1 inch and 5 foot 10 inches, respectively. David Gandy, the highest paid male model in the world is reportedly 6 foot 3 inches, while Kendall Jenner who is the highest paid female model stands 5 foot 10 inches. According to research, most modeling agencies have a height requirement of at least 5 foot 10 inches, an inch above the average height of men in the United States, to get a walk in. While some even require at least 5 foot 11 inches. This means if you have dreams of being a runway model without this height requirement, then your chances are slim. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing since there are other jobs that require you to look good: that is literally your everyday life.

Dressing tall and slim can be achieved even when you are not a male supermodel. First, you need to draw your attention to how they present themselves rather than their brooding height. Here’s how to dress to look slim and tall like a pro:

  1. Wear black skinny jeans

Since it came back to style, men have been spotted on multiple occasions in black skinny jeans. While fashion today is moving past this phenomenon, there are still stars who simply can’t get over it. But do they have to? Wearing a pair of black skinny jeans is slimming to the figure and gives you a lean illusion to make you look tall. Then pair it with height increasing shoes for men either a biker boot or a nice sneaker, and finish the look with a loose top and you are good to go. Former One Direction singer has been working this type of street style since his boy band days and he has mastered the art of casual cool with vintage references to his personal style. Yes, Harry Styles is actually 6 feet tall, but his style can translate to others who don’t possess his height and lanky physique.

  1. Dress accurately

Dressing up can be equated to solving a math equation. It may look overwhelming but it is actually easy once you know the correct formula. According to observation, most men who do not embrace fashion as an important want – it is still not a need – dress without proportions in mind. The trick to dressing up, whether you are a tee shirt and jeans kind of guy or someone who is more experimental, is to know what works best for your body. Buy the right size following the right cut of the shirt and complete your look with tapered pants that don’t make you look wide. The hem of any look is important since it decides how low it can take you, so to speak. Ensure you do not sink in the clothes you wear or else you will look big and short.

  1. Wear elevator shoes

Elevator shoes have been in the shoe industry since before mandals became a thing again. These are different styles of shoes that help short men get more height through the lifts between the insole and the outsole. It can provide a minimum height of 5.5 centimeters and can even go up to a much higher number. What is 5.5 cm in inches? The conversion is approximately 2.1 inches. Moreover, elevator shoes answer the question how do I get taller and even fixes bad posture, a habit that can make you look smaller than you actually are.

  1. Wear dark colors

While this tip is not constricting, dark colors actually hide your flaws like excess fat from drinking too much or stress. Yes, you can grow big because of high-stress levels. Other than that, dark colors such as black, maroon, and navy blue are sultry colors that bring out the best of your features. It also complements your body shape perfectly since it hides imperfections.

  1. Groom your hair to make you look taller

Proper grooming takes a lot of conviction and control in order to master it. Clear skin can make you desirable even when you do not have the giant height to complete your package. However, hygiene will always get everyone’s attention and it important for an everyday man to take care of their bodies. Go to the gym on your free time and start applying an anti-aging cream to prevent you from having wrinkles. Trust me, you will age gracefully and more daredevil-ish if you start taking care of your skin. After all, the skin is the biggest organ of our body and it protects our other organs like a shield, quite literally.

  1. Wear yourself with pride

Who cares if you are not the model type? Dressing for success is about confidence and attitude. Wear yourself with pride and your actual clothes will compliment you. Meanwhile, do not be cocky along the way and start bragging about your achievements in life. Confidence can only give you so much but at the end of the day, good manners always win the game.


Actors below the average male height: Who are they?

If you’re here, then you’ve probably gone through pages of doing research on how to add inches to your height or does exercise make you taller, you might not have found the answers you wanted but let’s take a break from all that negativity.

Let me tell you about guys that made it big in Hollywood despite the fact that they were not tall. Of course, your height has no relation to how successful you will be in life, but when your job is on the big screen, somehow it matters. The film industry has set a standard for what men should look like and very rarely are people amazed at the sight of a short man. Just look at how people go crazy about Chris Hemsworth, the guy that plays Thor. He’s this huge dude that people literally look up to if they want to talk to him.

Can you recall a movie where the hero was a tiny guy? There aren’t a lot of those out there and the one I have in mind is probably the same one that’s on yours.

If you grew up in the 90’s, then you have most likely heard of the film called The Lord of the Rings which stars Elijah Wood. For those of you who don’t know who that legend is, he played a very important role in a movie where enemies came in the form of gigantic dragons and evil ogre-like creatures. If you know who Shrek is, think same size, more muscular, and has no idea what a shower is, and evil.

But Elijah Wood played none of those roles and yet, he was the hero, and he claimed victory because of his size. He played what is called a ‘Hobbit’ and in general knowledge, that’s equivalent to a humanoid creature even smaller than a dwarf. Imagine auditioning for a role in what could be your generation’s most epic movie and finding out you got cast as the tiny guy. For Elijah Wood, that brought him to fame he could never have imagined.

Another guy that’s not towering over most of his peers is none other than Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise. This guy is no less than a household name and he will remain to be so for years to come. His career has spanned almost four decades and yet he never used his fame or fortune to grow taller to at least 6 feet.

Why, how tall is Tom Cruise anyway? He is known to stand at just 5 feet and 7 inches. Even I’m taller than the dude! But, his height never stopped him from getting roles and neither did it stop him from dating women that were far taller than he was!

As much as he embraced his height, he also found ways on how to appear taller and he found the answer in elevator shoes. By definition, they are shoes that make you taller with a discreet built-in feature called lifts that gives you a good few inches of a boost. Yes, they are shoes with heels inside of the shoe instead of outside.

Because of this, for a while, people were unsure of Tom Cruise’s real height! But now it’s no secret that he uses height increasing shoes to make him appear taller than he really is. If you look it up, Tom has them in pairs for the red carpet all the way through to pairs for days at the park with his adorable daughter, Suri.

What about the most famous wizard of all time? I’m sure you know who played Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe is a name many nineties kids know and love. He was part of making a fantasy JK Rowling created into a reality, which many of us have not moved on from yet. He’s actually 2 inches shorter than Tom Cruise but his fame is unparalleled. He is known in so many countries because of that one role. But what many fans didn’t notice, because of the sheer talent of the filming crew, was that Daniel never grew as tall as his co-stars. My cousin pointed this out to me when we were re-watching the Harry Potter films at a family reunion. He said to look closely at how Harry, Ron, and Hermione were positioned on the screen. Harry was always made to stand on higher ground when they were outdoor or made to go ahead of his peers when they were inside the halls of Hogwarts and he was right!

There was no way to spot that Daniel had reached his maximum height and it was all thanks to the choreography applied to the scenes during filming.

It’s almost impossible to grow taller if you’re well past your teenage years. Even if you Google how to get taller with exercise, it’s just not in the cards for you any more than it is for me. But being short is by no means going to stop you from conquering what’s out there and these three outstanding men I’ve just mentioned are proof of that. But even though they’ve got it all, they admitted that getting a boost wasn’t going to do them o anyone for that matter, any harm.

So it’s time you put an end to that how to grow your height Google search and get to typing ‘elevator shoes’ in that search bar instead. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will probably even be overwhelmed by what you will find.

Trust me, getting those extra inches artificially is not a bad thing if you do it right. You’ll find that there are products that can increase your height but not all of them are made equally. Some of them have even been deemed harmful to your bones. Make sure you get yourself good pairs that will work for multiple areas of your life and will allow you to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

It’s time to get back to doing your research but this time with a better outlook and brand new keywords. Enjoy!

Height is Not All About Genetics! Here’s Why

I wish we lived in a world where all men were at least 6 feet tall. Imagine how cool that would be. We would actually feel like the real men tales of old and movies of today talk about, with towering, authoritative presences and muscular physiques to match. Instead, we live in a world where only a few nations have that prized tall gene and majority of the world has the regular height one. I guess a guy can dream.

Where I’m from, the average height is above my own height. Yeah, I’m below the height poverty line and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked up any and all forms of making height improvement possible. I even wondered, ‘Are black people taller?’ based off of the award-winning movie Get Out, where Africans, specifically the men, were the preferred race because of how physically inclined they were to become more athletic or simply better at withstanding physical labor.  It really hit me deep.

So, I tried to find out what countries had men that were taller than most people. I wanted to know what kind of superfood they had over there and what was making them so tall. In case you’re interested, here are some of the interesting things I found to be true online.

The country found to have the shortest men is in Vietnam. I’m pretty sure you aren’t surprised because it’s an Asian country and you’re right not to be. Asians are actually known to be some of the smallest people in the world today. With the male population averaging at 5 feet and 4 inches and their women at 5 feet flat.

Research has shown that the average height of a nation’s population is determined by its economic status. That means that as Vietnamese babies were being born and growing up, they had grown up in a time when their economy hindered them from getting the right nutrition during those crucial times. On the other hand, nations that have done well economically have been able to provide the majority of their population with the right care and nutrition for them to be able to achieve their maximum height potential.

Looking at the height difference of people from North and South Korea will tell you that this is in fact, true. North Koreans are said to be living in less than desirable economic conditions while South Koreans have experienced a boom in their economy. Since then, South Korean children born during those times have shown a significant increase in height.

So instead of blaming just your genetics for your height problem, now you have insight as to what your country was going through around the time your mom was pregnant with you and as you were growing up.

Many people think that height is determined just by genetics, and very few people are aware that a proper diet and an ample amount of exercise are important factors as well. But not a lot of people know that being taller is actually a determinant for the quality of life one will live and it goes far beyond the aspect of a more pleasing physical aesthetic.

Taller people are said to live longer and have fewer health issues in life. They are also said to earn more money than people that aren’t as tall, earning up to thousands of dollars more. One study even claims that taller people are smarter, have better social skills, and are more likely to be chosen as leaders.

Now, do you guys see why I wished we were all much taller? If anything, the number 1 country you should avoid visiting is Denmark. If you ever find yourself there, you will absolutely hate it. You will feel like a midget because the average height for people in Denmark is 6 feet. Short men literally do not stand a chance amidst these giants. It’ll be like being on a basketball court full of NBA players except it’s a whole country and everyone is towering over you.

So what do you do if you have a business trip to countries where tall people abound?  You could Google ‘How to grow 4 inches taller after 20’ and only be disappointed. There is no way you can biologically grow taller after your body has reached its maximum height. It’s actually impossible no matter how hard you work on growing a few extra inches unless you spend on some height increasing surgery.

What you can do, though, is get that height boost artificially with shoes that have invisible heels, for men of course. Elevator shoes have built-in lifts to make you taller in the eyes of your peers.

As silly as they may seem, these shoes with heels inside of them will make any short man confident with an additional few inches going totally unnoticed. Instantly gain 3 inches in height or go even higher than that if you wish, and overnight too! Okay, it might take a few days for your shoe orders to get shipped out and arrive at your doorstep but I’m sure you get what I mean.

What’s great about today’s male high heel shoes is that they have come a long way in terms of design and engineering. They have built the height increasing feature seamlessly into the shoe, allowing you to appear to be wearing regular shoes and so leaving those around you to wonder what about you changed that they can’t seem to pinpoint. Seeing their puzzled faces will make things interesting! But, you have to keep it up so that they’re never able to clock you.

You can do that by replacing all of your regular shoes with height adding shoes and your artificial height boost will never be exposed!

Go to work in formal dress shoes or take your lady out to lunch in casual boat shoes. You can even go on more rugged adventures with boots or sneakers, all with heels hidden inside of the shoes to make you look taller.